Ex-Rebel Generals Storm Temple of Justice

Flashback: Some of the ex-rebel fighters at a recent press conference in Monrovia

… Send onlookers scurrying for safety

Normal court activities at the Temple of Justice on Thursday, April 18, 2019, came to a temporary halt when several ex-generals from three defunct rebel factions and the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) stormed the courtyard in two jeeps, one of them, a white jeep bearing markings indicating it is assigned to the Ministry of State and the other, a black jeep without license plates.

They disembarked the vehicles in such military style and fashion that was clearly meant as a show of force but which frightened people, mainly party litigants and had them scurrying for safety.

Later, Court staff informed the terrified onlookers that the appearance of the ex-rebel generals at the Temple of Justice courtyard was a result of an invitation from Montserrado County Attorney Edward Kla Martin, who is an employee of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Cllr. Martin claimed to have invited the ex-rebel generals to provide clarity on the 72-hour ultimatum they issued for Montserrado County District#10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, to report to their office, (no location), failing which, they (ex-generals) rebels will bring him to “justice” by force.

Following several hours of closed door discussion in Cllr. Martin’s office, the ex-rebel generals through their spokesperson, Augustine Nagbe, alias “General Power,” in a short interview with judicial reporters, expressed regret about the 72-hour ultimatum issued to the lawmaker.

Gen. Power said, “we were only telling our brother and former general, Kolubah, to come to us so we can advise him that his threatening statement against the state and the government was wrong, and therefore, he should refrain from making such a statement. But we did not intend to arrest our former general,” Power claimed.

General Power continued, “and if our statement does not go down well with the Liberian people, we want to retract the statement and say sorry to the Liberian people. We don’t mean any harm. This is the same word we told the county attorney.”

But observers believe the statement of apology was staged managed to convey a false impression that the ex-generals were indeed remorseful for their action. A lawyer present at the scene (name withheld) told the Daily Observer that ex-rebel general Augustine Nagbe was a very notorious character who terrorized his own people in West Point. He confirmed the story of a woman who testified before the TRC and accused Nagbe of forcing her at gun point to eat a large can of feces.

Meanwhile, reports reaching the Daily Observer say the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) plans to convene an urgent security council meeting on Friday, April 19, 2019 to discuss rising security tensions in Liberia.

ECOWAS says they are concerned about the “regrouping of ex-fighters in Liberia.”

It can be recalled that talk show host Henry Costa had posted a video on the social media platform, Facebook, showing a group of men doing military training on a local beach in Monrovia under the watch of ex-rebel generals. Although government officials have since denied any links whatsoever to the group, the recent convening of a press conference presided over by virtually the same crop of ex-generals have only served to reinforce public perceptions of official endorsement of their activities.


  1. Another way of turning investors away from Liberia. Why the return of ex-gernerals?What are they doing to improve the lives of the Liberians people.The government has to be careful. We need peace ✌️ and investors not ex-generals.

    • It is disheartening to continue to hear such disturbing news about our country. This is clearly reinforcing evidence that elections surely have consequences. And as such, we should not be surprise of these unfolding events? After all, if you appoint a traditional hunter to principal your school and rehire teachers who burnt down another school to punish complaining students and their parents, why should you expect anything good from them? This footballer was a senator with no record of any major regulatory act, ran a presidential campaign presenting no formidable platform or policy analysis yet we elected him. Why are we expecting him to run the government of Africa’s oldest independent republic proficiently where even the Howard graduate had failed due to selfish greed and unpatriotic despoliation?

  2. I just don’t really know what President Weah is thinking about knowing this is a threat to our peaceful resolution since 2004.

    The President had been muted since the threat was issued against Honorable Yekeh Kolubah.
    Sad day MAMA LIBERIA

  3. There seems to be a lock of CLEAR PR strategy for this Gov’t . They need to come up with a position statement on the state of affairs to reassure the world Liberia Gov’t is not in support of the actions portrayed by Ex rebels and Yekeh.

    There’s been so much gains over the last few years for People in Liberi to be trying to scare the world for a selfish gain.

