WASSACE Result: 46 Schools Failed


The Minister of Education, Ansu D. Sonii has described as “unacceptable and frustrating,” the 651 students from 46 high schools, who failed all the nine subjects of the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) administered by the Monrovia National office of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for 2018/2019 academic year.

Out of the 46 schools, Montserrado County leads with 11 schools, followed by Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties with seven and six government-owned and privately run schools.

The WASSCE, which comprises nine subjects, was administered to 39,887 senior students between April and May 2019 at 237 centers nation-wide.

Minister Sonii said that the mass failure of these students is “unacceptable, because they sat in class from 10th to 12th grades, yet were unable to pass at least a single subject.

“Students from these schools not eligible to host any form of graduation/thanksgiving ceremony for academic year 2018/2019 as we urge them to place their students into the next private (re-sitters) examinations category. The ministry warns that any school violating this regulation will pay the fine of L$250,000 for each unauthorized student, who they would graduate. Notably, any student who failed WASSCE is not eligible to participate in graduation ceremony,” Sonii said at a news conference on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

“Looking this statistic, we will soon begin reviewing school licenses and teaching staff qualifications to avoid such a scenario from repeating itself. As for the government schools, we are putting measures in place to avoid this national embarrassment,” Min. Sonii added.

Meanwhile, he has said the current statistics of the result released points to a significant improvement in the results as compared to last academic year.

“Matter of fact, the student who duxed the Mathematics score this year came from Liberia, while students from other countries performed miserably. Current results show that 27,251 students, making up 68.85 percent, passed at least one subject of the examinations, while 12,329 students, constituting 21.15 percent, failed. Also, 8,714 candidates’ results are being withheld for examination malpractices,” he said.

Sonii said there was a jump in the total number of students, who passed with credits in five of the nine subjects, including Mathematics and English to 13 students, and 605 of the 651 schools recorded all candidates passing in at least one of the nine subjects.

For this year’s WASSACE, 39,887 candidates registered from 651 schools, while only 39,580 candidates completed the examinations comprising 20,778 males and 18,802 females.

Of the students who completed, 28,408 candidates represent 71.22 percent were private schools students and 11,479 representing 28.78 percent were public school students.


  1. So if a student passed one subject and failed 8 subjects, is that still considered passing? What actually constitutes passing? Can a student fail 8 subjects and pass the exam? If that is the case, the exam result is dangerously flawed and this is a gross misrepresentation of achievement.

    • Excellent Joe. The government is skewing the results to make themselves look good purely for political reasons. I don’t know how a “Minister of Education” will make such reckless statement blaming students. It is the Ministry that needs to put in place the proper environment for students to learn and if it’s leader think the students are at fault, there is no change forthcoming.

  2. I am equally confused by the report of passing in 1 subject to be something. Just put it in simple terms xx number of students sat the exams, xxx number passed and xxx number failed period.

  3. What I know constitutes “pass/successful” is a student MUST have scored 8 or below in at least five subjects from the total subjects administered. Passing mark range from 1 to 8, above 8 is considered fail.

  4. Why should the children take such test; to proof what? That test is 100% wrong. All peoples graduating from high schools in Liberia should be allowed to government Universities without taking any test.
    I have enough education to prove my point?

  5. Using your logic, we should allow ALL Students that failed the Exam to enroll in Med-School, and after one-year, begin complex Brain Surgery. Zero competentcy required!!
    That’s why we have “Big-Belly” Lawmakers, who simply cannot write a paragraph, let alone a Bill.
    When you “water-down” your Standards; the results can be damming. We live in a highly competitive World. Mediocrety is never a Virture!!

    • Your point is valid; however, what if there were just 3 testing areas, English (Reading & Writing), Math and Science (one standardized text)? 9 subjects?

      This reminds me of my son in 11th grade; they were doing Biology (something about plants). He was barely passing the course and it was pulling his grades down. I tried to talk him to get his grades up. He said, “Dad, this thing makes no sense to me, let me just survive this trimester.” The young man is in college and majoring in other areas of the sciences and he is doing really well. I think it’s time to rethink our educational system.

    • You are talking to me about High Standards? Are you serious? My logic is far better?

