‘We Acted Wrongly’ – Sen. PYJ

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Sen. Prince Y. Johnson

… in Ja’neh’s impeachment case

Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson has admitted that the Senate and the Government acted without wisdom in impeaching former associate justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh.

The impeachment, according to Senator Johnson has cast a dark cloud over the country’s judicial credibility, therefore, the government should see reasons to either reinstate Ja’neh or give his incentives to him so that the country can be saved from “this shame.”

“We acted wrongly, we acted without wisdom and our action has cast a dark shadow over Liberia,” Senator Johnson admitted in his Chapel of Faith Ministry on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Sen. Johnson added, they will begin negotiation with Justice Ja’neh in a few weeks from now in Nimba County. “We will be holding negotiation with Kabineh; he’s is a son of Nimba and the son of Liberia as well. We acted wrongly.”

However, Sen. Johnson admission of guilt has been rebutted strongly by Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephas, the Solicitor General of Liberia who has refused to accept the ECOWAS Court of Justice ruling that the Republic of Liberia pay Counsellor Ja’neh, an impeached Judge of the Supreme Court of Liberia, the sum of US$200,000 as reparation for moral prejudice suffered for the violation of his rights or reinstatement.

“As you may know, judgment was rendered against the government and the general impression created was that the Republic of Liberia has lost the case that is not the case,” Cllr. Cephas said.

According to Cllr. Cephas, the impeachment case between the Liberian government and the ECOWAS Court of Justice has no precedence before the court and as such, the government is going to file a petition for judicial review on the numbers fundamental issues of the matter, which they considered as wrong judgment.

“See, all the cases the ECOWAS court cited in the writ of execution are all criminal cases. This case was an impeachment case. It was a political trial,” Cephas said.

On March 29, 2019, former Justice Kabineh Ja’neh was impeached by the National Legislature after being investigated for “Misconduct, abuse of public office, wanton abuse of judicial discretion, fraud, misuse of power and corruption.” The impeachment proceedings, as required by the Liberian Constitution, began in the House of Representatives and was led by Montserrado County District #8 lawmaker Acarous Gray, a staunch member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change and true loyalist of President George Weah.

The proceeding ended up in the Senate and was presided over by Chief Justice Francis Korkpor, and Senators Prince Johnson and Thomas Grupee, despite resistance by their fellow members of the Nimba County legislative caucus that the proceeding was unconstitutional, proceeded to vote in favor of impeaching Ja’neh, thereby raising public outcries that they allegedly received bribes from the Executive to vote against Kabineh Ja’neh.

Ja’neh and his legal team, not content with the proceedings, went to the ECOWAS Court, where justice was served in his favor. According to the court’s ruling, the government is to provide US$200,000 as reparation for Ja’neh, reinstate him with retroactive payments of all his salaries and benefits, or give him US$25 million if the government cannot reinstate him. The court has also warned that if its ruling is not adhered to, ECOWAS stands ready to impose sanction on Liberia, a big blow that the government and people of Liberia will receive as the fragile peace here is held firmly by this regional grouping, which role in the Liberian civil crisis is laid in history.

The government, represented by its Solicitor General, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus has argued that the court lacks jurisdiction to entertain argument or rule on the suit filed by Cllr. Kabineh M. Ja’neh that his impeachment violated his human rights, particularly the right to a fair hearing and impartial trial.

The ECOWAS Court of Justice also denied arguments from the Government of Liberia that the regional court is “Incompetent to review, interpret, and apply the national constitution and domestic laws of Member States.”

Preaching on the theme: “Lord teach us to number our days so that our hearts can gain wisdom”, Senator Johnson said if indeed they had wisdom, they could not have impeached Ja’neh not knowing that there is another higher court called the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) Court of which Liberia is a member. “The ECOWAS Court of justice is an international court; so, whatever decision they came up with is binding upon us as a nation to comply with,” he added.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson, the general overseer of the Chapel of Faith Ministry on Weaver Street in the LBS Community in Paynesville, said it is time for Liberia to operate in wisdom just as King David prayed to God in the book of Psalm 90:10-12.


