‘We Cannot Ignore Appeal from the American People’

Henry P. Costa, chairman of the Council of Patriots, along with Montserrado Senatorial candidate Abraham Darius Dillon and Montserrado County District #10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

-CoP chairman Costa reasons with US Ambassador, says “protest will start on July 31”

The leadership of the famous planned June 7 “Save the State” protest organized by the Council of Patriots (CoP) has announced July 31 as the new date for the protest to call on George Weah and his government to response to the CoP’s demands.

Henry P. Costa, CoP chairman made the disclosure on Friday, July 19, 2019 in Monrovia at a press conference when he said the CoP’s decision is in respect to the U.S. Government and its historical ties with Liberia.

Costa’s response comes after the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, has advised that the CoP’s intent to protest during Liberia’s 172nd Independence Celebrations is ‘misplaced.’

In a statement released on Thursday, July 18, Amb. Elder said: “The U.S. Embassy read with interest the statement of the CoP issued on July 12 announcing their intent to stage a nationwide protest beginning July 24.

According to the ambassador, while the U.S. Embassy supports the rights of citizens to lawfully apply to assemble or convey their views to elected officials, the intent to do so during the week of July 22 is misplaced. We commend the peaceful conduct of thousands of protesters who, by their actions on June 7, conveyed they are interested in progress and national dialogue over aggression or demands.

In the view, Costa said the U.S. continues to help Liberia in consolidating the peace and Democracy along with its immeasurable and incalculable contributions to the Liberian people.

He said the United States continues to be the source of 20 percent of the country’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) just by personal remittances alone, therefore, CoP cannot ignore the appeal from them.

“We will push the protest date to Wednesday, July 31,” announced.

Friday’s press conference was also attended by Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, who is one of CoP’s Advisers, and fearless critic of the Weah’s administration, as well as Abraham Darius Dillon, also a CoP Adviser and candidate for the pending Montserrado County Senatorial by-election. Dillion is contesting on the ticket of the four collaborating political parties, including former ruling Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP), All Liberian Party (ALP) and Alternative National Congress (ANC).

“CoP has analyzed the statement from the American Ambassador to Liberia, Christine Elder, and received the statement in good faith and we have decided to not only respond to it but to also inform the public about the decision on the statement,” Costa said.

According to him, the decision to reschedule the protest is also based on the level of support and advocacies of the people of the United States, even if there is disagreement among Liberians.

“Whenever a Liberian man stubs his toe, he shouts ‘America’, so we have to respect them. This will be a nationwide protest across the country, including Bong, Nimba, Lofa, and Buchanan. We will assemble in numbers peacefully, like the June 7 protest,” Costa said.

He added that the CoP will protest until their demands are adhered to by President George M. Weah, particularly via a press conference to inform the people of Liberia of having received the CoP’s demands and promised to work on them.

“We will not stop until we see results and we are committed. Again, there is nothing worth to be celebrated on July 26, the country’s Independence Day,” chairman Costa told newsmen in Monrovia.

“We don’t hate our brothers in the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC). Even though we disagree politically, but we hold together and this is what CoP stands for. People may be surprised to see that Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Abraham Darius Dillon will give to supporters or fans of CDC,” chairman Costa said.

According to chairman Costa, two supporters of the CDC on Friday July 19 appeared on the Costa’s Morning Show (Roots FM) expressing disappointment in the government due to challenges they have encountered, including lack of resources to support their homes.

He said Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Abraham Darius Dillon immediately provided some resources to help the two young men of the CDC.

Dillon said the America remains a strong partner in the development of Liberia.

“So, if our partner expressed a concern, we decided to give it some consideration with courtesy. Interestingly, we also depend on the United States for many things,” Dillon said.

He added that the statement from the United States Embassy did not call for cancellation of the protest but shifted the time of the protest, “the statement is not discouraging protest or frowning on the protest, or stopping the CoP from protesting.” According to him, the statement cannot run contrary to the constitutional right of Liberians that is contained in Article 17 of the Constitution of Liberia. He said the statement is urging the CoP to be conscious of the time.

“We thought that the timing is right and still believe that the timing is right, because we take advantage of serious national occasions to bring attention to national issues, because we have a President who listens only to himself and powers around the world. We actually wanted to inform the guests that Liberian people are not happy and Weah is not proceeding with the aspirations of the people,” Dillon said.


