War of Words between Nimba County Inspector and Former Sup’t

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Former Nimba County Superintendent, Dorr Cooper

With County Inspector Mehn calling on GAC to audit former Superintendent Cooper, others

Nimba County Inspector, Reginald Mehn, a top-level official who worked with former Superintendent Dorr Cooper for more than four years, is calling on the national government to audit the former superintendent without delay.  Dorr Cooper first became a mayor of Ganta City during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration and, in 2015, was elevated to the level of Development Superintendent and subsequently County Superintendent in 2017, a position he held after the Sirleaf Administration until he was relieved of his post earlier this month by President George Weah and replaced by Nelson Korquoi, County Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

In his assertions on local radios stations across Nimba, Inspector Mehn who had worked with Cooper throughout without complaints on any occasion, said Cooper and the Project Management Committee (PMC) should face the General Auditing Commission (GAC) to explain how they managed the county resources during the period of their leadership.

Even though Mr. Cooper has not publicly declared his intention to contest the upcoming senatorial election,  the county inspector claims that Dorr Cooper’s ambition for the Senate has deprived the county in many ways.

The county inspector further alleged that Mr. Cooper did not care to attend any of the county’s meetings, including the County Security Council meeting as well as the board meeting, which he also served on as a chairperson.  “He was too conservative,” Mehn said.

“Mr. Cooper doesn’t even have the ability to make a comprehensive report,” said Mehn.

Since Cooper took over the county leadership, Nimba has not been successful in implementing most of the projects earmarked in the County Council Sitting due to the continued budget shortfall since 2017.

In late 2017 Superintendent Cooper and Sethi Farro, operator of Sethi Brothers, reached an agreement to purchase scraps left by LAMCO in Yekepa. The coming of Sethi Ferro brought an argument among citizens of Nimba because there was reportedly no competitive bidding as per the policy prescribed the Public Procurement Concession Commission.

Inspector Mehn alleged that Nimba did not receive benefit from some of the companies that were prospecting minerals in Nimba during the regime of Cooper.

In response to the allegation, Mr. Dorr Cooper has denied claims by Inspector Mehn, who he said was speaking out of frustration because he was not appointed Superintendent to succeed him.

“Reginald Mehn was expecting to be the next Superintendent but that was not the case, so he is frustrated,” Cooper.

Cooper described Inspector Mehn’s argument as ’weak politics’, saying the issue of auditing is a normal procedure of government and he is ready.

Last year, Reginald Mehn was expected to be the next Superintendent upon Senator Prince Johnson’s nomination, but his appointment was turned down by the President, something many believed was President Weah’s failure to adhere to Senator Johnson nomination.

Former Superintendent Dorr Cooper has been widely referred to by many in Nimba as “Mr. Development”, a title insinuating his developmental role beginning from Ganta to county level.

The failure of President Weah to approve Sen. Johnson’s nomination sours the relationship between Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) and the CDC.

Inspector Mehn, who is one of the strong supporters of the CDC-led government, promised to support any candidate put forward by the CDC in the upcoming senatorial election, but not Dorr Cooper. According to him, Dorr Cooper is not fit to be a senator because he (Dorr) failed to properly manage the presidential or the superintendent’s compound in Sanniquellie, but left it in abandonment.


  1. The above story is not worthy of news in the real sense of national news. What can be said is that there’s bad blood between Mehn and Cooper. The feud could be personal, political or both. Originally, Cooper and Mehn worked together for the common good of the country. But somewhere down the road, something happened. No one knows what happened or how it happened. For sure, something happened! It will be in the best interest of Mehn and Cooper to seek a common ground.

  2. Counties in Liberia should be given the chance by LAW to elect their own leaders including the SUPERINTENDENT, city mayors, county inspectors, city managers, etc. The best candidates will be vetted and selected by the people. The practice of appointing Superintendents has not worked. Elections will do away with special interest middle men who exert their influences in the appointment process. Liberia needs a fresh policy shift. In fact, the DECENTRALIZATION law should be implemented SOON so local Liberians can begin to see some changes in their towns and villages. With their own budgets, etc., sound leaders will prioritize key areas of human development such as education, health care, etc.


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