VP Boakai’s Presidency Bid Gains Momentum in Nimba

FINALVP Boakai Presidency.jpg

As the 2017 general elections draw closer, the “Joseph Boakai Movement” is gaining momentum in Nimba County with one of its prominent sons calling on the rest of his compatriots to lend their support to the movement.

At the launch of his scholarship fund drive in Ganta on October 31, Representative Mantinokay Tingba told Nimbaians that VP Boakai has all the good characters that the international community highly appreciates and therefore he deserves their support.

“We cannot continue to become perpetual kingmakers without going closer to the king, so it is time that we work together to make a king and become part of the king also,” he told a cheering crowd.

Rep. Tingba indicated that after the 1990 civil war, two counties, Nimba and Grand Gedeh, are no longer closer to the presidency (meaning to produce a president) because “we are warlike, so we cannot be leaders.”

The Nimba District #9 Representative explained that among all the Nimbaians that contested previous presidential elections, it was only Jackson F. Doe who won overwhelming votes, but that Dr. Joseph Kortoe and Sen. Prince Y. Johnson did not get many votes outside of Nimba County.

“Vice President Boakai is a man with a clean character, from the classroom as a student to the time he became janitor at the College of West Africa (CWA),” he declared, adding, “He is an ambassador with good moral character in both Liberia and abroad.”

This is the first time that the “Movement of Joseph Boakai” has openly been brought to Nimba citizens as 2017 looms ahead.

Some prominent Liberians, including Benoni Urey, Dr. Mills Jones as well as George Weah have visited Nimba County and provided some humanitarian assistance to citizens. VP Boakai, it would seem, has joined the search for votes from Nimba County.

Rep. Tingba urged his kinsmen to think wisely because “we cannot continue to be losers. If we do not think wisely, we will either be voting for one ministerial position or cash.”

Rep. Tingba who described himself as “chairman for recruitment and mobilization on both the national and international levels” concluded that Amb. Boakai is a good candidate “and when elected he will create great opportunities for the people of Nimba.”