VP Taylor Survives Coronavirus

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

— Expected back in the country anytime soon

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has recovered from COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by coronavirus, two weeks after being confirmed positive with the virus.

VP Taylor, who is perhaps Liberia’s most high profile coronavirus patient, was diagnosed with the virus on August 11, upon her arrival at the specialist hospital, where she went to seek additional medical care owing to respiratory complications.  She spent four days at the Aspen Medical Facility in Sinkor, seeking treatment there before being flown out of the country to Ghana to seek advice medical treatment at the premier Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

According to an aide, Vice President Taylor has recovered from the coronavirus without much intensive care and is expected to return soon, possibly by the end of August.

“The Vice President has survived the Coronavirus, for which she was tested positive and permitted to be flown to Accra, Ghana for advanced medication early this month,” the aide said. “This is good news for Liberia, as she easily crossed the coronavirus rubicon and is currently resting ahead of her return home soon.”

The aide added that VP Taylor was not only in “good spirits”, but underwent treatment without any need for breathing assistance such as mechanical ventilation or non-invasive respiratory support.

“She recovered safely and fast — all thanks to God and the doctors at the hospital. Currently, she cannot wait to get back to work to complete some unfinished business,” the aide said.

Prior to her medical flight to Ghana, Vice President Taylor’s office broke the news that she had been admitted to a local clinic for a case of respiratory condition, but medical authorities there advised that she needed advanced attention, Ghana being the preferred country.

It can be recalled that when the news of Vice President Taylor’s illness broke out, senior government officials denied her being tested positive for the coronavirus. However, hours after she was flown to Ghana, the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah confirmed that the Vice President had tested positive.

And ahead of her trip to Ghana, Vice President Taylor refused to go to the 14 Military Hospital for a perceived doubt she had relating to recent findings about lapses in the NPHIL’s handling of COVID-19 test results.

The Vice President’s conceived perception about the credibility of the outcome of her test became more pronounced when Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Executive Director of the National Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), was suspended indefinitely for “ethical, professional and Administrative lapses.”

And weeks before her illness, Vice President Taylor, who is also President of the Liberian Senate, was seen engaging staffers at the Senate, who had vowed to continue their protest on the grounds of the Capitol Building in demand for payment of their yearlong Liberian Dollar component of their salaries.

Vice President Taylor, standard bearer of the National Patriotic Party of former First Lady to ex-President Charles Taylor, on the eve of the 2017 general elections, legally formed a coalition with the Congress for Democratic Change of current President George Manneh Weah.

That political coalition saw the two candidates traveling to important and historic sites, including the Holy Land of Israel. However, since their inauguration to the helm of national leadership, the pair have had a less-than-cordial relationship, to the point where the VP admitted that she nearly quit.


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