“We for Health” Launches Diabetes, Hypertension Awareness


Montserrado County District#12 Representative George Beyan Samah, in collaboration with “We for Health,” a not-for-profit health organization, recently launched diabetes and hypertension awareness and screening program for residents of the Stephen Tolbert Estate and its environs, outside Monrovia.

“We for Health” is a non-governmental health-related organization comprising individuals of like minds to cater to the health needs of people living with diabetes and hypertension. It aims to enhance the participation of women in health innovation and entrepreneurship by providing capacity building, specifically tailored to women’s needs and by supporting their professional advancement. It also aims at raising awareness of the positive economic and social impact of gender diversity in health innovation, while generating new ideas to foster a more balanced innovation/business community.

“We for Health” is one of the newly established organizations attending to residents of District #12 that are being diagnosed of diabetes and hypertension.

The exercise, according to “We for Health” Founder Martha Patten, primarily focuses on diabetes and hypertension, “because those two sicknesses dangerously undermine the healthy life of every human.”

As a medical doctor, Madam Patten said the livelihood of every Liberian is her paramount concern.

“Preventive measures are the most important thing a patriotic health practitioner must strive to do in order to save the life of patients,” she said.

Rep. Samah then thanked the group for working closely with his office across the district. He promised to support and extend the program to the rest of the county.

As such, he has brought into the country 40-foot container of medical equipment which he intends to share among every established medical facility in every part of the country.


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