VP Taylor Flown to Ghana for Specialized Medical Attention

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has been flown to Accra, Ghana, for an urgent and specialized medical treatment, though a release from her office did not indicate otherwise.  Some reports suggest that the Vice President has gone for respiratory complications.

The release, issued on Friday, August 7, notes that VP Taylor was first admitted at the Aspen Medical Facility in Sinkor, and after a careful and thorough examination, she was advised to seek advanced medical care possibly out of the country.

“Having favorably responded to treatment after visiting Aspen, there was a piece of medical advice that the VP should travel outside of Liberia to seek further medical attention,” said the release.

Although the Vice President began her visit to a medical facility here in Liberia, it is rare for officials and financially potent people to seek treatment at local medical facilities here.

Liberia’s health system has been and continues to be hugely challenged by the lack of proper medical supplies and abled doctors. As such, many people, especially government officials, prefer flying out of the country for medical treatment.

Additionally, many prominent citizens, mainly top government officials, travel to other countries for medical treatment and examinations for security reasons.  Unlike advanced countries where the laws are effective and strong and the population large, Liberia’s health challenge is so huge that top officials and the rich prefer going abroad for treatment.

Since the resumption of a normal state functioning under former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, many legislators and other government officials have been flown out of Liberia for medical care in Ghana, Europe, America and India.

Meanwhile, social media posts unveiling information about the Vice President’s flying out of the country for medical attention have expressed wishes to her for a fast recovery, with prayerful comments of supplication for a happy and safe return.


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