    The opposition ranks also have a a role to play by declaritively condemning statements made by rebels, Yekeh and so called generals.

    All this also came from the gathering by those in opposition. The have to own to this.

    Your advocacy against corruption is useless when you cannot afford to support or suggest positive way forward.

  4. Who give them the authority to call on the honorable for advice? These rebels need to go back in their corner why they been hiding and stop looking for recognition.

    • they believed to have the authority because they all drank the same human blood and kill kids and innocent people.. both yekeh and the rebel leaders are in the same shit together.. Liberia is the only country that Evil is repay with good….How on earth you can vote for a Rebel leader/people that committed huge economic and war crimes + crimes against humanity???? i am so fucking shocked….

      • Your statement is factually wrong – Liberia is not the only country with ex-rebel gaining state power. This has been the case since civilization; from Rome (Ceasar) to United States (Gen. Washington). It only depends on how an individual cultivate said power for the benefits of the people. Yekeh Kolubah, like most mentioned, was elected, unlike the ex-generals. So let make it clear for the read public.

        • My brother, the difference is George Washington and Ceasar fought as representatives of their states and did not kill innocent people

  5. Isn’t it late for shedding crocodile tears about “Another way of turning investors away” when in spite of warning from UN, AU, and ECOWAS regarding “media messages that promote violence”, there was a frenzy on social media and talk radio to lionize former rebel commander Rep. Kekeh Kolubah for talking tough and threatening a revolt? Well, although some want everyone to “shut up” while they arrogantly peddle one-sided narratives, no amount of abuse can compel that outcome.

    The unavoidable truth is, had those who encouraged, enabled, and emboldened Rep Kolubah cried down his terroristic threats – like they always did Senator PYJ’s outbursts – the current sense of public safety forebodings would’ve been averted. Common folks in rural communities aren’t as clueless as bookish blockheads believe; little wonder, then, some would say, “You draw rope, rope draw bush, bush draw town and wahala come along”. For heaven’s sake, let all our warriors stand down and give neutral peacemakers a chance to satisfactorily resolve this self-imposed security distress.

  6. This is indeed scaring and only speak to solidify the fears in the minds of ordinary Liberians and the international community about the numerous rumours circulating about the fragility of peace in Liberia.
    This is the way the infamous April 6 war started in Monrovia in 1996, when Charles Taylor felt to himself that he would arrest Roosevelt Johnson(a fellow rebel leader ).
    Theses so-called ex-generals should be ashamed of themselves considering the level of setbacks and destruction they caused our country’s citizens and foreign residents.

  7. There are Liberians who quickly forget like three year-old children. But some of us remember how the attempted arrest of the Late Roosevelt Johnson on 6 April 1996 ignited another round of fighting in Monrovia that lasted for three months. So many lives were lost and millions of dollars of property destroyed. A nation that does not remember from history remains the same spot. But the irony is even animals like monkeys can sense danger. Let us take heed from them.

  8. The silence of the guns, is not PEACE. It is the presence of JUSTICE. There is a need for war crimes court in Liberia snd the full implementation of the TRC report. For lasting PEACE, JUSTICE must be rooted in Liberia to end impunity.

  9. Why’s no one mentioning how the headline of this news feed is potentially misleading? “Ex-Generals storm Temple of Justice” makes it seem as if those guys attacked our Judiciary, but that’s not the case since they were invited. To the editors, please abstain from clickbaiting.
    To the issue presented, it’s appalling that fear mongering remains an efficient tool in today’s society. People’s right to free speech needs to be protected, and those “ex-generals” need to be made to understand that never again would Liberians bow to tyranny and military oppression. The time of the Generals is past and now is the age of the common man.

  10. Whosoever promoting those former “killers,” calling themselves former generals; ought to be ashamed of themselves! These guys and their secret supporters are nuts! It is better to have a kleptomaniac government then a rebel government! We don’t want anymore war!

  11. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Liberia is returning to its Darkest era if care is not taken.The regrouping of exrebels is a signal that the International community must still see Liberia as a Fragile country.

