WASSCE Begins Tuesday, MOE Announces

Min. Sonii: "We;re satisfied that our students are being adequately processed and prepared for the exam."

Hundreds of high school students across the country are expected to join their colleagues from other West African countries to write the 2018 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) on Tuesday, April 4, the Minister of Education has confirmed.

WASSCE is a type of standardized test in West Africa. It is administered by the National offices of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries.

Also known by its former name as the General Certificate Examinations (GCE), all students from private and public schools are allowed to take this examination, and uniforms are not compulsory. However, other rules and regulations are applied to every candidate, including students wearing distinctive uniforms as described in the standards set by respective school administrations.

Acording to Minister Ansu D. Sonii, the students are expected to complete writing the exam in three weeks.

Unlike students in other West African countries who will write the exam in 14 different subjects, Sonii said Liberian students will this year write nine different exam papers.

He said the exam will be administered at 210 centers across the country, but did not say how many students are being processed and qualified to sit the Tuesday’s exam.

Minister Sonii assured that supervision will be of serious priority, “because Liberia will reprint the exam papers for their entire region in case there should be suspected leakage for any reason.”

Based on this, he said some of the Ministry’s staffers are being selected and will be deployed to monitor and/or supervise the exam.

He meanwhile threatened that, if needs be, in the case of suspected malpractices, the MoE’s authorities will seek the intervention of riot police.

Sonii said those hired staff members will also observe exam proctors or examiners, to ensure that “nothing goes wrong,” while the exam is being administered.

Minister Sonii has, therefore, called on principals and school administrators, to ensure that the exam is conducted in a “free, fair and transparent manner void of cheating and fraud.”

Sonii told a news conference yesterday in Monrovia that the administration has selected 210 campuses as testing centers.

The exam, according to him, will be administered for three weeks; and during that period, classes will be suspended on those selected campuses for the exam, until the exercise is over.

Minister Sonii disclosed that other schools, whose campuses are not selected, will remain in session. He assured that students affected by the administering of the WASSCE will be provided the same number of days to make up for the lost days.

He however said schools that have the capacity to administer the exam and at the same time hold regular classes can remain in session. For instance, he noted, if a school like Tubman High has space to host the examiners, and at the same time conduct regular lessons, their doors can remain open.

He said the MoE will give high schools a period of two years, to create spaces that will be used to conduct WASSCE, like is being done in other neighboring countries.

Minister Sonii then threatened to downgrade schools that will not have exam centers two years from March 29, 2018, noting that at the close of 2020, those schools would have been prepared to administer the exam at their respective campuses.

In a related development, Minister Sonii has said that civics will be introduced in every school beginning next academic calendar.

He said teachers’ and student’s editions of the civic text books are now available and plans are underway to reproduce many copies of the teacher’s edition, which would be distributed to all schools in the 15 counties, while the Ministry prints students’ copies later.


  1. Time will tell Mr. New Minister of Education: it is better to be proactive than being reactive. Good job on introducing Civics in Liberian School Curriculum. It helps with the moral compass of our lost youths.

    However, solely focusing on where to administer the exam is meaningless until you link it (the location) to the adequate preparation (knowledge) of the students to take the exam. Adequate Preparation makes taking the exam more meaningful..

    The lack of focus on adequate preparation for these standardized Anglophone exams are some of the reasons why Liberian students are not on par with their West African brothers and sisters who are also taking these exams.

    To reduce the over-capacity enrollment on the limited universities in Liberia, there is an urgent need to build more technical colleges and technical high school around the country that will be capable of preparing our students to immediately enter the much needed technical job market (these multi-national companies are look for) which are mostly dominated by foreigners from other English Speaking West African Countries with the technical skills needed.

    We have to make our Liberian students more competitive in the much needed technical job market if we want to rapidly reconstruct Liberia and give more Liberians the necessary employment to boost our economy!!!

    • For Liberia to build more technical schools as you’ve suggested, they must first train the instructional STAFF. As it is now, Liberia needs to invest and expand the already existing technical schools; especially BWI.

  2. A very good start Dr. Ansu Sonii. I am one of those admiring you in your resepective capacity as the definite Minister of education. I just believed in my very self that you will do a good work. I do not know you and Musa Dean personally or officially.

    I feel that you and Musa Dean had been the best persons this administration have appointed who actually have the required knowledge of your positions. I do not know about the rest of those people they are naming here and there through a so-colled transitional team, and as to whether or not most of them actually meet all the necessary moral, academic and all legal standing to be apointed.

    However, I like you and Musa Dean, just simply because my own minds have convinced me that you should performed. I also personally feel that you guys have the required merits or merit those said positions, and so we all praying that you and Musa Dean will be exceptional amongst the rest and that you too remained law-abiding servants, free of corruption or bribery in therein, and set good records thereof. I salute you Sir!


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