  1. Liberia’s Senators and Representatives, certainly are highly interesting and amusing people! Sadly, this is real reason why Liberia and residents are terribly backward and heartbreakingly under-development.

    Were the Senators that voted to impeach and remove Mr. Justice Jan’eh Associate Justice off the Supreme Court induced and compelled to have voted to impeach Mr. Justice Jan’eh?

    Indeed, the Republic of Liberia is is great trouble!

    • Prince Johnson NEEDS Madingo votes in Nimba of which of course, are thousands that will oppose him if he does not deceive them.

  2. Let those who impeached the judge, including the government of Liberia, face the consequences of the court of ECOWAS and reinstate him with all the necessary benefits as contained and provided in the verdict.

    • Even while the media have made clear nothing like reinstatement or even compensation shall be given to Janeh, and the President of the ECOWAS Court Edward Asante has implied and insinuated that their judgement is ACTUALLY meaningless, some of you are still in the dark.

  3. We are such a bad people that knows the truths and by pass it Our leaders are too greedy that is why the country is what it is . Thanks to the ECOWAS court for fair judgment.

  4. What consequences? The government position is right, the court’s action is unprecedented, that the court lacks authority on the matter, that all the cases cited by the ECOWAS COURT were criminal cases and not a politcal one, as is the Janeh’s.

    The actions of Kabineh’s land grasps of the 90 year old woman were crimes and an injustice by an associate supreme court justice.

    Why forcefully take the old woman land and insist on it’s ownership?

    • Mr. Whyte,
      Isn’t the members of ECOWAS States that established the ECOWAS Court? My believe is that “ALL” of these issues are addressed in the charter. If you read the ECOWAS Chapter in its entirety, you will probably “walk back” your comments. The chapter is online. Research it. My believe is that the creators wanted to curtail membership abusing it “own citizens.” These are some of the things that led to the war in Liberia and ECOWAS had to massively used her resources to extinguished the flame from 1990 and up. Let’s be real now, ECOWAS is correct. If the Liberian Government feel otherwise, let her take an appeal to the World Court in Geneva. After all, ECOWAS Court is NOT the final. Nice Tried, sir.

      • Boima Dolo Gbelly, do not gallop into matters you lack the epistemological power dynamics to comprehend entirely!

        If according to you and your “belief “ALL” of these issues are addressed in the charter.“ THEN WHY ”enforcement of the ECOWAS Court’s judgments over the years has been a major problem due to the fact that none of the legal instruments — the Revised Treaty or Supplementary Protocols — discusses means of enforcement of the regional court’s rulings in the case where member states default.”????

        These rascals calling themselves judges have simply used Kabineh Janeh as a pawn in their dedebatic testilo (eg. official misconduct of corruption and incompetence) that they can use Liberia in their diabolical intent to set an abusive precedence!!!

      • Boima Dolo Gbelly:






  5. Ignorance is really the true original sin and indeed the original punishment! Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, Armah Jallah and others sharing their views are speaking out of ignorance and selfish political interests as usual..

    If Senator Prince Johnson, Armah Jallah and others sharing their views were..

    (1) to be well informed as to THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IMPEACHMENTS AND OTHER CASES, the sources of international law, or how international law works, they would,

    (2) have by now seen that those judges of that so called ECOWAS court did not only go ultra vires their mandate, but that in order to effectuate their corrupt acts for selfish financial desires, they

    (3)deliberately disregarded general practice of states accepted as law, (international customs), general principles of law recognized by civilized nations, precedence of jurisprudence,, and international conventions whether general or particular, and rules expressly and impliedly recognized by ECOWAS States, hence..

    (4) they incumbent judges of that court should be impeached for incompetence and official misconduct.

  6. This’s quite interesting to hear that the senator is seeking for atonement, the decision he took to impeach Kabineh, he was fully conscious of it and was deliberately done as such. Well, this the kind of country we find ourselves, where officials are self-serving perverts. It has to take Ecowas to tell us…….