  1. I am happy that Mr. Costa acknowledge the role Liberians in America are contributing to the Liberian economy eventhough most Liberians consider us “foreigners “. Please continue to “highlight ” us as part of “the struggle “. Your problem are the politicians who are “robbing you blind” not us who are sending millions of dollars to help our friends,family and other causes.

    • Ay mehn … I hope to God these aren’t the future leaders of Liberia… Subservient and sycophantic group of leaders that may sell own people cause the west demands it. DISAPPOINTED

  2. Does the legislature know that these petitions are to be considered by them? They are the voice if the people and are responsible to intercede on the Liberian people behalf . These marches show they are NOT doing their jobs for the Liberian people.

  3. liberia is a failed state and it will continue to fail unless there is a movement to promote patriotism and not indiviudalism i the form of graft, theft, and nepotism. dont hire based on loyalty rather competence.

    • Thank you Sr.
      It will only happened when the best educated are in power.
      God bless our nation.

  4. The so-called Council of Patriots [CoP] were the ones that informed the international community about this 2nd protest. As an influential member, the United States has expressed its views. Outcome: a protest on Wednesday, 31 July 2019 will be pointless!
    Its purpose will be unaccomplished with no impact.

    The CoP initiated the 1st protest, but now with the 2nd pending protest, it is sad and unfortunate that the so-called CoP does not understand the depth of our current national issues and global politics. Shame on them, but not surprising. The longer we keep the well-educated ‘Liberian-only’ away and out of Government [which is the plan], you leave yourselves to the fate of divide and conquer with the many Liberian-Americans in Government. It does not take very long to know a frustrated and confused group of self-serving people. Surprising that an embassy should object to the timing of planned peaceful protests in its host country. Will other US embassies be speaking against peaceful anti-government protests in European nations, eg. France, or Hong Kong, or Russia? Liberia is a Sovereign Constitutional Nation.

    Fellow Liberians, if you haven’t heard and know, when will you ever comprehend? Ask even the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe. Both “disappointed” opposition CoP and “rejoicing” CDCians, be mindful, based on US Ambassador Christine Elder’s statement. Both groups will soon be called names, as they continue to fall apart! Watch…

    The dreams of our forefathers were not achieved by compromising their philosophy of self governance and patriotism, but rather by forging a political will, by adopting a decent body politic to seal Liberia’s independence against the imperialist expectation. That form of patriotism upset the West, but continues to haunt imperialist America… and Liberia’s long road to democratization has been intently subverted by forces of evil under the guise of diplomacy and economic development… from whence the history of chaos and instability has ensued… these speeches and remarks by some western diplomats are meant to exert the very imperialist philosophy and continuity of western aggression against the 1st Independent Black Republic on the continent of Africa… Liberia’s body politic and freedoms as enshrined within the original Liberian Constitution [revised in 1986] should be respected by all foreign bodies, including embassies.

    Why is the US encouraging Iranians to protest against their government and to even bring down their government? Liberia, a young democracy, is told that the United States was not pleased with the scheduled July 24th protest . The US Ambassador has always stood against protests in our country. Beginning with the 2017 election results, the US Embassy’s official statement was that the election results be accepted. The political parties who wanted to challenge the results in the Supreme Court of Liberia, were on the other hand pressured not to go through that exercise, but to just accept the results as the US position. That official US position from the Embassy was rejected by the citizens of Liberia in favor of the rule of law, and not because of political sentiments from the Embassy. Now, in the face of corruption and economic hardships, the Ambassador speaks of commitment to “national development”? The political protest by a nationwide organized group of citizens meant to draw the attention of the regime to reform is not pleasing to the United States Ambassador; perhaps not the date/time. But a massive political protest against the Iranian Islamic regime at any cost is welcome news to the Ambassador and her government at any date or time. Not to forget the US is openly supporting the political protest against the regime in Venezuela by encouraging the citizens of that country who are going through the same political corruption and economic hardships felt by ALL Liberians. Focus on “national development” she says. But without political reform, it is not possible. The US Ambassador needs to be reminded that no one can stop a political landslide meant for change and reform. Time is of the essence for the people of Liberia. Boycotts and political protests brought about change in the United States where people were killed, jailed, bitten by dogs and even chased out of the USA. It is their history. The Ambassador’s decision is therefore misplaced, just as it was after the 2017 elections, when the results were accepted as the US Embassy’s official position prior to being challenged in Liberia’s Supreme Court. The country can carry out its political protest and carry out its Independence Day celebration.

