Grand Gedeh County District#2 Rep. Morais Waylee at the center of the alleged rape of a 13-year old child

Charged with criminal conspiracy, obstruction of investigation, among others

The much-debated allegation of rape involving Grand Gedeh County District #2 Representative, Morias Waylee, of his 12 years old niece, yesterday took a new dimension when Police charged him with criminal conspiracy and tampering with a witness during investigations and remanded in custody.

Sometime in May, a local media reported that Suspect Waylee allegedly raped and impregnated his niece who was reportedly staying with him but later took her out of his home to an unknown location after the alleged rape was reported with the intent to destroy evidence. The minor’s father was also reported to be Rep. Waylee’s driver.

Addressing a brief press conference yesterday in Monrovia, Inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman said, “With the investigation thus far carried out by the LNP along with its collaborating partners it has been established that a minor named Regina Barway, known to be a niece of Rep. Waylee has lived with him and was in school through his sponsorship at a school in Careysburg, along the Kakata-Monrovia highway.

“We have come to make it publicly known that Hon. Waylee has been arrested and charged. His actions are in violation of our penal code.”

He added: “In view of the evidence gathered and circumstances surrounding this matter the investigation has resolved to charge suspect Morias Waylee and Wedeh Waylee, the wife of the suspect, with criminal conspiracy in violation of chapter 10.4. And in addition to that for tampering with witness which is in violation of Chapter 12 sub-chapter C 1240b1 and Chapter 12 sub-chapter C section 12.411 for tampering with the criminal investigation. All of which contravene the Revised Penal Code of the Republic of Liberia.”

Col. Coleman said the suspect will be in police custody for 48 hours and his wife is wanted for questioning.

“Anyone seeing Mrs. Wedeh Waylee should kindly hint the nearest police so that she can be arrested to help us in our investigation,” he noted.

He said the suspect, who has not been charged with rape now, does not mean that it is overlooked because the investigation is still ongoing, and there is a need to establish all the facts to make sure the act was committed before coming up with such a charge.

Police Inspector General, Gregory Coleman: “We are calling on the public to make known the actual location of this child.”

“Afterward we will look forward the case to court even though there is no official complainant yet. As it is the case is now a state matter and we will do all we can to bring all those involved, including one Sayedee, the father of the victim, a driver of Waylee,” he said.

He called on Liberians to pray for the safety and well-being of the victim. “We are very much concerned about her whereabouts and her safety. We fear that her life could be at risk now as an investigation into this case continues. We are calling on the public to make known the actual location of this child,” he said.

The arrest of Waylee is a precedent since it is related to a high profile government official. It may be recalled that child rights activist, Abraham M. Keita led a group of protesters to the Capitol Building to demand Rep. Waylee recuse himself from legislative work and to defend himself against the charge in court. Rep. Waylee further leveled defamation charges against Keita, which were later resolved in court.

When contacted via phone yesterday, child rights activist Keita said he has been wishing to see the arrival of this day. “My struggle has not and will never be against innocent souls but those who continue to perpetrate heinous crimes against our sisters and others in our country. It does not matter who is involved, justice must be served to all men impartially,” he noted.

Keita promised not to rest until a verdict protecting either side in the case is handed down and the necessary penalty is given. “Today Varney Jersey and many others are behind bars for the same crime of alleged rape. If the Honorable (Rep. Waylee) is guilty, he must bear the consequences of his action,” Keita said.


  1. Since the lawmaker can not be changed with rape , he is a material witness in the disappearance of the child . As being perhaps the last person to see the child. Or any connection to the disappearance of the child . All the investigators have to do is to find that link . Perhaps with a reward of US five hundred dollars will do . With that amount, some one will sell their own mother.

  2. I hoped he don’t do something bad to this little girl for cover up.
    We know these people some are too wicked. I hoped that girl is alive.

    • Boima, You make a good point, because it has been more then three months since this little girl has been seen.

  3. What about the parents of the child, my understanding is that when the investigators when to Grand Gedeh. , they were threaten by some of the elders, so I think the government should sent more aggressive Team to Grand Gedeh to do a follow up.

  4. It all starts from knowing where the child (victim) was last seen………..Police can now start carrying out deep investigation as to the location and well being of the victim.
    The life and safety of the victim is my major concern.


  6. The LNP boss Col. Grogery Coleman acted in error and disrespectful to our
    District Representative Hon. Waylee by arresting and detaining him. This wickedness must stop bcus it’s a complete witch hunt. No truefulness in the case. It is a makeup

  7. This man (Hon. Waylee) is a person with a good and repacable characters. We are watching. Our representative shouldn’t be mistreated like this…

  8. Mr. Tailey Toe, commission of crime does not excuse any members of the Legislature
    at all. That is why all Representatives and Senators must know and do what one does
    to live without being arrested.

    Here in the United States of America, whenever a sitting Representatives or a Senators
    broke the Law, they are arrested, handcuffed and send to jail. That part of whatever
    Law or constitution in Liberia that a Representative or a Senator can not be arrested
    is a complete foolishness. Therefore, the enforcement of Criminal Procedure Law of
    Liberia must take its course. I myself am a Krahn man from Gbarzon Statutory District.
    But, man …! when a crime is committed, it must be punished to the letter.


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