WAEC Begins 12th Grade Exam Monday


The West African Examination Council’s (WAEC) Monrovia office announced yesterday that it will begin to administer this year’s WAEC exams to 12th graders across the country from Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1.

The head of the Monrovia office, John Y. Gayvolor Sr., had on previous occasions maintained that the tests will be administered as scheduled.

“WAEC registers candidates for Schools and Private Examinations, while the School Examination is May/June, with the Private Candidates Examination being November and December. Private candidates are students who previously sat the test but failed to obtain the required average,” Gayvolor said.

This year’s exam has been embroiled in uncertainty, coupled with the reported leak of exam papers leading to the rescheduling of the exams.

Dele G. Gboto, WAEC Head of Test Administration, meanwhile, advised all registered 12th graders “to prepare themselves and go to the selected testing centers carrying with them pencils and pens only, but nothing else, especially electronic devices, as doing so will disqualify any candidate caught.”

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in collaboration with WAEC said it is constrained to inform the public that the Liberia Senior High School Certificate Examination (LSHSCE) will also be administered from Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1.

The ministry said education stakeholders including parents, candidates, school authorities, and the public, are advised to adhere to the examination dates, which remain unchanged.

WAEC, said Gboto, “is very confident of administering the exams from June 27 to July 1.”

MOE has also notified all 12th graders that no school administration or candidate will be charged for the re-run of the exam.

MOE further advised that “there will be no collection of flexibility fees; candidates should not be denied their WAEC identification card (ID) number for not paying project fees; candidates are encouraged to abide by all rules and regulations governing the exams.”

The excitement of thousands of 12th graders died down recently when it was announced that the WAEC examination was cancelled, “because test materials had been stolen from their location at the Konola SDA high school campus.”

Following the stunning disclosure, the MOE in collaboration with WAEC Monrovia office set the new dates for the exams from June 27 to July 1.

The Liberia Senior High School Certificate Examination (LSHSCE) is administered to candidates who were not successful in their first sitting at the LSHSCE either in the May or the December examination, and private candidates who can demonstrate proof of completing the 12th grade curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. The actual date for the examination is communicated to the candidates through circular and public service announcements. Subjects to be offered for the examination are grouped into three categories, Core, General and Science Subjects.

The Core (Compulsory) Subjects are:

Subject Code
English Language 101
Mathematics 301

The General Subjects comprise of:
Economics 201
Geography 202
History 203
Literature-in-English 204

The Science Subjects comprise of
Biology 401
Chemistry 402
Physics 403


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