  12. Are these old killers still proud of themselves as killers? Now I can see clearly that Liberia is still not safe in every aspect….Shame on them, their family and those supporting such idiotic people and their behavior….

  13. People are advocating for war and economic crime court in Liberia and some people are against it. Do see what is going on now in Liberia? Those guys are putting fear in the citizen minds. Even investors are afraid to come do business in Liberia. People in diaspora who want to come to with investors are afraid.
    Mr. President you have to be careful with those guys. Ex-generals whose organizations have been dismantled been braved saying that an elected representative report to them, you need to take precautions.

  14. In fact, who make them “Ex-Generals”? These guys are all killers. This country is about to go to war! If Christmas will be good, u will know from the eve. My grandfather always told me “Where there is fire, smoke there” the international community must intervene this as soon as possible before it goes worst!

  15. A lot of military men throughout history had become changed individuals once they entered the arena of politics. In the US, George Washington had a skilled military background. Once he became president of the US, he renounced militancy for the good of his country.

    In the Middle East, Begin, Dayan, Rabin and many Israeli notables fought hard to own a homeland for the Jews. However, when Israel became a country in 1948, the above named freedom fighters and thousands of their comrades in arm, decided to build their country.

    The case in Liberia is different! In fact, never did I know that Kolubah was an ex-fighter/rebel! So it is fair to assert that although Kolubah could have embraced peace and national development as most military men have done throughout history, his guerilla background is ineffaceable. He goes back in time and thinks about the influence or power he once had among his cadre of guerilla fighters. Well, someone ought to let Kolubah know that the days of guerilla activity are long gone. It will be in Kolubah’s best interest to embrace the concept of nation-building than emitting revolutionary-style statements out of his mouth.

    The ex-generals who stormed the Temple of Justice building the other day were there to serve notice to Kolubah and his band of supporters. In other words, it was a “show of force” tactic. The ex-generals didn’t have to do that. It’s scary and uncalled for. But their presence was prompted by Kolubah’s constant use of provocative statements.

    The bottom line is this: Kolubah has a right to express himself in Liberia because Liberia is a democratic society. On the other hand, Kolubah has to grow up, because growing up is definitely a core value.

  16. So what part of this story that has to do with, “Ex-Rebel Generals Storm Temple of Justice”?
    Shameless publication just to mislead the public.
    You guys are doing everything to bring this country down, but failure shall be your portion.

  17. Thanks to the good Lord that those killers are right here under our noses. Lord you are good ooo,it’s about time to round them up and put them in the post stockage at the executive b4 they get away. By the way, who has the guts to let them have a headquarters in the capital of the very country they terrorized, killed and cannibalized its citizens? This is not only a Liberian thing. It’s reginnal and international threat. If anyone mentioned George Washington, Begin, Dayan, and so on. That was then and under different circumstances. Can you imagine a kpelle man going Gbarnga killing his tribal people and calling it heroism. This should never happen during this day and time. All of them should have been declared personnel none grathered. Passport seized till they have their time in the court of law. I mean anyone from office boys to president. As long as you were a rebel or a leader.

  18. Only in Liberia you’ll have NOKO calling themselves general…there need to an investigation to see if these killers are being deployed by George Weah as his killing squad…we still do not know about the recent rash of deaths (killings) especially the guy from the Central Bank in charge of the $25 million so called mop-up money. We still haven’t heard of the so-called hit and run driver….

  19. Who made these rebels generals…calling yourself a general doesn’t make you one…what military college these “waterside generals” went to? I bet most of them do not even have a high school diploma and they are general….what a bunch of losers…Oh btw, where is President Bobo aka George Weah..busy stealing while so-called waterside genarals are given order…Liberia is in the worst kind of mess ever…

  20. History reveals that many participants of war crimes would often flee their home countries and seek asylum in other countries fearing reprisals; and, while they reside in those countries, they would do all they can to conceal their identities and live under a self-imposed silence. However, it is different with Liberia?

    It was riveting when a group of psychopathic killers, who participated in the 14-year murder and mayhem, and who call themselves generals and ex-rebels, appeared on the scene of the demonstrators. They seemed emboldened and they showed no fear of coming out and revealing themselves to their society and the world re-affirming that they are the ones who inflicted the devastation on their society.

