WASSCE Results Due July 5

Both ministers Sonii (R) and Duopu at yesterday's press conference

MoE warns against graduation before exams’ results

Deputy Education Minister for Instruction Alexander N. Duopu has said that results for this year’s West African Examinations Council Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) will be released on July 5.

Henceforth, Mr. Duopu said, all graduation-related exercises should be held after that date, and noted that the ministry will impose heavy fines on schools having thanksgiving services and graduation ahead of the July 5 date.

Duopu made the disclosure yesterday at a news conference the ministry hosted in Monrovia.

WASSCE is a type of standardized test in West Africa. It is administered by the West African Examination Council. It is only offered to candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries.

Minister Duopu warned that any violator/s that would graduate students in the absence of WASSCE’s result would be fined, and that the fine would hurt such schools to the extent that those falling in such category by defying the regulation would no longer function as schools.

On the other hand, he said schools will not be permitted to graduate students who failed the Senior School Certificate Examinations, but will allow the failed student/s to re-enroll the next academic year, “because there will be no more re-sitter’s exams.”

Mr. Duopu has meanwhile warned school administrators to withdraw clearances they issued to prospective graduates in the absence of the WASSCE results or face the consequences.

He called on schools’ administrators to immediately refund parents’ US$60 WASSCE fees they earlier paid for each senior student prior to the time government shouldered the responsibility to pay the fee.

Duopu disclosed that the government underwrote the cost of the exams, and therefore threatened that schools that would not refund the money to the parents would risk losing their permit to function.

He said the ministry has resolved that no County Educational Officers or District Education Officers will issue permit to establish new schools; rather, only authorities at the central office in Monrovia.

He said individuals wanting permit for the establishment of new schools should visit the MoE, not the offices of the CEOs or the DEOs.

In a related development, Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii has threatened to dismiss principals whose students would fail WASSCE.

Sonii told reporters that principals of schools that would have all its candidates failing the 2018/2019 WASSCE should either resign or be purged out.

He said principals will lose their posts because the failure of all of their students at the exam is a sign of “weak and poor supervision.”

According to him, it is the duty of the principals to ensure that students are properly taught the required materials, noting they need to ensure that teachers who do not come to classes are punished.

He said the ministry is taking the result of the WASSCE very seriously, and that when students failed, it is the school and its principal and teachers who failed.

Minister Sonii said students need to be encouraged to be studious because, according to him, starting next academic year, students who failed the WASSCE will not be allowed to do re-sitter.

“They will have to wear uniforms and repeat the 12th Grade the next academic year,” the minister said. He also said that the ministry would reintroduce national exams for six graders and during the 2019/ 2020 school year would do the same for 3rd graders.

Sonii said the move is intended to strengthen students at the primary level, while preparing them for the senior high school certificate exams.


  1. I am happy about some of the measures the government intents to undertake so as to bring the education sector to either prewar or international standards. However, I am taking aback by constant threats from education stakeholders on teachers and principals. How can you categorically termed “all students failing in WASSCE as weak and lack of monitoring of teachers?” How many of our high schools have libraries and laboratories? How many box of chalk, lesson plans and roll books and textbooks are giving to principals and teachers to enhance teaching and learning? What is the approved number of students that should be in a classroom? Should we expect classrooms to be over crowded and expect teachers and school administrators to make miracles? How can you have over eighty to one hundred plus students in classrooms which is not even meant for 45 students and expect teachers/principals to effectively instruct? How do we expect students and teachers to make miracles in the absence of handy and affordable textbooks? Let’s check our other West African English speaking countries, is it what is being practiced? Although I’ve not traveled there, I can say NO. For instance, when I was in 7th grade before the war, I bought my set of books from Fisibu, Zorzor District, Lofa. Can you believe that-all the way in the “bush” students could buy textbooks, how much more about Monrovia than? Let’s work very hard and put into place the things needed than we put immense demands on our ourselves(MOE/GOL, teachers, principals, students and parents. How can we demand for quality education when we provide for quantity results. Someone said the calibre of teachers correlates to the calibre of students we produce.

