Newly Elected Lawmakers Will Be in Majority

The Capitol Building, the Seat of the Legislature

Following the October 10 polls, the House of Representatives will by next year welcome a batch of new lawmakers, according to preliminary results authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) have released.

The preliminary results indicate that over 47 new representatives (65%), are expected to occupy 65% of the 73-seat chamber on January 8, 2018, while 26 representatives (35%) are incumbents who were re-elected.

In Montserrado County, 10 new lawmakers won Tuesday’s polls, according to early results the NEC released, while seven others, predominantly from the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), were re-elected.

The wave of newly elected lawmakers and the re-elected ones will form the 54th Legislature from January 8, 2018 to January, 2023.

In Montserrado County District #1, Representative Josephine Francis has already conceded defeat to Desire Satia; Jimmy Smith of the  CDC is tipped to replace Sekou Kanneh of the governing Unity Party in District #2; Representative Bill Tweaway of the CDC is being sent on perpetual leave by C.B. Bashel (UP) in District #3; Independent candidate Momo Kamara is to replace Henry Fahnbulleh of the UP (District #4); and Representative Thomas Fallah of CDC has been re-elected for the third term (hat-trick) in District #5; and in District #6, Samuel Enders, an independent candidate, will replace Edwin Snowe, who contested in Bomi County. The incumbents of Districts #7, 8 and 9 have been re-elected. They are Representatives Solomon George, Acarous Gray and Munah Pelham-Youngblood, all of the CDC.

Yekeh Kolubah, an Independent candidate, and Richard Koon, a UP candidate, are replacing  Representatives Julius Berrian of the People’s Unification Party (PUP) and Gabriel Nyankan of the CDC in Districts #10 and 11, respectively.

For District #12, Dr. George Beyan Samah (Independent) is elected to replace Richmond Anderson of the Liberty Party.

Current CDC lawmakers from Districts #13, 14 and 15, including Saah Joseph, Abraham V. Corneh and Adolph Lawrence have been re-elected, while Dixon W. Seboe (District #16), also a CDC Representative, was elected to replace Edward Forh, Former Comptroller and Head of the Secretariat of Public Accounts  Committee (PAC) of the Legislature. Henson Kiazolu of UP is replacing CDC sitting Representative William Dakel in District #17.

In Grand Bassa County, District #1 Representative and Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue (Independent) was re-elected as well as Mary Karwor of the UP in District #2.  Representative Gabriel Smith was denied his third term, and is being replaced by Matthew Joe of CDC in District #3. Independent candidate Samuel Vincent Willie is replacing Jeh Byron Browne and UP candidate Thomas A. Gosuah (the son of Victoria Refell, a former veteran broadcaster) is replacing Rep. Robertson Siaway in Districts # 4 and 5 respectively.

Former Chief of Staff of the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Clayton Duncan is replacing Jefferson Kanmoh in District #1, Sinoe County; and the former director of the Liberia News Agency, J. Nagbe Sloh, is replacing Jeremiah McCauley of the Alternative National Congress (ANC). Incumbent Representative Matthew Zayzay is re-elected.

In Bong County, only two of the six incumbents were re-elected including Prince Moye of District #2 and Edward Kafiah of District #5, while Albert J. Hills and Marvin Cole are replacing Tokpa J. Mulbah and Robert Wonbain in Districts #1 and 3. Robert Wonba, Woima Briggs Mensah and Andrew are replacing Representatives Lester Paye (ANC), Adam Bill Corneh and Corpu Barclay respectively in Districts # 4, 6 and 7.

In Grand Gedeh County, District #1 incumbent lawmaker Zoe Pennoh has been re-elected for the third term as well as Alex Grant of District #3 for his second term. Former warlord of the Liberia Peace Council (LPC) George Boley is replacing Morais T. Waylee.

In Lofa County, four of the five incumbents were reelected. Franklin Nyumalin of District #1, Julie Wiah of District #2, Clarence Massaquoi of District #3, and Representative Mariamu Fofana of District #4. Beyan Howard is replacing Representative Moses Y. Kollie, who did not seek re-election.

In Maryland County, Districts #2 and 3 Representatives Bhofal Chambers and Isaac Roland were re-elected, while T. Mark Julay is replacing Rep. James Biney in District #1. Representative James P. Biney did not seek reelection.

In Nimba County, only three lawmakers were re-elected including Jeremiah Koung of District #1, Prince Tokpah of District #2, and Samuel Kogar of District #5, but results from the county’s District #4 is pending, the NEC has said.

