We Are All Responsible for Liberia

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Liberians are responsible for Liberia and therefore no one should accuse other Liberians of not attending to needy people, the first Bishop of the Bethel World Outreach Diocese of Guinea and Liberia said recently.

Speaking at a donation program held at the church’s compound in Monrovia, Bishop M. Wolo Belleh said, “We cannot point fingers at anybody for not doing something similar that we are doing today, because we are all responsible for Liberia and we stand to benefit from the country.”

Bishop Belleh noted that the Liberian government cannot single-handedly meet the needs of all citizens and suggested that citizens at different levels of society with limited resources must also make an effort to provide for Liberia’s needy.

“People with limited resources are helping the needy community. We have heard about it on radio and we even saw the good works on television,” said Bishop Belleh. “I’m calling on churches to pray for the nation’s leaders so that God would grant them wisdom and insight to do more for the country.”

Bishop Belleh added that the church’s assignment is not to only talk about the love of God, but to also express that love through actions.

“We believe that we have an assignment, not just to be church people who talk a lot about the Gospel, but we must express the love of God through action. There are a lot of needy people and they need endeavors like what we are doing today,” Bishop Belleh said.

The beneficiaries commended the good will of the Bethel World Outreach Ministries and Radio Bethel 103.5 FM and its partners for the donation.

“We are grateful for your donation and we want to thank you for thinking of us,” said Mr. Alfanso Koiwoo, who is blind.
Madam Gormah Flomo, another beneficiary, said, “We thank Bethel family and their partners for coming to our assistance. For the things you have given us, let the Lord Almighty bless you.”

The items donated included a variety of food supplies, clothes, shoes, and other basic provisions. The beneficiaries included elderly widows and widowers, low income families, orphans, and the disabled of Montserrado County.


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