VP Taylor “Refused to Go to #14 Military Hospital”

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

… on suspicion of accuracy of COVID-19 test results, a source says.

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, 57, is currently isolated and quarantined in the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, where she is undergoing treatment after having tested positive for COVID-19.

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) is the premier health-care facility in Ghana. Located in Accra, it is the only public tertiary hospital in the southern part of the country.  It is a teaching hospital affiliated with the medical school of the University of Ghana. Three centers of excellence, the National Cardiothoracic Centre, the National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Radiotherapy Centres are all part of the KBTH.

The Ghana Health authority has since notified the airline to establish a contact tracing.

The Daily Observer has reliably learned from an impeccable source, who begged not to be named, that Madam Vice President tested positive on Tuesday, August 11, upon her arrival at the specialist hospital where she went to seek additional medical care owing to respiratory complications.

In Liberia, the Vice President and President of the Senate was earlier admitted at the Aspen Medical Facility, in Sinkor, Monrovia, on Friday, August 7, 2020.

The Daily Observer further learned, though it remains unconfirmed, that after Vice President Taylor was diagnosed with COVID-19, she refused to go to the 14 Military Hospital for a perceived doubt she had about the “results” and public distrust in COVID-19 testing results.  The Vice President’s conceived perception about the credibility of the outcome of her test is happening at a time when Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Executive Director of the National Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), has been suspended indefinitely for what President Weah called “ethical, professional and Administrative lapses.”

The source indicated: “The Vice President prefers to be treated for the COVID-19 outside of Liberia for health and political safety.”

President George M. Weah, on the day he suspended Dr. Fallah, set up a special investigative committee to probe the reported breach in the health and administrative protocols that guide the issuance of COVID-19 test results by the NPHIL.

There were several allegations in recent weeks against health authorities by aggrieved individuals who were tested for Coronavirus.  They were required to get tested in order to get travel clearance from health authorities as part of protocols put in place to prevent the spread of the virus, especially among fellow international travelers.

The committee, which has been given 72 hours to submit its findings, includes the President of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, LMDC; the Minister of Justice; Madam Mawine Diggs, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; the Country Representative, US Center for Disease Control, CDC; the Country Representative, World Health Organization (WHO).

The committee is charged with the responsibility of finding out whether there have been systemic breaches in the reporting procedure of COVID-19 results and recommend actions to be taken in order to remedy the situation.


  1. Are you surprised that a government official (VP Taylor) refused to go a government run hospital (#14 Military)?? I’m not. Liberia has one the world worst public health systems. Most government medical facilities are characterized by poor sanitation conditions, reckless medical staff, and lack of basic medical equipment.

    That’s nothing new. But with decades of corruption, dysfunction, and incompetence in our government, why would anyone believe that government should do more to solve problems and help meet the needs of ordinary Liberians??

    It’s time for the government to get the hell out of the way, and let the FREE markets (businesses and individuals) solve our problems. Businesses and individuals are far more professional, efficient and competent than our good-for-nothing government!.

  2. We knew that the VP was suffering from complications of the Covid-19 disease, but the CDC propagandist Musu M. Kamara is on social media denying that the VP was tested positive of the virus.
    Instead of this Weah government using the resources used to build this useless military hospital, the monies expanded to erect this structure could had been better used to improve conditions at the Redemption and JFK hospitals respectively.
    VP Taylor was senator from Bong county for over 9 years, but did not do anything to improve the Phebe hospital, one the best in rural Liberia, and her home county, she should be ashamed to be travelling to Ghana to be treated for Respiratory problems, which is associated with the coronavirus disease, whereas had the Phebe hospital been up to its pre-war condition would have easily taken care of that condition. They fight to get in public leadership position just to line their pockets, instead of improving the living conditions of the people that elect them.
    The cost to fly to Ghana, and the cost to be quarantined at the hospital in Accra would have been better spent to improve the Phebe hospital in Suakoko, Bong county.
    I wonder how do these government officials feel leaving their own government medical facilities to seek medical attention in neighboring underdeveloped countries? Liberia is really “sinking”, we can’t even treat common respiratory problems at our teaching hospitals.
    I know that the apologists of this inept Weah government will not treat my opinion intellectually, but will resort to insults and innuendo, because they lack the intellectual capacity to engage my opinion intellectually, but we are not perturbed.
    Tolo Bonah Corfah

    • [I wonder how do these government officials feel leaving their own government medical facilities to seek medical attention in neighboring underdeveloped countries?]

