VP Taylor Airs Qualms with ‘Some Members of Executive Branch’

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has exposed in the public space what could have been handled confidentially, after withholding it in mind for months without a solution.

Vice President Taylor, the second person in command after the President, says she has been facing difficulties with some members of the Executive Branch of government, especially as regards budgetary allotments due her office as Vice President.

In a letter to Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie, VP Taylor wrote: “Honorable President Pro-Tempore and Members of the Liberian Senate, I am constrained to write this letter to inform you of the continuing and seemingly intentional circumstances surrounding financial obligations due in support of my duties as Vice President of the Republic and President of the Liberian Senate. Last year, I had the privilege to meet with members of the Liberian Senate to inform them of the difficulties I was undergoing with some members of the Executive Branch; as it related to budgetary support for my office and the need for their intervention.”

The Daily Observer had reported earlier the absence of the Vice President from the opening session of the 3rd Sitting of the 54th Legislature, quoting an insider that the Vice President’s decision to stay away was a protest action.

According to the letter, the Vice President said after writing the Senate, it was agreed that members of that body would intervene to make things better.  “Unfortunately, I have patiently waited without any word, and the situation has since not improved. I am saddened to inform you, as elders of our Nation, that the situation remains that bills due my office from 2018-2019 are still not paid and the operational expenses which I needed for the effective running or functioning of my office (Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia), during 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 budget years have not been paid,” said VP Taylor in her letter.

The letter, which content presents an agitated connotation, informed the President Pro-Tempore and members of the Senate that the situation has left the Vice President without proper security arrangements for her safe movements and without the ability to provide necessities for her office.

“Currently, the security vehicles, including 2 bullet proof vehicles, needed for my movements have still not been provided to my detail. As a result, I have been unable to leave my home over the past 3 weeks. I am therefore constrained to inform this Honorable body that due to the constraints described, I am unable to attend to my duties during this opening of the 3rd Session of the 54th National Legislature 2020; until these constraints are attended to,” said the Vice President.

VP Taylor then stressed that she was duly voted into the office of the Vice President and she should be empowered to perform her duties as other officials and offices that are being supported.  She went on to say in the communication to the Senate that it is her responsibility to inform the Liberian Senate when such a situation confronting her continues to exist; expressing the hope that it will claim the attention and intervention of the Senate to act.

At the end of her communication, Vice president Taylor attached her financial record to the letter for the Pro-Tempore’s perusal to know how grave the situation is.

The stressful experience expressed in the Vice President’s letter to the Senate, accompanied by ‘protest’ action, has got pundits postulating that she, like her predecessor, former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, might just be a”a racing car parked in the garage.”

As the political fever intensified during the 2017 election campaign, then-Senator Taylor quipped in one of her political statements that: “I will not be a parked car in the garage,” suggesting that the remark, originally made by then Vice President Boakai, was a sign of weakness.

However, since taking over two years now, the relationship between the Vice President and her superior, President Weah, has been less than cordial, a plausible factor in the current financial plight of her office.  It can also be recalled that the President complained in 2018 that the Vice President was making trips abroad without informing him.

The Vice President on the other hand, has for sometimes now been complaining of demeaning treatment from the Executive that her office was not being supported and benefits that must come to her were not forth coming.


  1. A wise person once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

    Guess what? President Weah squandered his first opportunity to make a good first impression when he took office.

    No seasoned politician, who comes into office in his first year in a poor country like Liberia, would spend lavishly on building his own mansions and luxurious town houses while many Liberians live in abject poverty. That wrong first impression: some purported that he used his own wealth, becomes indelible in the minds of many poor Liberians.

    Consequently, V.P. Taylor should know that Liberia problems are bigger than just financial disagreements she has with The Executive Branch. It’s sometimes unbearable to witness the dishonorable treatment the office of the Vice President is receiving under this coalition government while other CDC Lawmakers and others in the Executive Branch are enjoying preferential treatment from the President.

    Liberia’s problems are mostly structural and systemic compounded by weak leadership problems. Not until all Liberians demand structural changes in our weak check and balance system of government, Liberia will continue to lack in every facet of political, social, and economic developments.