  7. Liberia is certainly an interesting County. Come to think about it, nearly all of Liberia’s Senators and Representatives are totally bankrupt and lack the moral efficacy and standing to represent Liberia anywhere.

    Nearly all of our Senators and Representatives, simply represent their personal and not to mention, private interests. Let Senator Prince Y. Johnson and Senator Amah Jallah, shut the hell up and just continue to receive their illegal and stolen monies while they continue to harm Liberia’s integrity and image.

    I maintain, the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice, lacks locality and subject jurisdiction to entertain, hear and decide adversely matters already heard and decided by the subordinate and the Supreme Courts of any of the Member State of ECOWAS. The Community Court’s judgment, violates Liberia sovereignty.

    Here is what Liberia needs and her people need to do:

    1) Prépare and file a Petition for Judicial Review and after the Community Court’s judgement, refer the Community Court’s judgment to the Heads of State and Governments as a formal complaint.

    2) The Liberia in her complaint, though it might be unusual, complain and state that the Community Court, by its Judgment, violates Liberia’s independence and sovereignty as a sovereign country.

    3) The Republic of Liberia should encourage the Heads of States and Governments to swiftly put in place a three-Man Appellate Chamber with the power to entertain and review and if need be, revise and remand the final judgment of the Community Court of Justice in d’avoir of Liberia.

    4) The Structure of the Community Court of Justice, henceforth, needs to have: 1) a Trial Chamber; and 2), an Appellate Chamber; à structure that every international court of justice has today to hear on demand all appeals brought before that Court.

    Like every other known and recognize international court, to ensure due Process of Law, there are Trial Chamber and Appellate Chamber. The Appellate Chamber has the power to hear all appeals that originate from the Trial Chamber.

    • Frederick Jayweh, one opens himself to public ridicule when he unnecessarily intends to give the absurd impression that a sovereign nation’s Ministry of Justice or its galaxy of legal advisers in international law needs legal advise from others outside its Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its Ministry of Justice.

      What we mean is that you make a clown out of yourself to rant such rubbish as ”Here is what Liberia needs and her people need to do, The Liberia in her complaint, though it might be unusual, complain and all that crap.”


      What your audience may be interested in here is some insights on how international law works in such matters, and how these judges have strayed away from the tenets of the sources and principles of international law.

  8. At times you when then child sense of hearing is not active you have to allow then to experience some difficulty so that they can see, and feel some pains before they can come to their senses….. now this will serves as greatest lessons for our leaders to lean from. if they has sense they will learn if not they will do the same thing over and again..

  9. Do not get carried away by this absurd propaganda and lackadaisical disinformation. Besides unprincipled and of course ignorant Prince Johnson,, all those senators ranting about “we were

    The nine Senators ARE OR WERE Dr. Henrique Tokpah (Ind. Bong County), Oscar Cooper (Ind. Margibi County), Armah Jallah (NPP, Gbarpolu), Conmany Wesseh (UP, River Gee), Daniel Naathan (ANC, Gbarpolu), Steve Zargo (LP, Lofa) and Sando Johnson (NPP, Bomi) and Nyounblee Karnga-Lawrence (LP, Grand Bassa) and Gbleh-Bo Brown(Independent, Maryland) all posed a united front in their quest to deny the impeachment! As usual, Prince Johnson has simply been bribed to patch up this cheap propaganda doomed to nothingness.

    But does this useless propaganda or the good useless so called judgement of this court matter??? HELL NO!!! For ”enforcement of the ECOWAS Court’s judgments over the years has been a major problem due to the fact that none of the legal instruments — the Revised Treaty or Supplementary Protocols — discusses means of enforcement of the regional court’s rulings in the case where member states default.”