Joseph Sonwabae is replacing Representative Samuel Woleh of District #3. Rep. Woleh did not seek re-election because of ill health. Twian Gleekie is replacing Representative Ricks Toweh of District #6; Roger Domah takes over from Representative Worlea Saywah Dunah of District #7, who did not seek re-election. Saye Mianah is replacing Larry Younquoi of District #8; and Johnson Gwaikolo is sending out a tough talking Representative R. Matenokay Tingban in District #9.

In Margibi County, only Representative Ben A. Fofana of District #4 was re-elected, with Pidelorsa Tarponweh of CDC replacing Roland Opee Cooper of District #1. Ivar Jones is replacing long-serving Representative Ballah G. Zayzay of District #2; Ellen Attoh is replacing Stephan S. Kafi, Sr. in District #3; and  Clarence Jah of CDC is replacing District #5 Representative and Speaker  J. Emmanuel Nuquay, who is now vice standard bearer of the UP.

In Bomi County, Representative Edwin M. Snowe (UP) replaces incumbent Cllr. S. Gayah Karmo in District #1. Rep. Snowe served 12 years in Montserrado County District #6 as a lawmaker. Manah Bishop Johnson is replacing former Speaker J. Alex Tyler of District # 2, who did not seek re-election. Representative Haja Fata Siryon is re-elected – and is going for her third term.

In Grand Cape Mount County, Rep. Mambu Sonii and Emerson Kamara of Districts # 2 and 3 have been reelected and Mr. Samuel Taylor is replacing Rep. Aaron Vincent of District # 1.

In River Gee County, all of the incumbents were ousted. Mr. Alex Paul is replacing Johnson Chea in District # 1; Francis Young is replacing Christian Chea in District # 2; and Francis Doupou is replacing Charles Bardly.

In Grand Kru County, the two incumbents have been ousted. Mr. Nathaniel Barway is replacing George Wesseh Blamoh, who did not seek reelection because of his migration to the US through the DV program, and Cllr. Fonati Koffa, former Minister for State and Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Liberty Party, is replacing Rep. Numene Bartekwa.

In Rivercess County District # 2, Representative Byron Zahnwea has been reelected. District # 1 result is pending.

In Gbarpolu County, CDC incumbent Alfred Koiwood is reelected, while District # 2 and 3 results are pending.

Editor’s note: These results were compiled by reporters of the Daily Observer, and are not official results from the National Elections Commission (NEC).


  1. After 170 years of a corrupt and broken system of governance (Liberian Styled Representative Democracy) wIth barbaric ritualistic killings and human sacrifices accompanying every election cycle, with the Liberian president appointing every mayor, of every city, including cities the president has never visited, with regional governors, heads of public corporations and members of the boards of every corporations are appointed by the president…Liberia can’t be honestly called a democratic nation! It’s a government of the politician by the politician and for the politician. Who is to blame? He or she who feeds and nurtures the beast! USA! Look, foreign aid alone, especially in the context of a corrupt and broken system of governance can never develop a country! This is especially true when lawmakers in the ‘beggar nation’ earn more than 1000% of the salaries and benefits of some lawmakers in the donor country-USA. IT MAKES NO SENSE! In California, USA, with an annual budget of US$170 billion dollars, lawmakers earn around US$104,118.00 yearly. In New Hampshire, with US$5.7 billion dollars, lawmakers earn annual salary (no benefits) only US$200.00 per two year term No per diem is paid.. In Connecticut, a state with US$20.4 billion dollars, lawmakers earn US$28,000.00 yearly salary and No per diem is paid.. Rhode Island with a budget of, US$8.9 billion dollars, lawmakers earn US$ 14947.24 annually No per diem is paid. Compare that to Liberia, with a budget of US$550 million dollars and the Speaker’s office budget is US$1.2 million dollars and lawmakers earn US$156,000.00 plus 500 gallons of gas, car, driver, security….  Corruption has roots. When hundreds of poor Liberians are not only denied visa to visit a country built by the blood and sweat of their ancestors and founding fathers of their country at a time when every American applying to visit Liberia is never denied and when the USA eats the visa fees of poor Liberians after denying them visa, where is corruption flourishing in Liberia rooted? USA! “Power concedes nothing without a demand…” It’s time to make a demand to stop the legalized theft because the barbaric human sacrifices of five year old girls isn’t worth the dictatorship American taxpayers are nurturing and funding around the world!  Here is a video of how many people are killed by ritualistic killers every election cycle in Liberia and why America isn’t talking about deterrent. Join the Citizens Independence Movement (CIM):

  2. Comment:Liberia is all we have, let’s rally our elected officials to maintain our peace.
    A message from the Coalition for Patriotic Action CPA..


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