‘War Doesn’t Answer Political Change,’ Says President Weah

President Weah at Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship on Sunday, August 23, 2020: “You cannot afford to elect people as leaders who protest against the Government.”

President George M. Weah has cautioned Liberians not to seek democratic change of government through the means of war or violence.

Speaking to church worshipers last Sunday at the Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship, located along the Robertsfield Highway, the President said that those who want to change a particular leadership of the country must do so through the ballot box.

Although, since the ascendency of the President there is no report of any attempt of war or violence by Liberians to remove him from power, his administration has been faced with series of peaceful protests against corruption and bad governance taking place under his administration.

It can be recalled that the Council of Patriots (COP), which has emerged as the largest political pressure group in the Weah administration, has staged two major protests, calling on the Government to improve on governance, rule of law, transparency, and stabilization of the economy.

The COP started to air their concerns about twelve months after the alleged missing billion dollars saga and mismanagement of the administration’s infamous US$25 million dollars mop up exercise.

But these allegations levied by the CoP against the Weah administration have never been taken seriously by the government since then.

President Weah pleaded with his audience during the church service on Sunday, August 23, 2020, to not elect leaders who are engaged in protests with the intention of bringing down or undermining government.

“You cannot afford to elect people as leaders who protest against the Government,” he said without making reference to any particular group or individual.

As Liberia faces the midterm senatorial elections come December 8, several political leaders, including Senator Darius Dillon of Montserrado County and Menipakei Dumoe, acting Chairman of the CoP, are among protest leaders who are expected to contest in the election.

According to President Weah, the best way for the citizens to address the dissatisfaction on political issues is to seek for dialogue rather than protest actions.

Using the podium to further inspire the church worshipers, the President stated that Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship is not one of his personal properties but a church he has built because of his gratitude to God who has made him the President of Liberia. Meanwhile, the church carries his middle names, Forky Klon.

“This Church is not owned by me or any of my children. It belongs to the family of God and must be treated this way,” he said.

He described the church facility as a universal church where people of different denominations can have the opportunity to preach the message of God.

The Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship was constructed by the President after his election as President of Liberia and has always attended worship services there, though he subscribes to the Methodist denomination.

He further told members of the church to take God seriously and pray so that the Coronavirus pandemic that continues to engulf the country can vanish.

“The Coronavirus is real and you Liberians must take it serious by following the various health protocols,” he said.


  1. Ok, so the Liberian people are fools . By allowing a con artist called George to tell them the church is not part his personal properties. Just can’t stop telling lies to the people who trusted him with political power on the bread and butter issues. Just can’t stop telling lies.
    Ok, the Coronavirus is still in the country, and when you George ordered a shutdown of the country, others churches were making donations here and there. Struggling to comfort the poor and sick people. But your so-called Family Forky Jlaleh Fellowship Church situated in some kind of community, you failed to reach out to any community through your political church. Although your political church is currently collecting offerings from members of the community, there is no actual reports about you as Pastor of Family Forky Jlaleh Fellowship Church reaching out individually to the community where the political church is situated. Although there are some who will say the Man does not have to personally be seen giving out handouts to community. He has people who are serving the community from his political church. Now, one has to be too silly not to know George. George, the man who will never personally missed any opportunity to be seen giving out handouts in the communities where the his church is situated. So where is the money collected as offerings from the poor going ? Another political financial pocket l change ? Now the community knows that you George only take, but do not give back. No one believes in you anymore, George. The truth has never been found in you. Never. You have to change that ugly mindset of yours.

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