‘We Believe in Fair Competition’


A commissioner at the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) has said that executives and members of the Commission believe in ‘fair competition’ as they go about executing laws that govern procurement and bidding for contracts.

 According to PPCC’s Commissioner Charles Collins, the entity was also under an obligation to execute the laws of procurement and bidding.

 Under that obligation, Mr. Collins assured several heads of government entities and their deputies that the PPCC would enlighten them by working a periodic workshops and seminars.

 Mr. Collins made the comment Wednesday, March 26, on behalf the Commission’s executive director, Madam Peggy Varfley Meres, during ceremony marking the official opening of a one-day PPCC workshop for medium and large spending entities of government.

 The workshop was conducted by the PPCC in her drive to contribute to government and other actors’ efforts to strengthen corruption prevention, transparency and accountability as well as to provide support to both state institutions and civil society organizations to increase transparency and accountability in governance process.

 Wednesday’s workshop was held on the theme, “Enhancing Structural Authorities Ability to Prevent Corruption, Ensure Transparency and Promote Compliance.”

 It was conducted with funding from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through a project called, “Strengthen Transparency Accountability Oversight and Participation (STAOP).

 UNDP was represented at the workshop by its program analyst, Yvonne Wolo.

 The project, according to PPCC director of information dissemination and communications, Nathan N. Bengu, aims to support the achievement of the Agenda for Transformation (AFT), and the objectives of the UN Development Assistance Framework for Liberia (2012-2017), which prioritizes strengthening governance and promoting transparency and accountability.

 He said, the PPCC as an implementing agency for the project, is charged with the responsibility to increase corruption prevention capacity of oversight institutions and line ministries; increase prevention capacity in at least five counties; organize capacity development workshop for PPCC staff on standard concessions procedures and contracts, and also increase public awareness on the reform program and concessions awards through drama, jingles and hold radio talk show.

 “Consistent with the implementation plan of the STAOP project, PPCC will utilize the available resources to increase corruption prevention capacity of oversight institutions and line ministries through the conduct of technical working session, utilizing the theme.”

According to Mr. Bengu, the intent of the technical working session is to increase public awareness and strengthen the procurement capacity of key staff of line ministries and agencies to help them understand the policies, processes and procedures guiding public procurement and adopt corruption prevention measures.

 It is expected that the corruption prevention capacity of oversight institutions and line ministries will be increased and corruption prevention methods adopted.

 A total of 132 participants, who represented 33 procuring medium and large spending entities, included heads of entities/deputies for administration, comptrollers, internal auditors, and the procurement directors attended yesterday’s session of the workshop.

 Topics discussed at Wednesday’s session included Public Procurement Compliance Requirements, Overview of Procurement Methods and Legal Time, etc.


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