    And why is this? This is because,

    (1) states knowing human nature and its corrupt mindset,, incompetence, and abuse of power or going beyond its powers (ultravires) as is the case here with this court’s judgement which has flouted and disregarded the foundation of international law …THE LOTUS PRINCIPLE, STATE PRIMACY, not to talk about such bases of state jurisdiction as the territorial principle, the nationality principle, the passive personality principle, the protective principle, or the universality principle,, corrupt and or incompetent judges as is the case with Edward Asante and his gang, such judges would

    (2) absurdly or abusively have no regard for the political question doctrine, the act of state doctrine,, or in fact, THE FOUNDATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW ..THE LOTUS PRINCIPLE which,, based on both state political sovereignty and legal sovereignty, says sovereign states may act in any way they wish so long as they do not contravene an explicit prohibition!

    And this is inter alia why even a layman understands that Kabineh Janeh should have not allowed Edward Asante and his fellow rascals in their foolish thinking to use him as a pawn in their dedebatic testilo that they can use Liberia in their diabolical intent to set an abusive precedence!!!

    • Gbada Flomo, keep quiet, and learn from me through this case, international legal methodology, compliance, non compliance, and effectiveness in international law, or at least why do states make agreements and state practice. My identity will place nothing in that shell on your shoulders needing epistemological contents.

  10. To those of you expressing confident in Regional courts (ECOWAS, AU or ICC), note that they are among the most biased on planet earth. Don’t be blinded by their configuration.
    Money and influence speak there, especially when you belong to some cult groups, beware!
    Hasty decisions in this case should be avoided until you can get to the bottom of the case!

    PYJ is making a political declaration!

  11. This leaves me wondering whether this war criminal did this out of fear of some imminent backlash. This man regrets nothing. If he is truly conscience-stricken, why hasn’t he shown remorse for the war crimes he committed? The war crimes court is here very soon Prince! The day of retribution for the victims is AROUND THE CORNER ! I can see the handwriting on the wall!

  12. Is this the only issue that those self seeking officials had been in the wrong? I hope that they admit the pain, suffering and deaths their actions had caused our beloved country.
    Let not be wary, Liberia will rise.

  13. The blood of those innocence Liberians he wickedly beheaded are still confusing his brain. Neither trauma or psychiatric homes can restore his dilapidated brain. His Chapel of Faith Ministry has been a center of controversies where he has the opportunity to use melee words in his sermons. Coming back to Liberians to willingly confused his led involvement in the impeachment proceedings of former Justice Kabineh Ja’neh because it has been attached to the ECOWAS Court in fear of his easier arrest to facing charges leveled upon him for his gross human rights abused in this country is not enough, and also trying to reconcile with his kinsman Ja’neh under such malicious pretext will not save him or pardon him. He shall facing retribution to the fullest extent of the law. Unlike for Liberia’s, keeping such people in the midst of peaceful society is dangerous, because their minds are already corrupted with negativities as he and Yekeh Kolubah’s always displays. He should be remorseful for killing Innocent Liberians, but not for the impeachment of Kabineh Ja’neh. In that direction he may be right for exercising his constitutional powers by taking commendable and precise action to impeached Ja’neh. Ja’neh unilaterally violated the constitution of this Republic that equated to his impeachment which by virtues of command lines, the ECOWAS Court has no power or right to meddle in Liberia’s constitutional affairs. Impeachment is an constitutional matter which directly different from country to country. They may have their opinion by saying that to reparade Ja’neh for the assassination of characters, reinstate him or by extension taking up to 10% of the country national budget to give it to Mr. Ja’neh which is also a gross disrespect to our internationally recognized sovereignty over past 173 years. The so called politically driven ECOWAS court should stop meddling in our constitutional affairs. The court was set up to mitigate lesser human right violation but not in-depth state constitutional matter. It would be a big shame to the entire organization of the ECOWAS to impose sanction on the entire country of Liberia for the sake of Kabineh Ja,neh as been insinuated by unscrupulous politicians around here.

    The critics of this government need to look for serious issue against this government but not this Kabineh Ja’neh issue, because ECOWAS court already crossed their boundary of command, any decision from them surrounding this Ja’neh saga is considered as flawed and will not be taken seriously; not considering a wanton like PYJ who always in fear of facing court for his crimes committed against the state, that fear Will be over one day when the appropriate time reaches.

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