War Crimes Court Advocates Arrested

(From left) Emmanuel Sarvice, Fubbi Henries and Joshua Milton Blahyi

-Turned over to Police for investigation  

By Alvin Worzi and David S. Menjor

Emmanuel Savice, a campaigner for the establishment of a war crimes tribunal in Liberia, yesterday suffered the wrath of officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS, also known as the presidential guard) and the Liberia National Police.

Reports have it that Savice and some of his strong supporters, including former Montserrado Electoral District #9 Representative candidate, Fubbi Henries and former Ulimo J. general, Pasty Joshua Milton Blahyi (formerly known by his wartime alias, ‘General Butt Naked’) were pursued from the grounds of the Capitol by some EPS officers, arrested and turned over to the LNP for investigation.

Whatever must have been responsible for the arrest arrest and detention of Savice and his colleagues is yet to be known. However, over time, he has led and continues to lead the campaign for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia so that perpetrators of the many heinous crimes during the civil war face justice.

It a press statement, the Executive Mansion confirmed that several persons have been arrested by the Liberian National Police for breach of security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the office of President George M. Weah is aso housed.

The statement noted: “The group led by Justice advocate Emmanuel Savice reportedly broke into the perimeter demarcated by officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) and blocked the entrance with a vehicle.”

“Savice and his followers, who had earlier gone to the Capitol Building to petition lawmakers for the establishment of a war crimes court, used their vehicle to block the exit route of the Presidential convoy,” the release said.

Some members of the group, including Savice, were subsequently arrested by LNP officers who had gone  to ensure protection of the rights of the protesters to gather and petition their government.

“I was beaten mercilessly by EPS and turned over for charges,” Savice posted on his Facebook wall yesterday. “I am presently at the LNP. The beating style included putting a blanket around my face to step on my side of my ears while being kicked by many of the EPS security. Representatives from the House, my lawyer and a UN representative is seeking my release to go to hospital. My wallet and my phone were taken away. A total of 1,800 stolen from me. All this for the fight for War and Economic Crimes Court.”

Both the EPS and LNP denied beating Savice and his followers. The police authorities, however, acknowledged having Savice and companions in their custody and announced that they will be duly charged and forwarded to court.

According to the Executive Mansion release, the George Weah Administration says it remains committed to ensuring that the constitutional rights of all Liberians to free assembly and association is respected but, at the same time, cognizant that the exercise of such right is done in a civil manner in keeping with law.

Emmanuel Savice has been one of those Liberians calling on the George Manneh Weah administration to see reason and take interest in the establishment of a court to try perpetrators of war and economic crimes in order to deter others from orchestrating any plan that may take the country back to its dark days.


  1. This is not a surprise at all to have the continue presence of the EPS thugs into act of hoodlums masquerading as state security. indeed, their empty headed boss in person of Trokon Nathaniel Roberts has lost credibility and will soon see his judgement. just wait and see what comes up for him. This buffoon of a director thinks he’s above the law and can go around ordering the flogging of peaceful citizens at will and go with impunity.

    This senior thug will end up like Benjamin Yeatan of Charles Taylor where he wont have the face to come back home to his own country some day. continue your rootlessness Trokon as ur day of recon is in sight. I know very soon you and your boss will fall off for something common to the both of your liking ( woman business). we are watching with eagle eyes. I dare this Gardea More or whatever he’s call to come and defend his less paid job – Mr Media Officer.

  2. Chapter 111, Article 15 (a) on freedom of expression; Article 17 vis-a-vis assembling to petition government for the redress of grievances; and, the First Amendment of the US Constitution aren’t limitless or unconditional rights. Point of fact, guidelines of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) on demonstrations and protests hold that “while sitting in a road may be expressing a political opinion, the act of blocking traffic or disrupting anyone’s activity” whether at our Foreign Ministry or Trump’s White House may lead to arrest by police officers and criminal prosecution.

    With no intention of downplaying the moral imperatives of war and economic crimes’ court, just like Security Sector personnel must not break the law to enforce the law, advocates shouldn’t disobey police orders to desist or disperse on the excuse that their advocacy is for a just cause, or higher purpose. No government facing economic downturns wants business-killing protests, or would like to waste time on permanent crises management. Not surprisingly, reportedly, some members of the downtrodden suspect that obstructing this government has become a political calculation. We can do better, folk.

    • who are you to judge. you have blood on your hands as the director of the NSA. you should know all of the violence that public security officers deals to common people. How many people died at the hands of you and Seargeant Doe. SHUT YOUR MOUTH BAGDAD MOSES …. MURDERER

  3. Hum!!!!!!!!!!!!
    General Butt Naked advocating for War Crimes Court? On aura tout vu sur le tropique !

    Mr. Savice, know that no sin goes unpunished. To date, the Nazis are sought and brought before the justice. Why are you in a hurry?
    The people whose lives were destroyed need to be comforted, rebuild their lives and learn to hope and live again optimistically. They need a government to deliver on those issues.

