Water Purification System to Benefit 7K Unification Town Residents

Doc Lawson demonstrates how to clean the system after use, as Mayor Kiawu and others look on yesterday.

More than seven thousand (7,000) residents of Unification Town/Smell-No-Taste in Lower Margibi County will benefit from a water purification system supplied per family, according to Mr. Doc Lawson, chief executive officer of DomaniSports in partnership with the Young Men’s Christian Association of Liberia (YMCA).

During a meeting with Unification Town mayor Esther G. Kiawu yesterday, Mr. Lawson, along with YMCA branch coordinator Francis Karpu, explained the effectiveness of the system that will relieve the residents of their difficult search every day for clean drinking water.

The demonstration forms part of the “FOLLOW THE WATER” campaign by DomaniSports and YMCA which was initially aimed at providing clean water only to children who play sports, but has now been extended to entire households.

In an easy demonstration before officials of the mayor’s office, Mr. Lawson said the system’s proprietary hollow fiber membrane filters are small, portable, easy-to-use, and reliable, adding that they are free of charge and can last for more than 15 years without needing replacement.

Mayor Kiawu and her officials looked on in awe as Mr. Lawson went through a quick demonstration of purifying dirty water with the system, drinking some of the purified water and offering it to others.

“Each system serves eight (8) family members and families will no longer struggle to find safe drinking water after the system is given to them,” he said.

Mr. Lawson said the mayor’s office will provide his organization with the number of residents or family heads in Unification Town/Smell-No-Taste, and that a special team of technicians will visit the area to work along with her office.

He said the system is made and tested in a way that “it is certified for absolute microns, making it impossible for harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholera, and Salmonella typhi – which cause cholera and typhoid, to pass through.  With the system in place, no child will die from any waterborne disease.”

Meanwhile, Lawson told the mayor’s office staff that ‘FOLLOW THE WATER’ is a unique program that provides safe drinking water for children who play soccer and other sports.

He gave a brief explanation about his background and his sojourn in the United States, where he lived for 50 years after leaving Liberia at the age of 10.

Responding, Mayor Kiawu expressed appreciation to Mr. Lawson, DomaniSports and YMCA and lamented the unnecessary deaths of children due to lack of safe drinking water in the community.

“We are grateful that you decided on our community to benefit from the system,” Mayor Kiawu said. “We ask God to bless you and your partners.”

She promised her administration’s cooperation with the project. Deputy Mayor Mark Francis also commended Mr. Lawson.

Mr. Lawson is also the Global Ambassador for The Last Well, a not-for-profit United States-based Christian organization that is building hand pumps and wells throughout Liberia, with the hope of accomplishing the target in all 15 counties by the year 2020.


  1. A + Lawson, you are on my list of the new Liberians that are ready to take over our economy and make LIBERIA BETTER FOR ALL.


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