    If “America is the bedrock of Liberian democracy”, well American democracy is built on the bedrock of freedom of speech, the right of citizens to protest and speak out against bad governance.

    • The socalled forefathers were only opportunists/caretakers. They did not have the means to found a country-Liberia in Africa. Liberia as known today, was established by the USA. The U.S have always kept watchful eyes on Liberia. Chek out Liberia’s History. No Liberian leadership should make the mistake of standing up to the U.S. As we can clearly see, the results may be very detrimental to Liberia. It’s to Liberia’s best interest; to work along with the USA. *LIBERIA WOULD BE FAR BETTER OFF TODAY; HAD THE LIBERIAN LEADERSHIP, IRONICALLY OF AMERICO LIBERIAN ORIGIN NOT DECIDE TO CHANGE COURSE WITH THE U.S.A.

  5. That was not an appeal, it was a rebuke. Not only are u too scared to ignore it, but ur protest is driven by self aggrandizement, so u dont want to risk a fallout w our step ma.

  6. Beyond the protests and enumerating the ills of bad governance, including accusations of corruption and economic doldrums, what does the so-called Council of Patriots say about individual responsibility to self-empowerment? Do Mr. Henry Costa and cohorts believe Liberia’s transformation rests in the ingenuity, hard work and determination of each individual or the government making farm for every family and employing every citizen? What’s a Liberian’s responsibility to himself, his or her family and society?

    Until and unless Liberians disabuse ourselves of the notion that we don’t have to do anything for ourselves; keep relying on government for everything, and continue encouraging the disease of laziness, the country and its citizens will remain poor, undeveloped and backward.

    And demagogues and opportunists will continue to take advantage of the uneducated masses; posing as savior of the people, as we’re now seeing.

    Other than making demands on the president to fire some perceived corrupt cabinet members and do something about the economy, these extortionists have failed to explain the reasons the country is experiencing these difficulties. A genuine Patriot would have told his fellow citizens that: Liberia will not develop until each person begin to empower himself by engaging in farming, enterprenureship, technical education and less reliance on government. Folks don’t be fooled. They are using you to gain public notoriety, by which, they hope Weah would give them positions.

  7. Mr. Editor going forward please ensure that this poster The Monrovia “ROCK GIRL'” when using passages from another author make reference accordingly re: the 5th passage in her post was queued from my Front Page Africa’s posting on July 19 to be exact…No offense. Thank you..

  8. Crowing for continued protests in a country that needs a better business base is plain “partisan posturing”. Apparently, the COP would we forget that Liberia undergoing investors’ fatigue as a result of the no-show, so to speak, of reported US $16 billions in direct investments which poured into the country during Ellen’s kleptocracy.

    Costa sounds and acts as manipulative as they come; some might even say, probably, a student of Machiavelli, or, worse, incarnation of inciter and mastermind of intrigue Casca in Shakespeare’s tragic play “Julius Caesar”.

    For instance, though defeated in 2017 – amidst coordinated anti-establishment media sentiments which greeted GMW – he used his talk show to harangue and harass elected officials, as weak, thereby hijacking the national discourse from the Legislature to the streets. However, never mind what adherents of business-killing protests believe, this boneheaded behavior has to end: Nobody told us economic sabotage acceptable in a democracy.

  9. Mr. Costa, wrong answer. You flunk. This is a Liberian matter and must be decided based on the needs of the Liberian people, not based on American demands. I expected better from you. Where were you when people were demonstrating on July 4th (US Independence Day) against President Trump? SAD!

  10. We Cannot Ignore Appeal from the American People’ CoP chairman Costa reasons with US Ambassador, says “protest will start on July 31”
    During his regular talk show Costa bragged that they rejected the appear from the US Embassy during a meeting held with them on July 12, 2019, concerning their planned announced protest for July 24, 2019. This little boy is so deceitful to the extend that he even lies about rejecting an appeal from the US Embassy, who is insignificant cost to think that the US Embassy will beg him, why didn’t he say no to the press statement from the Ambassador, rude little boy. Try US Embassy you will know what put water in coconut. Pweeeeee!!


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