    The will and creativity to restructure our poorly implemented political, social, educational and economic system, which could help us revitalize the national economy and develop a viable social structure, have been put on the back burner. At the same, there exists a perpetual political struggle for power, fame and riches which takes precedence among the hierarchies (government officials) in Liberia.

    All these power struggles for personal aggrandizement have created a toxic atmosphere in the governance of Liberia as seen between the President and his Vice President, and the unending dysfunctions in the legislative branch of government.

    If there are insufficient funds to be allocated to the V.P. office, then reduce some of the functions of her office: why is the Liberian marketing Association assigned under the executive branch? Let the City Mayor and the Health Department deal with these city related issues.

    Yes indeed, the V.P. presides over the senate and cast a tie breaking vote in the senate. However, the V.P. serves at the discretion of the President and the president can give the V.P. certain functionaries. However, due to budgetary constraints, it is wise that austerity measures be put across the entire government entities (except emergency services) and not only the V.P. office which seems like a personal vendetta against the V.P. to force her out of this current administration.

    Liberia’s over-bloated, ineffective and corrupt government coupled with insurmountable debts are not the answer in solving Liberia’s economic problems.

    Implement a lean and smart government! Cut down on corruption! Be productive! Maintain the peace! Create a stable environment to attract investors! Work hard and be creative! Last but not the least, incurred reasonable debts! These are some key indicators in removing the shackles of political and economic oppression in Liberia.

    V.P. Taylor, I hope for peace and unity in Liberia, there will be some mediation on your behalf from leading members of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

    Leadership is sacrificial: that includes all three branches of government!!

    • “Implement a lean and smart government! Cut down on corruption! Be productive! Maintain the peace! Create a stable environment to attract investors! Work hard and be creative! Last but not the least, incurred reasonable debts! These are some key indicators in removing the shackles of political and economic oppression in Liberia.”

      I like the paragraph above Mr. Conneh!

      • Mr.Dolo
        You like the paragraph above until your political party gets power. We heard the same promises from Ellen and later the current clueless president, Weah. As we say in our Liberian Pidgin, same mo, same mo.

        • Mr Barnard,

          From today, don’t just listen to politicians and vote, consider the context before looking at the platform or manifestos. This is my brotherly advice to you henceforth.

          Taylor was the luckiest Liberian president ever. From killing the people, they voted for him massively by saying ‘he killed my pa, he killed my ma, I will vote for him”. He should have been tactful in reconciling the people and beg for true forgiveness to move the country forward. He instead continued to show he was a ‘strong and powerful man’. We know the eventualities.

          Personally, I did not expect anything great from Ellen. she did her best. She had been after this leadership for years by heavily investing in the efforts through legal and illegal means. She had to foot her huge war bills. We saw it.

          Weah refused to attend any intellectual debates where his manifestos could be scrutinized. In fact, the guy was just looking at popularity and since the majority of Liberians are illiterate, they thought popularity was synonymous to good leadership.
          He does not know what to do because he has no plans. “A man without a plan is a man without direction, Rod Cornelius. He has no plans for the future and so he may revert us to the past, if we are not watchful.
          If you were expecting anything from him, I pray you abandon your hope. Liberia will know great regression under him, in every aspect. We have started seeing the economic barometers in every sector plummeting for the past 2 years.

          However, I would like you to henceforth scrutinize the educational level, professional achievements, moral integrity and religious beliefs of a candidate for Liberia. Vet many and make an informed decision and choice, then talk your people and friends into your choice to make Liberia a better place for us all.
          To that effect, I am proposing Cummings to you. Consider him before 2023. Ask him questions you have, express your doubts and worries to him and make a good decision come 2023. If I can, I can provide some answers to questions you may have because I have taken up enough of my time to study the guy I am defending. By the way, this is the first time I have ever been involved in the political life of my country, believe me. Never have I been involved in any way, passively or actively in politics.

          Good morning brother! Peace!

  2. But why is the V. P complaining about when that their time nah? When the woman get pregnant,it takes 9 months before baby comes. These are the excat words used by the V.P when she went to Gbanga to campaign against someone running to replace her as senator since that space was now open. This is your time ooh so pls let people hear meh.

