VP Taylor Recovers From COVID-19

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

— says her return will inject new dynamism and energy to the governance process

Vice president, Jewel Howard-Taylor has returned from Ghana after successful medical treatment and recovery from the deadly COVID-19.

Upon touching the ground, VP Howard-Taylor expressed optimism that her return will inject new dynamism and energy into the governance process.

The Vice President was flown to Accra, Ghana on an emergency flight on August 11, 2020, after she suffered respiratory complications as a result of COVID 19.

During Madam Howard-Taylor’s stay in Ghana, the government did not give official information regarding her health, which raised public concerns a few weeks ago, prior to her arrival.

However, in a communication that reached the media lately from the office of the Vice President, it said medical diagnostics suggested that she was placed in an intensive care unit for about 35 days under critical observation.

Upon her return, the release said, the Vice President headed directly to the Restoration Baptist Church where she worshipped and gave thanks to God for her recovery.

Howard-Taylor also expressed gratitude to Liberians at home and abroad who prayed for her recovery, indicating that she is physically fit and ready to discharge her constitutional duties and responsibilities bequeathed by the Liberian people.

It may be recalled that the Vice President was initially admitted to the privately run Aspen Medical Facility within the neighborhood of Sinkor in Monrovia on 7 August.

At the Aspen medical Facility, Howard-Taylor was advised to seek advanced treatment in an intensive care unit in Ghana.

The 57 year-old Vice President was isolated and quarantined in the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana, where she underwent treatment after being tested positive for COVID-19.

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) is the premier health-care facility in Ghana. Located in Accra, it is the only public tertiary hospital in the southern part of the country.  It is a teaching hospital affiliated with the medical school of the University of Ghana. Three centers of excellence, the National Cardiothoracic Centre, the National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Radiotherapy Centres are all part of the KBTH.

In a story published by the Daily Observer in August, 2020, from an impeccable source that begged not to be named, the Vice President was tested positive on Tuesday, August 11 at the Aspen Medical Facility where she went to seek additional medical care for respiratory complications.

Howard-Taylor, after being diagnosed with COVID-19, refused to go to the 14 Military Hospital for fear of her health as there has been public distrust in the COVID-19 testing process. 

Her perception of the credibility of the outcome of her test happened at a time when Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Executive Director of the National Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), has been suspended indefinitely for what President Weah called “ethical, professional and Administrative lapses.”

President George M. Weah, on the day he suspended Dr. Fallah, set up a special investigative committee to probe the reported breach in the health and administrative protocols that guide the issuance of COVID-19 test results by NPHIL.

There were several allegations during the heat of the COVID-19 against health authorities by aggrieved individuals who were tested for Coronavirus after being required to get tested in order to get traveling clearance from health authorities as part of protocols put in place to prevent the spread of the virus, especially among fellow international travelers.

The committee, which members included the President of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council, LMDC; the Minister of Justice; Madam Mawine Diggs, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs; the Country Representative, US Centers for Disease Control, CDC and the Country Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO), was given 72 hours at the time to submit its findings. Following the submission of the report, Dr. Fallah was dismissed and replaced by the President right away.


  1. Now that the VP of Liberia is back from a medical trip to Ghana where she recovered, her next major project should be to dedicate her life to making other unfortunate Liberians benefit from affordable healthcare. She can do this by committing to modernizing the JFK hospital in Monrovia with the best doctors, tools, snd all the necessary equipment the country’s resources can afford for the people of Liberia.

    Liberia is far, far older than Ghana. We pray for an epiphany!

    Welcome back, Madam Vice President.

  2. What a nation called Liberia? Nothing will changed despite V.P is back to a country where she serves as paralyzed V. P. Her presence in this administration recognized her absence. She is there because she have to be there. The administration inner circle has no respect for her and our president, the self proclaimed feminist in chief has done nothing to improve relations between his office and hers. Can you imagine, the mayor of Monrovia having biting teeth than our V. P in this administration, and the reasons are very simple. She has the “characteristics of an eagle and behaves like a chicken”.

  3. I would cut a little slack for VP Howard though because she is only the VP and nothing else. And in this token, her constitutional duties and responsibilities are limited. As a matter of fact such is the case in many constitutional democracies.

    What also militates against VP Howard amongst other matters is gender bias. Liberia is still largely a male dominant society despite some headways she has made in trying to practice inclusiveness and greater power sharing.

    Weah’s social and political dynamics are dangerous and are not good for the country. The closest comparison I can make of the current crisis Liberia finds herself in is the Taylor’s or Doe’s days when the government instituted wide scale murders against its critics and other people it perceived as threats to the establishment in order to silence them, and it worked. For example: Liberians went to the polls chanting, “Taylor killed my ma…Taylor killed my pa…but I will vote for Taylor.” When events such as these pertain to Liberian politics, I never say never as history has proven that even though Liberians can be resilient in the midst of injustices, but their gullibility has often times open the door for the enemy to set them up to be used against their own will and best interest.

    Where on Earth is this imaginable? How could an individual wage violence and death of a high magnitude against a very poor and marginalized people like ours, and they still march to the voting polls in droves, like innocent sheep that march to their slaughter, to cast their ballots in his favor and thus grant him more authoritarian power? But as explanations go, some observers say these events were inevitable because just like what Weah is doing now, the past dictators had to use violence to impose a blanket of fear and intimidation on the nation if they were to successfully rig elections and govern the country ruthlessly.

    So, Liberia is on another crossroad again. And from all indications, Weah is not about delegating powers and executive functions with his vice president. That could be the least thought on his mind.


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