    And for the fact that the Honorable Kolubah openly admitted that he did smoke weed with President Weah at the war front during those days, is beyond a surprise of earthquake proportions. Now, I can see why President Weah, who as the citizens had thought was the best candidate to spearhead the establishment of a World Crime Court in Liberia because of his absolute innocence, made an absolute 365-degrees turnaround as soon as he was elected.

    So, it raises this question: is Weah a true humanitarian as he and his followers tried to portray him during the electoral season? Or was it just another ploy because after all, as it is a prevalent believe, many Liberian voters can easily be lied to and fooled.

    Last, a World Crime Court may never be established under President Weah’s 12-year rule. Why would Preident Weah advocate the setting up of a World Crime Court when the chances do exist that he, himself, could be implicated by some of those rebels who saw him then, and they can attest to what he did?

  21. My mother is not pleased in her grave. There were times I strongly supported the bringing of War and Economic crimes, later I decided that bygone be bygone. Later did I know that these guys were still around preparing to carry us back to where we came from. UN, ECOWAS, AU please dont sit idle, most of us know what we went through, we need your help.

  22. The world need to help Liberia and Liberians people to stabilize the war and economic Court now in Liberia 🇱🇷 and for the Liberians people , because Liberia is going back ward on the world maps under Weah and his criminal government! Liberia there is no justice ⚖ no freedom of speech and Weah doesn’t understanding leadership so let Weah step down!!!!! Thanks.

  23. Is about time Liberians, we come together to develop our country. Let us put those things of the past behind us,cause they never help us in anyway.

  24. Your right to be running around like cut-headed snakes, if we had war crime court and most of your were inside, I don’t think we would have been reading foolishness about your in the news.

  25. I hope the President will distance himself from these rebel generals who do not mean well, in any way, for this country. To see them regrouping, whether under the Veterans Bureau or whatsoever umbrella is not a sustainable strategy for the socio-economic and political well being of Liberia. This is even causing some unease in the West African Subregion and beyond. Hope the president knows that to whom much is given, much is expected. If something goes wrong Mr. President will be held responsible and not the group that is around him, some of whom may even deny him and insult him if the reins go away from his control. Mr.President you have an available pool of wisdom, please tap from it!

  26. Many of us are still under the illusion that the civil war had ended. I say absolutely no because it did not. What Liberians witnessed in Liberia during the Sirleaf administration was only a temporary cessation of violence which was largely due in part to the good graces of the United Nations.

    Many of these psychopathic murderers were only lurking and waiting for a change of the guard when a new administration such as the Weah administration is ushered in, and then they would start their murderous rampage again. And from all indications, this administration appears to be an ideal one for the recurrence of such senseless violence.

    Fear is slowly engulfing the nation once more as nobody hears the president speaking out neither denouncing the lawlessness and the reign of impunity that is festering in the country.

    As a matter of fact, a video went viral about a few months ago, and it sparked jitters in the Liberian social media. It showed a group of ex-combatants of the civil war, whose leader was expressing the urgent need for the re-composition of a secret death squad similar to the notorious Taylor’s Pepper Bush or the Doe’s SATU unit. The leader went on to say within that video, that President Weah had given him his tacit approval and was willing to finance the scheme.

    So, any rational thinker can clearly see that if the president, himself, is involved behind the scene with the funding and implementation of carrying out such diabolical schemes, which has the potential of returning the country back to its deadly past, truly Liberians should be wary that they could be in for another long haul.

    No economic development can supersede the deep, physical, and psychological wounds the civil war has inflicted on Liberia; and, therefore, the best precondition to lasting peace and economic prosperity must be the setting up of a World crime court to adjudicate the perpetrators and finally bring this very grave matter to a closure.

  27. Where is President Weah? Is he still President of Liberia? Why does he shy away from leading? So many crap is going on in the country and you never hear from the guy. Very perplexing I must say.

    • These subhumans a.k.a generals are embolden because they’re being used by the government to intimidate their critics. That’s what’s going on…

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