  3. VP Jewel-Taylor and her boss, George Weah, ought to have a good working relationship. There are no ifs and buts here. Work together and bury the hatchet if there’s any. I know it’s not going to be honky-dory always, but unit cohesion in the Executive Branch is important.
    Do not allow the demons to disrupt! Patch things up quickly. Your enemies are waiting in the wings. Your enemies will dance under the stars with great joy if you fail to work together. It hurts, but hang in there. Okay?


  4. The Vice President is doing injustice to the Liberian people. She needs to understand the current economics challenges confronting this country with no investors and innovations to boost revenue generation of the country. Even the President is facing current economic challenges in his office but that does not require him (because of the oath he took) to abandon the job that the Liberia people entrusted him; with the same as the Vice President.

    The Vice President needs to see reasons to lobby around the world with her counterparts in bringing investors into this country to stop the more complaining in her office. She needs to advocate up there for investors to invest into the Liberian economy since she doesn’t want to be a “rising car park in the garage” as stated by her predecessor (Joseph N. Boakai) during the campaign in 2017. Madam Vice President, you are the first and only female Vice President in the World. Therefore, people are more interested in seeing the role of women in politics especially Africa and there is a possibility to assist Liberia through you in whatsoever request to the international community or other great leaders in the world.

    Madam Vice President, we have observed over the years that the continuous allege raft between you and your boss (President Weah) needs to come to an end, and ask that you put on the spirit of patriotism for the growth and development of Liberia and the Liberian people. Liberians in Liberia are living in extreme poverty for the past decades (since the civil war ended). This government is the popular mandate of the people and with the greatest hope repose in your (The President and Vice President) to stair the affairs of the state, needs to be accomplished by this government without any other political conflicts. That’s the reason today we are proud of maintaining the peace which we witness two great peaceful protests in the country demanding redress and improvement in the public sectors so that Liberian people can live a better life.

    Finally, Liberia is our only patrimony, which we can’t be deported from. We want you to join hands with the President to help achieve the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity while the National Legislature provides oversight responsibility over the Executive Branch of government.

  5. joebaicooper

    A carpenter is only as good as his or her tools. But how can that carpenter work without the tools in the first place?

    VP Taylor raised some issues of real concern, and one of them is her security. Just a few days ago, Mr. Henry Costa of the COP, played a very troubling video on Youtube during which Mr. Mulbah Morlu of the CDC was heard insinuating about a plot to assassinate VP Taylor and replace her with Mr. Nathaniel McGill, Weah’s Minister of State.

    Now, if you were VP Taylor, wouldn’t this kind of news capture your attention? Or you would just kick-back as usual and play a pretentious all-is-well role, right? No sir, events do not work that way in a fluid, dynamic, and dangerous political environment like Liberia. Judging from lives that have already been mysteriously taken by Weah, he has a very high propensity of murdering anybody if he doesn’t like him or her.

    I agreed with you that many economic problems are facing this government, but the lack of a political will on the part of President Weah and his failure to create the kind of environment needed to forge a progressive agenda is not the making of VP Taylor.

    Now, this does not mean she is flawless. However, imputing President Weah’s dismal failure to revive the economy on VP Taylor for policies she is remotely connected to or does not have the faintest idea, is absurd.

  6. This is so unprecedented! Your vice president for whatever reasons mustn’t be treated as such. Accord her the necessary inputs to have her functioning. On the flipside, it’s a lesson learned. Some of knew that this political marriage would have encountered these problems.

    You guys have to do everything to maintain the peace of this country that we so dearly enjoyed before your emergence to the achelon of power. Settle your internal conflicts and pay attention to the bigger picture _ the people’s welfare!

  7. There should be no problems if you all work professionally. You all should know your limits, responsibilities, who to interact with, etc?

    1) She knows the Laws that should allow her office to get the fundings? She should go to court. Use the Constitution, Courts, other branches of government to keep the Constitution healthy.

    2) As political parties, you must have similar thinking or believes before you get together? Why did they form a union?


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