‘We Demand Answers’

Rev. Isaac A. Dowah, Pastor-in-Charge of the St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 14th street, Sinkor, Monrovia

— Clergyman pleads at Nyeswa’s funeral

“Does the death of Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa have a connection with the three Liberian Revenue Authority officials who died within the space of 8 days, in a single month?” This was the burning question posed by Rev. Isaac A. Dowah, Pastor of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, to the Government of Liberia to provide answers through the investigation that is being conducted by the Liberia Nationa Police (LNP).

At the funeral of Nyeswa on November 15, 2020, Rev. Dowah, perhaps considering the death to have mysterious circumstances, wondered during his funeral discourse whether or not the death of Emmanuel B. Nyeswa has any connection to the audit report of the COVID-19 fund drive that was presented around the time of his death.

Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa was one of the government auditors and financial professionals who died in early October under mysterious circumstances that bear more questions than answers.

Giving the funeral discourse of the late Internal Audit Agency (IAA) Executive Director at the St. Peters Lutheran Church on 14th street, Sinkor, Rev. Dowah said “We the members of Saint Peters Lutheran church are hurt; we are have grieved and we demand answers to these questions through the investigation that is being conducted by Government.”

Speaking on the theme ‘God knows’, Rev. Dowah said: “If the death of Barten Nysewa has a hand behind it, no matter how big the hand is , God’s judgment is near and God is able to bring that hand no matter how huge the hand is.”

The clergyman further asked: “Would Emmanuel Barten Nysewa, have suffered some form of abrupt or undiagnosed form of mental illness that he could go to the emergency exit door that he had hardly open in years to throw himself off?

“Could Nysewa have been so drunk first law of nature, (the law of self-preservation), or was someone or something pursuing him whereby he could perceive jumping through that door as a possible way of escaping death?”

The death of Nyeswa following those of three LRA staffers raised serious fear why people of similar occupations and professions would die in roll and their bodies found in locations that raise concerns of foul play. Albert Peters and Gifty Ashma Lamah were both found dead on Peters’ vehicle on Broad Street on the morning of October 2. Nyeswa according to eyewitnesses was found dead in his yard and was assumed to have dropped from the emergency door on the upper floor of his house, but how he dropped and what may have caused him to drop from his own door he knows well remain the unanswerable questions.

To establish some facts surrounding the deaths of these people, the Government of Liberia brought in some pathologists with Liberian orientation to establish the causes of death, but the reports are yet to be made public since they were submitted to the government a few weeks ago.

At the funeral service, President Dr.  George M. Weah, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Bill Twehway, Director-General of the National Port Authority, employees from the IAA, friends of the late Emmanuel, families were all seated in black and purple clothes.

President George Weah, while signing the book of condolence for Nyeswa earlier, said that Liberians should be their own security and should purchase CCTV cameras to install on their houses for safety; a statement that has not only injected fears in citizens for their wellbeing but got them to wonder why they have various security agencies including the Police that are paid by taxpayers.

“Our beloved brother, Emmanuel left with us a legacy that is worth celebrating. He always strived to impact those around him including me”, said Bill Twehway.

NPA boss giving his tribute said: “Banti was more than a friend to me after two years of friendship built on mutual respects of love, care and support to another. He loved his family so much that he never took exercise for granted because he wanted to remain strong and healthy for his children.”

“Emmanuel loved this country so much and that was why he decided to come to work, though I was never in support of that, I had to support him because he was my husband,” said Rebecca Dine- Nysewa, wife of the deceased. Rebecca, along with her six children, Emmanuel, Sylvester, Frank Cephas, Barthima, Emily, and Emmere, said the chain that held their family for decades has been cut off but they are hopeful in God that He will restore everything back to them.


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