    • So true Prof.
      Your points are so realistic about the actuality of the challenges our educational system is facing. I am so shame and disappointed when our educational leaders present these unprofessional statements. These statements undermine the reality of what the educational system faces and expose their limitation or voluntary blindness to the operations of educational instruction and administration. Just simple and so simple, good policies and the right administrators with the necessary tools for implementation will definitely yield effective instruction and the desired outcomes. Principals and teachers are members of the instruction segment as per the national platform so why hit on them; when the administrators are busy writing and rewriting educational plans with no innovative way forward… I get so frustrated when I tried writing or researching Liberia educational system while I am studying. Adding to this pain now, are these statements that clearly demonstrates our complete limitation from the top to bottom in solving our country’s problem.

  2. Are classrooms well equipped with text books and other materials necessary to prepare the the students to take this test or it is business as usual, let them just take the test. In my humble opinion, sending ill-prepared students to take this teat is like throwing a lamb in a lion’s den.

  3. I love this education minister so much, that, the only thing I can say is “way to go”. I can’t wait to meet him face to face one of these days.

  4. very good idear but the government have please put effort on the high schools in liberia because majority of high schools in liberia don’t have equipments that are useful in high school

  5. Brilliantly constructed Mr. Minister,
    but the implementation is the area where problem comes from, because most prominent top offices only sit in their offices and write all that they have learned in their school days time, but don’t get on their feet to execute those good plans, suggestions, and information given to us through the social media. Though to give information about the new plans planed to be undertaken is important, but this time, is better we do the do, and forget about too much taking, I mean; make sure you execute all that you have pronounced to be leaved as penality on to school Administrators, teachers and the students so this country can be a picture of a learning environment.

  6. Long live this education minister. May God be with you as you strengthen our educational system. I pray that those policies are well implemented, cause implementation is what I haven’t seen in this country. Another important thing is that, how can I inform the minister(ministry) if there is a violator(s) in an area. I really wish to participate in taking education to another level.

  7. I am so happy to hear this great news coming from the ministry of education and it’s my prayer that things work out for the common good of our country mama Liberia because we have stayed too long in this mess.

  8. No case ,but Mr minister is Liberian students well enquit to do this test.Students try their best by sitting for the test so be thankful for what they did.
    Liberia is stay behind in the education sector.So please give our friends chance so they can graduate.Where you come from with that talk senior students who failed will enroll next year,you better change that thought.

  9. Thank you very much for all of the positions given by the Education Minister. But I am so concerned that the penalty levied against school authorities is too heavy because we have not had the required instruments or the necessary preparation to make a pass in WASSCE.

    So,I think the Minister should take so many things into consideration which include our education history and the weak academic performance of most of our students over the time. So I still think that this year should be considered the official and final trial year and that all of the rigidities should be reconsidered. Thank you very much.

    My last inquiry has to do with what time of the day will the result be out?

  10. We Liberian are good at giving suggestions and making plan, but when it come to implementing it, there we find weakness mercy and personal issues. And what we fail to know is, whenever you are developing a country mercy, weakness and personal issues should be put aside and deal with the law.

  11. Even Sonii And Duopu Can’t Pass That Exam If They Sat It…If Your Government Can Pay The School Fees,Lunch,Transportation And Other School Related Items It’s Okay For Them To Repeat

  12. I support the Ministry of Education plans to improve education in Liberia, however, teachers salaries must be taken care of, than eevery other things shall be OK

  13. Thank to the Education Ministry but still need to try because the result wasn’t too encouraging for we Liberians students.

  14. The ministry need to setup a commission of inquiry that will find out all problem solutions in our school system. In that light, we will know what to do. Other people talking about laboratory and other education facilities for the examination but that not the problem for now. Because their are other subjects like history, literature and English our students should pass if they are well thought. Moreover, not all of our present Teacher and students are good in sciences. So, we need an inquiry commission to investigate our problem in the system.

  15. That’s actually a very good good measure however let’s see whether other than would be implemented.

    So what about those that passed in three, four or more?

  16. the minister is not doing well for the Liberian people cause they are not stable in giving out information to their citizens… if you are stopping the cat from eating the meat, tell the meat not smell too, what do I mean if he want shift the failing of students on principals and teachers than let them provides all necessary materials for administrators that will enable them to carry on smooth operation with in their assigned area.. let the minister revisits the curriculum, and re-introduced the normal 45 students that should be in class and bring back normal days learning system that has to do with demotion, beating games and ETC them he will final realize his dream if really means business for the Liberian people…


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