Brumskine Envisions First Round Victory

LP Standard Bearer Brumskine arrives at the party's campaign launch amid thousands of supporters

Congratulates partisans for demonstrating readiness for change in Liberia

By Alvin Worzi and Robin Dopoe Jr. 

In his third-time bid for the Liberian presidency, Liberty Party standard bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, says he is now convinced that a first round victory for the party at the October 10 presidential and representative elections is certain.

He told thousands of cheering supporters, “Your turnout today is a clear indication that LP will win this year’s elections during the first round.”

The first round victory means a party must accumulate 50.1 per cent of the official votes to claim victory in the first round. Since 2005, or the last two presidential elections, the ruling Unity Party won the presidency through a run-off with the Congress for Democratic Change, essentially knocking out the LP in the first round. .

However, some politicians, including those at the Liberty Party, are announcing to the world that things would change, this time around.

Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at the Party’s official launch in Monrovia over the weekend, Brumskine, overwhelmed by the sight, told them that the Party is poised to change Liberia for the good of everyone and not a privileged few, if elected on October 10.

Dressed in their green and white official colors of the Party, the partisans overfilled the party’s grounds, overflowing onto the stretch of Tubman Boulevard from Old Road Junction to Nigeria House Junction, obstructing traffic.

Showing his appreciation for their presence, Cllr. Brumskine thanked them for making the world know that, “you are ready to change this country. It’s time for us to change this country that everyone will enjoy it, but we must do that by winning big.”

He assured the euphoric partisan crowd that Vice Standard Bearer Harrison Karnwea “and I are ready to bring the change you want to Liberia and to the people.”

Cllr. Brumskine said Liberia belongs to everyone and as such, there’s no need for them to suffer. “We can achieve this by voting the Liberty Party on October 10 polls,” he said.

The LP standard bearer said it is time to take government monies from Monrovia and invest it in rural areas of the country as part of the efforts to empower citizens in the leeward counties. He said it was time for retirement benefits to be given to the old people, especially those who reside in the rural areas to ensure that they have better living conditions.

“I will need your support to get the representatives and senators, especially those people who support Joe Boakai. I need to have them agree to cut their salaries so that our children can go to school, and our old people can have retirement benefits and the disabled people can be taken care,” he said.

The LP flag bearer also promised to improve the health sector, infrastructure and education to foster economic growth and to create more opportunities for the young people.

Cllr. Brumskine about free education as a commitment to his supporters and to the country, which he said will help the children to get the necessary education.

“I will cut my salaries by 30 percent, including VP Karnwea, and all the cabinet ministers, but I will need your support. To achieve this, I want you to press on your Senators that have pledged support to VP Boakai to support me so that together we can make this work,” Cllr. Brumskine said.

He said by cutting down the salaries of government officials it will help reduce income inequality and save government resources to invest in other critical sectors of development.

Cllr. Brumskine renewed calls to Liberians not to vote Unity Party’s standard bearer and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai to power because voting him will see the occurrence of one thing over and over without any change.

He said he can make the necessary changes to the country because “I have the experience, which has been tested in the past with positive results. I also have the academic qualifications as well.”

Brumskine served as President Pro Tempore in President Charles Taylor’s administration.

“All of you know that I have the education, experience, and the ability to lead this country. I was there before and I understand what it means for you. I need a mandate from you by telling the Liberian people that we all agree to make Liberia a better place,” Cllr. Brumskine said.

Cllr. Brumskine also promised to take the country’s monies out of the capital, Monrovia, and invest in leeward counties, which will bring about development and prosperity.

The party’s campaign rally was colored by cultural performances, which took place at both in and outside of the headquarters, and a number of young Liberian recording artists also performed as well.


  1. For brumskine, running for president is now his full time career. is there no other way he can help Mama Liberia. This man is an arrogant little man who thinks that the presidency is owed to him. Bye, bye. So sorry. You can promise salary cuts and everything but you will not be president.

  2. I don’t have any problem with Brumskine making all sorts of achievable predictions, but I do detest his tendency of telling lies, wherever he goes. How can Brumskine connect all the counties capitals with paved roads, by 2019? He did promise 30% salary cut, and that is also a lie, because the responsibility of Legislative branch of Gov’t. I don’t know who is fooling this pappy?

  3. Mr. Paye Bamakpa, LIES such as Brumskine “connecting all the counties capitals with paved roads, by 2019” are what some people have conceptualized as “EDUCATION”. So good the MInister of Education George Werner was on the spot to remind them of their mistaken view.

  4. The LP flag bearer also promised to improve the health sector, infrastructure and education to foster economic growth and to create more opportunities for the young people.


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