Impressed by what he sees as “worthy and selfless” causes to which President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Daily Observer Publisher, Kenneth Y. Best, dedicated their 75 birth anniversaries, Mr. Lamini Waritay has pledged “modest” donations to the Omega Market and the West Point town hall construction projects.

In doing so, he noted that it is not so often that people in privileged positions forgo their personal interests for the greater good. 

Mr. Waritay pointed out that the President’s Omega Market and the West Point project initiated by Mr. Best are “thoughtful and selfless” as both of these undertakings  have a direct impact on the lives of the ordinary and underprivileged segments of our society.

Mr. Waritay posited that while international support will always be welcome, true development would only come to pass through the individual and collective efforts of the citizens themselves.

The former Commissioner of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA)  also pledged a financial donation to the struggling Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), which has sent out an SOS for help from all capable Liberians, as the state radio broadcaster faces a budget deficit that could negatively affect its operations—and by extension, the communications needs of the generally impoverished rural population.

Mr. Waritay called on all Liberians to   support the state radio in order to fill the vacuum UNMIL Radio’s nation-wide coverage would be leaving behind after the UN has left the country. He added that such collective support would also position LBS to become a truly national public broadcaster in the near future.

Waritay observed that while society moves from day to day—with everyone concerned more or less about his or her own personal interests and challenges—rather than about those of the less fortunate, it is, from time to time, necessary to stop and think outside of one’s personal or domestic concerns, and find the compassion to reach out to touch the lives of the marginalized and needy among our citizenry. 

Prof. Waritay is donating U$500 each to the three initiatives as one of his own “little” way of ‘giving back’ to society.

Meanwhile, Kenneth Y. Best, publisher of the Daily Observer, has expressed thanks to Mr. Waritay for his “generous and selfless gesture” which, Mr. Best said, will go a long way toward the realization of the West Point and other projects.

Mr. Best prayed that other Liberians and people of other nationalities resident in Liberia and beyond will follow the example of Mr. Waritay and many others who have contributed or have pledged to contribute to the West Point project.


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