VP Boakai Wants US$1.7M Robertsport Fishery Cluster Completed


Vice President Joseph Boakai has called on the Ministry of Agriculture, contractors and the project management team of the Robertsport Fishery Cluster to speed up and complete the fishery cluster before the end of this year.

He said the completion of the fishery cluster would create many job opportunities for the people of that part of Liberia and will empower those involved in fishing activities in the county.

Veep Boakai made the remarks over the weekend when he visited the Robertsport Fishery Cluster, ENSUL Cold Storage in Kru Town and Obasanjo’s Farm to observe the level of developments in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

“The government is grateful to the World Bank for supporting this project with the huge amount and this cluster when completed will help our fishermen and people greatly,” he said.

Project Coordinator Yevewo Subah assured VP Boakai that the cluster project will be completed in August and turned over to the Liberian government.

He confirmed that the construction of the Robertsport Fish Landing Site Cluster commenced in March 2014 with funding from the World Bank.

The total value of works is US$1.7 million and is being executed in three lots. Lot 1 includes a fresh fish handling building, a dry-fish market plus external works, including water supply. Lot 2 comprises fish drying sheds A and B, community fisheries center, shop-gear-boats and boxes service center plus external works including power supply and external lighting. Lot 3 has fishermen changing and fishing gear store, day-care center, toilet facility, external works comprising driveways and parking areas, fencing, gate house and walkways, the rehabilitation of the clinic at Fanti Town and the cold storage at Kru Town.

The site when completed, he explained, will provide cold storage (350m3), ice (5Tons/day) and market opportunity for about 2000 small scale fishers and mongers in the Robertsport area, and employment opportunities.

“Though the work slowed down due to the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country, steady progress has been made and actual construction is expected to be completed by August 2016,” he said.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Dr. Moses Zinnah said the timely completion of the project will help the government to provide services to the people and the country.

“Agriculture is key to the development of every country therefore, I encourage everyone to get involved in the process and bring the change the country needs in the agriculture sector,” Minister Zinnah said.

He appealed to the government to assist with more support to the project and expressed great interest in the development that is ongoing in Robertsport.


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