‘We Are the Worst Affected’, Disabled Community Cries Out, As Ebola Rages On

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The president of the Grand Bassa County chapter of the Christian Association of the Blind (CAB), Robert Kando, says members of the disabled community, especially the blind, are now living at the mercy of God because the outbreak is striking them hard.

“We are the hardest hit by the outbreak of this Ebola virus that is killing so many in Liberia. Our entire livelihood as disabled people is dependent upon other people. So it is not easy for us and we hope God takes us through this crisis,” Mr. Kando said.

The CAB boss spoke on Saturday September 27, when the Lion’s Club of Liberia made a huge donation to his organization in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

The club donated assorted food items, clothes and disinfectants to the Bassa chapter of the CAB.  The food items donated included ten bags of rice, oil and other items. The donation was made by the head of Zone 343 of the Lion’s Club, Dickson N. Doe.

Though the disabled community has not recorded any death as a result of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), Mr. Kando said that the preventive measures accompanying the outbreak are more challenging for them.

Since the outbreak of the disease, health authorities in the country have advised against physical contacts between and among people, staying off the streets especially crowds, all in an effort to break the transmission. These measures, the disabled organization leader said, have incapacitated them.

“Due to our condition (blindness), we move with children who take us around. They hold our hands and direct our paths. But with this measure of avoiding contact, we are no longer able to move about,” he added.

“Most of our members who walk from place to place, especially in the markets to beg for their daily bread, are no longer able to do so.  Our lives have entirely been dependent on others, but with this outbreak, we are distressed,” Mr. Kando noted.

He thanked the Lion’s Club for their timely donations, adding, “We are very grateful to these people for their support. The items they have provided will be of considerable help to us.”

“A huge number of people live here, but we have no food and things have become very difficult for us. I want to call on other groups and organizations to help us as these people have done. I’m forever grateful to them for their donation,” the CAB boss said.

The Lion’s Club president, in his remarks said his organization decided to identify with members of the blind community because they are the most vulnerable segment of the population.

Members of the Lion’s Club of Liberia are from the Greater Monrovia, Cape Mesurado, Ducor and the Greater Buchanan Lion’s Clubs.


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