WATAF Lauds LRA for Technical Assistance


The West Africa Tax Administrative Forum (WATAF) has expressed gratitude to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) for providing a technical assistance to the sub-regional body, a release has said.

LRA Commissioner-General Thomas Doe Nah recently nominated Messrs James Kerkulah, Commissioner of Internal Audit, and Wellington Jah, Manager for Strategic Partnership, on a two-week technical assistance mission to the WATAF Secretariat in Nigeria.

WATAF Executive Secretary requested the Technical Assistance from the LRA to develop policies, procedures and strategic documents that the WATAF Secretariat needs to effectively operate.

According to the release, during their two missions (September 16-22 and November 3-18), both Messrs Kerkulah and Jah developed 20 policies and strategic documents that included a three-year corporate strategic plan, several vital policy documents, such as communication, travel, financial management, code of ethics, salary and benefits for use by WATAF.

The release quoted Mr. Nah as saying that the LRA has established itself as a professional institution over the years, engaging in best international practices in its dealings. It has documented policies and standard operating procedure for every business and administrative processes.

Meanwhile, a letter from WATAF, addressed to Mr. Nah, said the officers displayed a very high sense of job expertise and commitment to the achievement of the objectives of the technical assistance mission.

“On behalf of the WATAF Chairman, I wish to express our appreciation to you and the LRA for graciously releasing Messrs Kerkulah and Jah on a two week technical assistance mission to the WATAF Secretariat,” WATAF’s letter, signed by its Executive Secretary Babatunde Oladapo, said.

WATAF said within a relatively short period of time, the LRA staffs discharged their responsibilities very well and provided further insights into areas for improvement in the secretariat’s job performance.

Babatunde Oladapo expressed hope that such collaboration should be sustained and emulated by other WATAF member countries. The mission were fully funded by WATAF.


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