WAEC Delayed on First Day


Despite an earlier announcement by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of its readiness to administer the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for 2016, several schools in the Gardnersville and Paynesville belt, including parts of Bushrod Island, yesterday experienced delays in receiving test materials at their various campuses.

Some administrators, who preferred not to be named, said they were concerned about the delay because of the huge number of students sitting the test.

“As we speak, we don’t even know the Chief Examiner of our center and it’s after 9 am. We have a good number of students out there and don’t know if they are all here to take the exam,” a school administrator said.

The Daily Observer sources further said they were mainly concerned about next week’s test for senior high school students, which are more time consuming, especially with the huge number of students expected for the test.

“Authorities of WAEC need to ensure that we don’t experience such a situation for the senior high students because we have to call these students by name first and that takes more time,” he said.

According to him, the ‘time table provided’ by the authorities had not been followed as school administrators were struggling to identify the total number of students or schools writing the test at every location. “Before, we would know how many students and even schools that are coming to a center before the testing date,” he said.

In an interview with some of the students about the delay, one said: “We just hope that authorities will not put us in a rush because of the delay in bringing the materials without considering the number of students writing the test.”

The head of the West African Examination Council in Liberia, Mr. John Gayvolor, said all mechanisms have now been put in place to avoid future delays.

“We have logistics, traffic and other problems today and so, we have been able to take note on these things and can assure the students that such will not be experienced tomorrow or even during the senior high testing,” Mr. Gayvolor said.


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