‘VP Taylor Remains Loyal to Prez Weah’

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

The Office of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has reiterated that she does not only remain committed and loyal to the Presidency of President George Weah, but to the advancement and implementation of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

The office of the VP said in a statement issued yesterday, November 13, that she is fully cognizant of her role, which is meant to serve as a critical support arm to the President. “The role of a VP is in strict consonance with clearly stated constitutional roles and responsibilities of the office, and Madam Howard-Taylor is fully mindful of her sphere of duties.”

This clarity comes amid rumors that the Vice President, who is the political leader (standard bearer) of the National Patriotic Party (NPP)—one of the three political parties that made up the victorious CDC — is harboring an unquenchable ambition for the nation’s highest seat and has, therefore, planned to contest the 2023 presidential election.

The NPP has been rocked by controversies in recent times, thus bringing its leadership to public disrepute.

Expelled party chairman, James Biney, accused VP Taylor of harboring an ambition to become the country’s next President.

The former Maryland County Representative told reporter in an exclusive interview that the NPP is engulfed in crisis, because VP Taylor wants to remove it from the Coalition so that she can contest for the office of the presidency in 2023.

Biney was reportedly expelled from the party for violating its key provisions, including by-laws and constitution.

In a reaction, the office of the VP said: “By her grateful acceptance of her nomination from Dr. Weah, and the blessed election of the ticket to national leadership, she undertook an irreversible commitment to always work with and remain supportive of the President. To this, she remains unwavering.”

“The VP wishes to reiterate her awareness that the prime focus of her energy and intention has always been to lend full support to the agenda and purposes of the President, not to pursue a separate end of her own,” a statement for the VP’s office said.

NPP Acting leadership also dispelled allegations that VP Taylor intends to contest the 2023 presidency as alleged by the former chairman.

Acting party Chairman John Gray said at a press conference on Monday, November 12, that such a rumor should have been in the public long ago if the expelled chairman is sincere in his claim.

“It is therefore ludicrous, diversionary and a bold-faced lie to have heard Mr. Biney telling the public that the VP met with him and expressed the desire to contest for the presidency in 2023,” Madam Taylor’s office said.

She also acknowledged creeping political uneasiness within the Party at the moment as unfortunate, adding that this is “unwelcome development,” and that such scenario is not uncommon in political institutions, especially in an illiterate setting.

“Such should not mislead any partisan to assume that he or she can maliciously distract the Party by resorting to acts bordering on self-aggrandizement and manifested by the spewing of lies and libelous statements about her person and the NPP,” the statement said.

“NPP remains a reliable and unshakable pillar under the indomitable Coalition for Democratic Change, the institution that is destined to change the sad story of this country remains unfazed by the ill-advised bidding of mischievous elements.

She refuses to be swayed away from her preoccupation with the championing of the strengthening and forward march of the Coalition, an alliance in which her Party is a willing and proud constituent member.

The Vice President remains firm in her commitment to upholding and defending all party laws as well as ensuring that the NPP keeps glued within the Coalition, staying the course of loyalty and faithfulness to President Weah as he steers our national developmental agenda.


  1. The rational question here is, if former NPP Chairman Biney, a person expelled from his party therefore has motive to be malicious, told FPA of Vice President Jewel Taylor’s purported statement and intention, what actions did “Liberia’s leading ivestigative journal” take to prove or disprove the allegations before publishing it? Well, perhaps, I shouldn’t have asked that of an already adversarial media outlet as partisan as American Cable News, and which doesn’t only grab at every straw to make government look bad, but brazenly and defiantly engage in continuous rabble-rousing.

    Once again, this story reminds of agency by a malicious few to divide the PRC with fake allegations that SKD was hiding in the garden of the Executive Mansion while Strongman Qwinwonkpa was singlehandedly rallying his colleagues during the 1980 coup. Another adversarial anti-regime press never checked that story and published it with an attribution to the proverbial unnamed “confidential sources”. As anticipated they succeeded, the two PRC pillars collided and the consequence is still a scepter over the nation today.

    For some of us who have been professionally committed to public safety and state stability since youth, no body can silence us when we see indicators of ranges of threats to national security, and currently Liberia has become a threat environment by the machinations of some citizens. And unlike some whose experience with journalism is of the US Cable News variety, those of us who’ve lived elsewhere in the sub-Region are hoping that our media space won’t endlessly ape that pattern. Just like I observed in a post two weeks ago, the U.S has economic and stabilization institutional shock absorbers to withstand constant incitement’s from a partisan press and multiple streets protests going on simultaneously in all fifty states. Liberia can’t. And those foreign agents supposedly providing capacity, routinely arrest and charge with espionage other nationals involved in similar activities inside their own countries. Folks, the Krios say “If house doesn’t sell you, street won’t buy you”. Put another way, Europeans had African collaborators to have successfully catered millions of our ancestors away to horrendous enslavement: Think history, think Pan Africanism, get a grip on bigotry and greed!

  2. Sylvester Moses, you always talk or write garbage about “threat to national security.” What is more a threat to our national security than when 16 billion dollars of the poor people’s money intended for development and to uplift the poor people’s standard of living disappears, and no one, not even the government of the day, can give account? Up to this writing, no one has been arrested or in jail on account of the disappearance or theft of this 16 billions Liberian dollars that has threatened our national security? You cannot shield thieves. They must be exposed. To therefore heap unnecessary praises on people whose only ambition is to steal state funds intended for uplifting the standard of living of the poor, is show how unpatriotic one can be.” The truth, however crushed to Earth, shall rise again. For us, we shall speak the truth, if bullets to our breasts!!!

  3. Arm chair revolutionaries huff and puff, but want gullible people to take the chestnuts out of the fire for them, meaning go out there and protest. That’s a ploy of cowards, and probably Zinnah Gotombo isn’t even your name. Prove me wrong by calling 215 721 0807, so that I can brief you on the existential primacy of national security, fool.


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