‘We Greatly Erred, Blundered’

Mr. Souh

…The Catalyst newspaper apologizes to former LDEA Director Anthony Souh

The management of the Catalyst newspaper in Monrovia has termed as “highly unprofessional, unethical and embarrassing” recent reports published in its February 5 and February 7, 2018 editions in which the paper’s editor-in-chief, Kpadeh Z. Smith, reported and published “erroneous, spiteful and totally inaccurate information” about the former director of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Anthony K. Souh.

In both February 5th and 7th editions of the paper, “Editor Smith divulged what we now find to be mischievous and false information ranging from Mr. Souh’s alleged bad labor practices to his refusal to quit office following presidential mandate to do so, among other things.”

Following a review of the serial publications, a review necessitated by a protest from Mr. Souh, the management and editorial board found that the information and reports provided by the editor-in-chief and published by the newspaper “were trumped up and a far cry from the truth that contravened the elementary tenets of journalism relative to truth telling, balance and accuracy in reporting.”

During a February 9 conference with the management of the Catalyst newspaper, the editor-in-chief “admitted to gross professional breaches, pleaded for mercy from Mr. Souh and therefore requested the management of the Catalyst to allow him to issue a written and published apology as well as a retraction of all and sundry that was divulged and reported by him and published in the newspaper.”

Editor Smith also admitted that his sources were inauthentic, unreliable, and immaterial and could not stand the test of legal scrutiny, as most of his so-called anonymous sources were former employees “caught in criminal acts, investigated by an independent panel, convicted and dismissed. Thus, Smith has asked this management to apologize to Mr. Souh and retract the stories he described as indefensible in its entirety and to have this retraction published with similar prominence given the previous publications.”

“In view of the circumstances, the management and editorial board herewith retract the stories and reports published in the February 5 and 7, 2018, Vol. 5 No. 13, and Vol. 5 No. 14 editions of the newspaper. We further hereby register our unrestrained, heartfelt, and sincere apology to Mr. Souh for any harm, injury, and damage those publications might have caused him, promising never to repeat the errors and professional deviations orchestrated by our editor,” the newspaper said in a statement signed by publisher, D.S.K. Davis.

It can be recalled that the Catalyst newspaper recently reported that Mr. Souh was still holding on as director of the LDEA after President George Weah had directed the posts of presidential appointees vacant until he made new appointments.

Meanwhile Souh had, on the contrary, turned over responsibilities of the entity to the human resource manager as directed.



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