VP’s Farm Produces Seed Rice for Liberian Farmers


Mass harvest on the 53-acre rice farm cultivated by the Vice President (VP) of Liberia has gotten underway in Gbarma, Gbarpolu County with the farm hiring over 100 workers per day.

The farm was cultivated by VP Joseph N. Boakai in order to boost the Ministry of Agriculture’s Seed Rice Multiplication Program in the country.

Speaking to reporters following the tour of the farm, VP Boakai said, food security is a crucial matter for the nation and people. He added that though the nation was struck by the deadly Ebola virus disease, good things are also happening on the other side of the country.

The Liberian Vice President said that the agro sector is the bedrock of any economy and the answer to Liberia’s unemployment problem lies in this sector.

He said the seed rice will be given to the Ministry of Agriculture for distribution to Liberian farmers across the country to boost their rice production capacities.

Vice President Boakai pointed out that following the harvest of the rice, the field will be transformed into an oil palm farm, something he said will provide long-term jobs for people in that part of Liberia.


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