Water Stakeholders Brainstorm on Water Revenue Gaps in Cape Mount


    The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), Liberia Municipal Water Project (LMWP) and major water stakeholders, convening in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County Wednesday,  are brainstorming on gaps indentified in revenue generation.

    The outreach event brought together the Local Steering Committee (LSC) of Robertsport, officials of LMWP, managers of LWSC and USAID’s lead engineer.

    During the interactive water forum ceremony held at the Robertsport Centennial City Hall, four professional presentations were made by staff and managers of LWSC, USAID and LMWP.

    In their presentations the provided comprehensive details on challenges, constraints and achievements on the critical aspect of revenue generation for sustained progress.

    It was disclosed that construction works on the pipes from the LWSC’s water treatment plant that would enhance greater access to safe drinking water continue to make steady progress.

    Speaking at the opening ceremony, LWSC Managing Director Charles B. Allen pointed out that serious revenue gaps continue to pose some financial and technical challenges in Robertsport. 

    He underscored the need for the Local Steering Committee of Robertsport City to intensify its awareness and sensitization amongst the port city’s residents and business entities.

    Director Allen explained that the commercial component of the Robertsport’s water distribution reports have indicated some drops in production and revenue collection.

    He described Robertsport’s water project as a unique venture adding the achievements that will be made by the LSC could be extended to other projects in the country.

    The water agency is working with partners for the provision safe drinking water to all prewar water treatment plants in order to ensure the health and safety of all Liberians in the country.

    Mr. Allen further disclosed that several plans have been crafted by the LWSC’s technical staff and support partners for the provision of pipe-borne water in many parts of the port city of Robertsport.

    The LWSC MD also intimated that managing the Robertsport City’s water production and distribution have not generated the kind of money that was envisaged for the periods under review.

    Director Allen clarified that recruitment of Liberians to work at the LWSC’s water treatment at Robertsport was conducted on a professional, not a political basis.

    He commended the American Government and other support partners for the provision of critically needed funds for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of water facilities in the country.

    In his presentation, LWSC’s  Deputy Managing Director for Technical Service, Frankie Cassell, expanded on the Robertsport Water Treatment Plant and Pipeline Extension Operations specifically on opportunities, challenges and the way forward.

    There must be realistic alternatives adopted by the water stakeholders that in turn increase customers’ connection to the commercial services of the Robertsport’s pipe-borne water facilities, he said.

    “In order to beat back the operational challenges in  Robertsport City, water revenue generation must be increased by the connections of many water customers to the water system,” Mr. Cassell said.

    Other presenters at the Robertsport water forum included the Liberia Municipal Water Project Chief of Party,  Alione Fall, who provided a synopsis on updates and summary of the water project.

    Senior engineer Masnoh Jallabah spoke on the construction phase overview, challenges and way forward of the LWSC Robertsport water project.

    For his part, the Project Manager of the LWSC and LMWP, Hne Coleman, provided technical synopsis on the Robertsport Water Improvement (Pipeline Extension), overview and challenges.

    In closing remarks, City Mayor James Kiazolu, Superintendent Mohammed A. Paasawee, chiefs, the LSC Chairperson and others thanked the support partners for the water project and pledged work with all those connected to the implementation components.


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