    How can you venture around the Foreign Ministry, the office of the president, with General Butt Naked? Do you want him to assassinate the president and plunge the country into another chaos?
    Be wise brother. Did you see how you were mercilessly beaten? Can a trained and professional security apparatus proceed thus?

    Take care of your life, buddy!

  4. Lest I forget, discussion on this hot-button topic shouldn’t go off tangent to argument ad hominem – leaving the issue and abusing others for failing to be in lockstep with whatever the dominant point of view. Needless to say, one can’t claim to be democratic-minded, yet intolerant of contrarian perspectives.

  5. The days of ‘effective immediately and Decree 88 A’ have returned in this modern age in our lives. How could we have a very youthful leader whom we trusted to lead and reunite our people in such divided country. Gone are the days when the country was running on one bridge that could not accommodate all the moving vehicles across the island.

    Trokon who was just a common body guard few years ago providing VIP security has now turned another Jean Bedell Bokasa former presidential guard commander.

    we coming for your rogues very soon. keep brutalizing our people let the masses continue to drown at your detriment.

    still stone!

  6. The style and approach of these advocates may have warranted their arrest. We in the LHRC, Inc., have and will always advocate for the exercise of the responsibilities and rights to freedom of assembly and association. To abuse the responsibilities can lead to conflict with the law.

  7. These Incompetent Idiots and Thieves can’t deny the Liberian People the Establishment of the WAR and Economic Crimes Court! Idiots and Thieves from the Taylor, Ellen, and Weah Administrations are now serving in the House and Senate, living in their MANSIONS in and around Monrovia comfortably! These BASTARDS must be Investigated, Properties Confiscated, pay hefty Fines, sent on Government Farms to work (Wake up Time should be 3 A. M.)! High Level Corruptions is rampant in all 3 Branches of Government! We, as Citizens, of this “Supposed to be RICH Country, Liberia, allow these Devils to enter Government without Declaring their Assets to us, the Citizens of Liberia! We can Easily STOP this Madness by “Starting a Month Long Mass Protest! There is no ACCOUNTABILITY in this and past Governments! Citizens go to bed hungry because they can’t afford a cup of RICE, our Staple Food! Liberians, we have the POWER to Stop this through MASS PROTEST! There is no CHECK and BALANCE in our Government! This Corrupt Legislative Branch of Government doesn’t use its Power as a Check and Balance on the President and Executive Branch! With the exception of a few Senior Government Officials, the Majority is very CORRUPT!

    • Wrong method or strategy, Mr. Harris!

      Let’s call it a crusade. Let’s enter every hamlet, village, town and city of Liberia to make the people to make judicious choices come 2020 October and 2023. Let’s embark on a democratic revolution to unseat them. Any other method or strategy would be a catastrophic losing battle.

      Join the revolution within the ANC headed by Cummings to put people in their rightful places in Liberia.
      Preacher men are technical directors and heading our institutions of higher learning. This is even more dangerous than anything you can imagine.
      Former and unlettered fighters make our laws in the houses. What decision-building policies do you think they are going to vote?
      Former and unlettered fighters are everywhere in our security apparatuses. What basic constitutional and human rights ideals can they uphold?

      Don’t send people in the streets again to be butchered, for that’s what they are good at doing. Did you follow the recent protest in Liberia where guns were again in the hands of thugs?
      Vent your anger at the ballot box. It is paramount for us to ensure the votes of the people count correctly.

      No more war!

  8. Petarus Dolo,

    You were asked 3 simple questions last week by Bro. Hney about the rift in the CPP/COP and Your Alexander Cummings and you responded ‘leave ANC and Alexander Cummings alone’.

    If that’s the case, when the name Alexander Cummings ANC is mentioned or his abilities to lead Liberia is questioned, then I will also ask you to leave President Weah alone. It is none of your prerogative that Preacher men are appointed as technical director or head of a institution of higher learning.

    Those Preacher men have served the people for many years at these institutions with experiences as compared to Your inexperienced Cummings who have not held any public office in Liberia or served the Liberian people.
    When these preacher men were in the rain and sun teaching young men and women to be future leaders of Liberia with the limited resources available to them, where was your boss ? In America selling Coca cola for profit, exercising the selfish I, me and myself mentality.

    These Preacher men you dare mention are are educated, qualify, experienced and could have been working any part of this world but chose to make the sacrificed of servanthood to stay in Liberia that’s why God have ELEVATED them and NOT a thing you can do about it. We will always recognized those Men of God that have work very hard in Liberia than your Cummings that have not done a thing in
    Liberia but wants to be President.

    You said we should leave Cummings alone and meet on the campaign trail, So leave Weah and those he appointed alone likewise, Sell your Cummings, when he becomes President, He can remove all the clergy serving in government, that will be his business. Well, let me not say when he becomes President, Let him lead the other 3 political parties in the CPP first before trying to lead Liberia.

  9. When a silly spineless swine hides behind anonymity to call me names for presenting adequately-supported insightful opinions, it indicates the person’s nonchalant parenting. Times like these make me grateful, therefore, thank you Mama and Papa for hands-on nurturing.


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