VVTC, AIIR Sign MoU to Promote Journalism

VVTC Founder and Board Chair, Lewis Togba, poses with some of the students at the VVTC.

A US-based institution, Africa Institute for International Reporting (AIIR), and the Versatile Vocation Training Center (VVTC), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will promote journalism, media services, as well as education in Liberia.

VVTC operated by the Versatile Trust incorporated (VET), was established early 2017 to buttress  government’s efforts in providing life and other skills training to “vulnerable” youths.

The MoU, which was signed on November 10, 2019, will also provide training to improve newsroom management, free speech, and human rights in Liberia and the global world.

AIIR is a nonprofit and nonpartisan media organization that supports journalism, press freedom and media education in the US local communities and Africa. It also provides media gadgets to journalists and newsroom in Africa to strengthen entrepreneurial journalism, media education and new media.

The MoU provides that the two media institutions will work together to establish a training program for journalists and media practitioners in Liberia.

“The two institutions will actively work to promote the development of young and aspiring journalists in investigative and specialized reporting, and seek resources as a team to advance the goals and the objectives of promoting the media,” says the MoU.

Through the MoU,  VVTC and AIIR, will coordinate and host media events, and related functions in Liberia and represent each other’s interest, both nationally and internationally.

Lewis T. Togba, VVTC Founder and Board Chair, was also appointed as AIIR head in West Africa, and was able to obtain four sponsors for 15 scholarships that will benefit some socially deprived youths across the country.

Togba said the scholarship will benefit 12 women, and three men, who are using their bodies for livelihood purposes.

He assure that AIIR is willing to host six students, including trainers for three weeks in the USA for specialized training in journalism.

According to Mr. Togba he visited the US to establish contact with two international consultants, who have agreed to lobby for VVTC across the globe.

He disclosed that the VVTC has a five-year development plan that will transform the mindsets of youths to be nation builders rather than destroyers.


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