‘We Cannot Develop Liberia Without Good, Quality Infrastructure’

President Weah, center with VP Taylor and other senior government officials at the launch of PAPD in Nimba

-President Weah

The President of Liberia Dr. George Manneh Weah has informed the citizens that the country will not develop in the absence of good and quality infrastructure.

Speaking at the launch of his government‘s Pro Poor Agenda For Prosperity And Development in Ganta City on October 27, 2018, he said, “we cannot develop Liberia without good quality infrastructure and a skillful labor force.”

He said his government will invest in high quality infrastructures including roads, affordable energy, air and sea ports, and telecommunications/information technology, housing, water and sanitation in next five years, beginning July 2018 to June 2023.

“More importantly,” he said, “we will invest in our people, particularly into their education, health and in ending widespread vulnerability.”

The president, who asked for the citizens’ support as well as bilateral partners and private investors’ supports in the implementation of the PAPD, said within the period of five years the government will develop the country, unite and reconcile the people, educate them and develop the youth and promote peace and human rights.

“We want to build a harmonious society based on the goal of economic empowerment, especially for the underprivileged,” he lamented.

“Our Pro Poor Agenda is therefore designed to give power to the people, promote economic diversification, protect sustainable peace and encourage good governance,” he said.

The launch of the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development began with a grand parade on the main street of Ganta to the Methodist Gymnasium, where the indoor program was held.

The occasion was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, development partners the USAID, ECOWAS,  the African Union, European Union, Africa Development Bank and among others.

Upon receiving the copy of the PAPD from Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel Tweah, President Weah displayed the document, saying, “I, therefore take this opportunity to present the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development as our national plan from July 2018 to June 2023.”

Min Tweah, right, presenting the PAPD to President Weah. President Weah, in turn, presented it to citizens, calling it “a bible”

He explained that the PAPD is a framework for inclusion, more equitable distribution of our national wealth, and rights-based approach to national development.

“It is the second in the series of plans leading towards the goals of vision 2030 and it is also aligned our national plans with African Union Agenda 2063 and the global sustainable development goal/SDGS,” he said.

The PAPD has in it four pillars, including: 1) Power to the people,  with the goal to empower Liberian with the tools to gain control of their lives; reaching the furthest first and leaving no one behind; 2) Economy and jobs, with a goal to stable macroeconomic environment enabling private sector –led economic growth, greater competitiveness and diversification of the economic; 3) Sustaining the peace, with a goal to promote a more peaceful and united society that enables economic transformation and sustainable development; and 4) Governance and transparency, with a goal to form an inclusive and accountable public sector for shared prosperity and sustainable development.

However, the development partners have vowed or affirmed their commitment to working the government achieving PAPD.

“I am pleased to participate today in the launch of Liberia PAPD and the United States Mission in Liberia appreciates greatly the work that has gone into creating this agenda, having seen its genesis and watched  its progress over many months,” said Sara Walter of USAID.

Earlier, Minister Tweah said under the PAPD, about 1million Liberians will be brought out of poverty and at the same time about 800 kilometers of our roads will be paved.


  1. Liberian observer, your heading says “We Can Develop Liberia Without Good, Quality Infrastructure’ that is not what George Weah said. he said “The President of Liberia Dr. George Manneh Weah has informed the citizens that the country will NOT NOT develop in the absence of good and quality infrastructure.”

  2. You news is presented worldwide, please edit before presentation. The heading does not correlate with the message. Two heads are better than one.

  3. I strongly believe that Liberia can be developed but we must be serious and do things right. Unfortunately, I have seen some poorly built government buildings and I could not believe it. I wonder how anyone could built such terrible-looking structure. Two buildings come to mind: There is a terrible-looking hospital in Grand Bassa County, and the Civil Aviation Authority building at Robertsfield airport. The beauty of a country is enshrined in its structures and edifices. So, if we want to build something, we must make sure we have a good design and it should be beautiful and functional when it’s done. Also, we need to pave the parking lot and landscape the property with grass and flowers. If we do these things, the beauty of our cities will start to take shape. The outside of JFK hospital looks so horrible, the building looks like an abandoned warehouse. It hasn’t been painted in years. A hospital grounds should look like a place to come and be healed. Haven’t these administrators been to Europe or America and seen how beautiful the grounds of hospitals look? What is wrong with us?

  4. the government need to be serious about developing the country.A country of over hundred years can not be looking like the way it is today what shame to us all. instead of developing the country and self Liberian are busy engage in the drinking of alcohol leaving the country in the hands of foreigners to run. need to be serious about Liberia because it is the only country we have on planet earth. God bless us all


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