      They feel great brother! They think they’ve reached the climax of life when elected to serve in Liberia. They do NOT understand that public service is synonymous to serving God. Unlike pastoral workers, elected officials are paid to serve humanity (their people). This unique and proud mission of public service is not perceived by elected officials of Liberia. For them, it’s their time to get rich.
      Liberians hold the belief God will come down from heaven to build our country, or the white men will come to build it for us and later we thumb our chest to say, “this is our country, we need it back!”

  3. Mr. Tolo Bonah Corfah, you boasted yesterday about been highly educated. Please demonstrate your commanding heights in education by ensuring that your composition contain PARAGRAPHS,

  4. I wish you speedy recovery VP. God is in control. 173 years now people still seeking medical attention in places like Ghana is this not a disgrace n shame to Liberia, the oldest republic? My heart bleed when am going through such news. With all the resources we have no good health system, no good educational system, no good road network. The oldest republic in Africa God have merciful.

  5. I hope our President will compel Vice President Jewell Howard-Taylor to repay our taxpayers money, upon her recovery. I am extremely angry, that VP Howard-Taylor has allegedly refused to be treated at our local facility, for fear of her life. Her unjustifiable decision, to fly to Ghana for treatment, should have bee financed from her pocket, and not from our limited resources. I pray for her speedy recovery, and the restitution of our money. We are not aware of the origin of her fear, but we are aware that this regime was the best option for Liberia, in 2017. How can she express such preposterous allegation against her “friends”? Madam Taylor, your greatest wish has been granted, therefore you must relax, and enjoy it. Expect no sympathy!

  6. T. B. Corfah,
    By making the charges you’ve made, you have exposed yourself to condemnation. Please be aware that most defenders or sympathizers of Weah do not arrogantly attack hardcore critics like you without a just cause. The truth of the matter is that you and your critics sometimes heap baseless accusations on Weah irrespective of how he puts forth effort. You and your fellow critics show no empathy or compassion whatsoever. A behavior like that cannot go on without being challenged.

    Let’s take a listen very seriously. You’ve made a charge by saying that VP Howard-Taylor served nine years in the Liberian Senate but did little or nothing to improve Phoebe Hospital in her county of Bong. Again, while that charge is unarguably valid, you veered off your lane in order to blame Weah for a military hospital that has been built. Based on what you’ve done, I am left with no alternative but to ask the following

    (1) Does Weah deserve any credit for having built a hospital? And

    (2). Are you accusing Weah of complicity because the former Senator, Howard-Taylor did not do a darn thing to improve Phoebe Hospital during her Senatorial career?

  7. Just 2 days ago, Madame Simone GBAGBO, the former first lady of the Ivory Coast, announced her recovery from COVID-19.
    It was a great surprise to the entire country because no one knew she was down with the virus, not even the government or the hospitals due to political and security reasons.

    It clearly demonstrates the maturity and the meaningfulness of a political party. A political party must prone education, have within it all expertise to govern a country.
    The former first lady was treated by medical doctors of her party without any noise.

    Our VP is going to Ghana, a country which just got its independence just over 60 years ago. Dear God, what can Liberia show that we can proud of for the 173 years?

    Thank God you are the VP, what’s about the poor people you interacted with who are potential carrier?
    May help the poor and give them many blessings!

  8. Medical facilities in Liberia need an upgrade. One hundred seventy three years after independence, there aren’t any reliable medical facilities in the country? Oh my God! What’s going on in Liberia? To make matters worse, high class government officials of Liberia travel to Ghana always in order to be medically treated. It’s a shame.

    The Blame Game:
    Question: Is it necessary or does it make sense to blame the people of Liberia, the lawmakers or the present and former presidents of the country?

    Answer: Yes. Some people ought to be blamed. Not hatefully, but rather based on principle. Of course, there are some commenters who resent their colleagues to be blamed. That’s too bad. I will go ahead and do what I have to do. No commenter is my landlord, college professor or my guardian. I obtained my freedom so many years ago. I will speak and express myself as a free person!!!

    (1) The people of Liberia: 5% blame.
    The people of Liberia have a right to demand accountability. It’s their God-given right to scrutinize the candidates before casting a ballot. Unfortunately, it never ever happens. Passion vote is counterproductive.

    (2). Weah….5% blame.
    How come? Well, since his predecessor didn’t bother to award medical scholarships (using the meager funds of the government) Weah should not make the same mistake. Weah should see to it now because it’s in best interest of the country. The young men and women have to be trained in the area of medicine. Now!

    (3). Johnson-Sirleaf……15%
    Why? Because she deserves to be blamed. It’s been rumored that she was a mastermind of the uncivil war. Now, when she was given the opportunity to fix things in the country, she forget to improve the country’s medical facilities and lots more. She blew it big time!

