“We Must Be Guided by Sense of Justice, Fair Play…”

Conmany B. Wesseh!!.jpg

River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh, has cautioned his colleagues to always be guided by sense of justice, fairplay, and peace as they play their individual and collective roles of lawmaking and oversight during their terms in the Legislature.
“The laws that we make, the oversight role that we play, the representation of our people in this legislature must always be guided by the sense of justice, fair play, peace; because without peace, we will achieve nothing in our engagements, therefore, we must keep this in mind.”
The Unity Party lawmaker made the statement recently in the Chamber of the Senate during a moving tribute to late Muslim Cleric Sheikh Kafumba F. Konneh, a founding member of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia who passed away recently in Monrovia after a period of illness.
“He was totally detribalized; you would never know that he was a Mandingo, and if you listened to his sermons, he was talking sometimes as though if he was an evangelist from the Christian faith; because what guided him most was the issue of justice, and I think if there is anything that we in this legislature can learn from Sheikh Kafumba, and our country can learn is how we should do everything to promote justice; because with justice, we will have peace.”
The River Gee County lawmaker continued: “We all must be guided that as we go, let the world remember us for what we had done to consolidate peace in our country, to build justice, to ensure that in the future, our children will not measure us by how much wealth we had, but by what we left in their minds that gave them hope; that gave them the future that they can fight for; that gave them the purpose to be on earth; I am sure that is what will bring happiness to Sheikh Kafumba, Archbishop Francis, Bishop Nah Dixon and the others who have gone before us.”
Both Senator Wesseh and late Sheikh Kafumba were among Liberians who played important roles especially during the early months of the country’s 14-year civil crisis by travelling to capitals of the sub-region and attending conferences in search of peace.


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