      1. That exam is below standard; useless. Do not give the children hard time.

      2. Government had already certified all these high schools? The children in these schools do take exams every period until they graduate from high school? So what is their point? They are NOT thinking?

      3. If anything is watered down, it is their responsibility; not the children? It is they who are watered down in their thinking; not the children. Children are very quick in learning; just give them the right lessons.

      4. Do you do complex brain surgery in Liberia? NO! You first got to do PreMed ? I will read your statements/opinions but I am well informed in the Major Sciences. Again I went through the educational system that those children are in. Exams will NOT give the required education they need.

      The whole system needs to change by using high Tech tools. That will reduce the use of teachers directly by almost 90%. Again I am from the HIGH Tech Enviroment with 25+years experience. I know what I am saying and can defend it. Let anybody debate me about what I always say? I had scholarships basically all the time; not a lazy person.

      5. Let me tell everybody I am highly educated and I went via JallahTown/LU., Germany., USA. What else do you want to think about me?

    • Concerned Liberia:
      You wrote
      “Using your logic, we should allow ALL Students that failed the Exam to enroll in Med-School, and after one-year, begin complex Brain Surgery. Zero competentcy required!!”

      Who said your above statement? Look at my Degrees before you say those words about me? I know you do NOT understand my degrees. Do you know what Med School and the requirements to getting to Med, Science Schools? Do not compare your Knowledge with mine bad intent because I’m very far away from you and most Liberia?
      I went to best/bad schools for almost 25years on mainly scholarships. I will alway make this clear to everybody.

      • This Peter Curran man, aka Sr. engineer, aka Yarkpajuwur Martor aka 2017 independent presidential candidate is very nerve shattering with these empty bragging around here everyday. Mr. Curran, you boast so much of your education yet your thinking is very backwards. This is demonstrated in the stupidity you post here daily. You went to “best/bad schools?” What the heck you mean by that? And if you are so smart then why in hell’s name you came at the tail end of the candidates in the last election? Can you imagine if something stupid had happened and a crazy jackass like you became president? At least Oppong is trying his level best, compared to an arrogant lunatic jerk like you fond of condemning everybody and anything about Liberia everyday. Why don’t you avail so-called smart yourself at places where Liberians meet in their respective locales to attempt to address some of the problems we face at home? Don’t find pleasure in just sitting behind keyboard to condemn everything about Liberia. Get off your smelly butt and do something about the mess. Obviously you can’t and the reason is very clear and simple. Because you are a delusional moron.

        • Roland Nyemah et All.
          I am already doing something, that is why I ran in 2017.
          With the power in the hands of the right person, Liberia will be right direction in not more than 2 to 4 years.
          Some Liberian will call my statements as boasting but in the highTech world we call that defending your resume.
          I have to defend my Skills everyday and proof to clients that I am the best for any project.
          All the Professors, Engineers. etc that I have met do introduced themselves before making any statement about any subject.
          Yes, I came last in the election because I didn’t campaign after noticing that people preferred anything but an educated person at that time.
          I respected their choices but I will not accept Liberia in that direction. Again, I don’t hate the current government.

          Like light, Education is light; when it shines anywhere, evil will go away and peace and glory will come by.

          You are one of those who tries to down me, proper Education on these pages.
          To increase the hate, I do also speak German; tell this also to your Bosses. How in the world can you dream about competing against me? You and your Bosses can not compare yourselves to me.
          In fact I am also far better then them when it comes also to country farming; country life, etc.
          I graduated 1977 from LTI, up country and came to Monrovia for LU. I didn’t take West African exams.
          Stop giving the children hard time. They are intelligent children who are willing to learn to become doctors, etc in areas our country needs most.
          What can you and your Bosses actually do; Skills?
          You asked for the meaning of “bad/good”. I meant “bad schools/good schools”. With the help of God I overcame all of them.
          Concentrate on my degrees instead of trying to look at my grammars.
          I didn’t do Dr in Engineering or Geophysicist because I didn’t want to; would have been waist of time; look at the country’s backwardness.

          This what I am doing:
          The solution to our country farming (Not Agriculture!) is almost complete by me. I am now transforming human power to machine power, made in Liberia completely.
          What are your Bosses doing? Check my 2017 Platform.


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