    The lawmakers……25%
    The lawmakers of Liberia are the most shameful body of people in the country. They have been assigned expensive cars, air-conditioned offices, health insurance, free air time for the use of telephones, free gas slips and fat checks. But when they get sick with an illness that could be treated in Liberia, the Nocos travel to Ghana in order to obtain medical treatment. Sadly nine times out of ten, “some of them” do not come back home alive, And

    (5) Past presidents from JJ Roberts to Doe….50%.
    Frankly, Liberia was destroyed by the past presidents before the arrival of the most recent presidents.. It doesn’t mean that some of them didn’t try at all, but the point is this…..the leaders who served as presidents before the arrival of the newer ones didn’t try hard enough.

    So where do we stand on the world stage?
    Answer:. According some estimates, the 7th poorest nation on earth. That’s not a record to be proud of.

  9. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf should be blamed. She used Liberia’s money to build a hospital in South Africa using her son as front owner of the hospital. She is unpatriotic and no Liberian should ever believe what she says. She is a deceiver and a rascal.

  10. Thanks for your suggestion Mr. Old Man Momo. However, I did blame madam EJS by assigning 15% of it to her. Should I have given her more?

    Old Man Momo, when I knew you, you lived in New Kru Town. What are you doing in Cape Mount man? Did your wife beat you up? Hey, don’t finish up the cassava leaves. I will meet you there.

  11. Good decision, can’t blame her , that would have been her setting her self up if she had step foot in that hospital for even a night , it would have been a perfect opportunity for this corrupt incompetent so called government to terminate her over night and blame it on the virus, that was a wise and safe decision on her part, they were just waiting and hoping she stay at the hospital. That’s show she’s way smarter then them and on her p’s and Q’s cause they can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to kill that lady .

  12. Ironically, Tolo Corfah, who begs that his anti-Weah outburst be treated “intellectually”, sounds like a fool more often than not. Not to mention that he wears his partisan bias on the sleeves. The truth of the matter is that GMW promised soldiers those hospitals during his first visit with them in 2018, and seeing the need fulfilled it. That wasn’t a knee jerk response either; other West African countries, including Sierra Leone, have military hospitals.

    The U.S also has its Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMMC), which is the nation’s largest and most joint military medical center. It caters to national security officials, their families, senior government officials and the President. Two months ago, former Defense Minister Hon Brownie Samukai tested positive, quarantined at one of our 14 hospitals, and successfully treated. And, by the way, he isn’t the first, Tolo Corfah!

    Regarding the reported shenanigans with testing at NPHIL, GMW reacted swiftly. In other words, if the VP risked infecting others along the way from Liberia to Ghana, that’s her choice. For, frankly, from his “Coro” awareness song; instinctively building the hospitals, and embracing any solution to keep infections low, GMW has proven to be a leader and doer – not a talker – in this fight. If others follow as effectively, Liberia will keep infections and deaths low.

  13. Sylvester Moses,Tolo Corfah is a typical waste material from the hitherto radical newcomers of the 70s who are now the doomed old generation and been used as fools for thieves as Joseph Baoakai, Benoni Urey, butt-boy Alex Cummings and others.

    MOJA, LPP, and those other rascals OF THE 70s (as he himself Tolo Corfah admitted years ago) made him to walk from Capital By Pass to LPMC from Monday to Friday to print out their propaganda for their selfish interests; only to end up disgruntled and labeling Tipoteh as a dictator who placed him Tolo Corfah on an LPP Board which according to him Tolo never really existed.

    Following that, he Tolo Corfah allowed himself to be used by little rats like George Klay Kieh, Alaric Tokpa, etc., he Tolo Bonah Corfah is now on his way of making this BUTT-BOY Alex Cummings and those two rogues Boakai and Urey use him in his old age.

  14. Make no mistake about that! The likes of Tolo Corfah, John HT.T.Stewart are unrepentant nihilists and narcissists against any development this great government of Dr. George Manneh Weah and the indomitable CDC have for the Liberian people. And the worst part about them is that they are poorly informed! And this is why he knows nothing about the vitality of military hospitals.

  15. Sylvester Moses, in their nihilism, narcissism, and mental illiteracy, it is so shameful that as old as “these people” are, they know nothing about even the #37 Military Hospital in Ghana, or Sierra Leone’s #34 Military Hospital you have pointed out for their information and education. I would not be surprised they have no knowledge about the rest of the military hospitals on the continent of Africa and across the globe.


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