VR Extension Will Cost NEC Over US$1.14M


The National Elections (NEC) said it will use US$1,146,540 to continue the voter registration (VR) process during the additional week it has added to the exercise.

This NEC’s decision followed the reported low turnout of eligible voters to register coupled with faulty equipment and alleged malpractices that characterized the exercise since it started on February 1.

At a press conference over the weekend, NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya said, “The US$1.14 million will take care of personnel cost and logistics.”

“This amount represents 25 percent of the salary cost of each registration personnel, which accumulates to US$613,000; vehicle rental and lease US$453,740; and civic education US$79,800.”

The one week extension of the VR process, Korkoya said is to afford those who have not registered to do so and accord themselves their constitutional right to decide who will be their next leaders in the House of Representatives and presidency.

“Because of the interruption experienced and the loss of time, the Commission is therefore extending the VR exercise time by one additional week. That is to say, the registration period scheduled to end on March 7 will now continue until March 14,” Korkoya added.

He said during the extension period, all 2,080 VR centers across the country will remain open for additional registration, including centers that have registered the maximum 3,000 eligible voters.

“All centers, including those previously closed, will now register up to a maximum of 4,500,” Korkoyah said, adding that women and people with disabilities in particular, should go out and register to vote.


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