VP Boakai Promises Modern High School for River Cess

Photo of the only school in Gblorseo Town, River Cess that stops at the 10th grade.

Parents whose children cannot attend high school in their own backyard were excited recently when the Vice President of Liberia and standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Joseph Boakai, promised to construct a modern state-of-the-art high school in Gblorseo Town, River Cess County.

The school, when completed, will be the only high school in that part of the county to cater to thousands of students who are yearning for education after several years without a high school. VP Boakai made the promise when he visited the county on an invitation from the residents, who earlier endorsed his presidential bid for the October polls.

Boakai’s promise to construct the school resulted from a petition by residents of Gblorseo Town, a distant town from Cestos, the political capital of the county, who appealed to him and the government for a high school annex to the Nyorwein Public School, which terminates at the 10th grade level. The residents want their children to obtain a better high school education at home before moving elsewhere to acquire university degrees.

VP Boakai ” I will ensure Gblorseo Town gets a quality high school.”

“When people speak with one voice to request for a specific priority like education for their children, it means they are serious about urgent intervention. Therefore, I will immediately send a team to look at the school and provide the estimate so that we can begin the project that will benefit our children who are in need of better education,” VP Boakai assured.

He said it was beyond anyone’s understanding that such a populated town does not have at least a high school that will cater to the academic needs of the youth. VP Boakai promised to work with county officials and women’s groups to ensure that education is prioritized in the county, especially for those living in rural areas.

The secretary of Nyorwein District Youth Caucus, Fredee Konway, said since 2011 when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visited the town and promised to construct a high school, “she is yet to fulfill her promise.” Konway said the town is one of the vote-rich areas in the county that unfortunately has a school that stops at the 10th grade and a clinic that can no longer handle the influx of patients.

“This Nyorwein Public School is the only school that we have up to the 10th grade, which means when our children have completed the 10th grade, that is the end of their academic journey, because not many of us can afford to go to Buchanan in Grand Bassa County to complete high school. And so, the construction of an annex to raise the standard of the school to 12th grade is urgently needed,” Konway said.

The request for a modern school remains a major concern of the citizens, including women, youth, and elders who all stated that it would be good to have a school that will equip their children for the job market. David Toby, who spoke on behalf of the Elders Council, told VP Boakai and his delegation that education remains a major challenge for their children, saying the young are “living in darkness.”

“Limited educated people is the cause of River Cess County being underdeveloped, so if our county will be developed, government must focus on the education system, because there are too many young people who are yearning for at least a high school education,” Elder Toby said.

As part of the VP’s visit to the county, he met with youth leaders, women and elders who expressed similar sentiments about their children’s education as well as the construction of a good road network in the county.


  1. Where are all the other political parties? Will they unveil their development plans? Or keep saying Boakai has been there 12 years…….What are your plans?

  2. Why didn’t he do something on river cess for the past 12 years?

    Thwe is no guarantee that he will do what is is promising today. Did He AND Ellen Keep All THEIR CAMPAING PTOMISES?

    • Firstly, why are you hiding behind a name that doesn’t exist? There’s no one name John Doe and this is a pseudonym. Remember that the vice president doesn’t have a budget allocated to him to construct school buildings or provide other assistance. This is Ellen leadership and we’ll hold Joe responsible when he failed to deliver after he becomes president. Stop the beard bone criticism that has no merit because you want to be an antagonist.

      • My Brother. James Murphy, why will you say that “you hiding behind a name that doesn’t exist? There’s no one named John Doe and this is a pseudonym” are you the one that gave birth to him? WERE YOU PRESENT DURING HIS NAMING CEREMONY? do you have all the data of EVERYBODY names in Liberia? that was a wrong statement from you. how will you fill if anyone says that your name does not exist? I do believe that it will not be a pleasant thing in your ears.

        James Murphy, also saying “that the vice president doesn’t have a budget allocated to him to construct school buildings or provide other assistance” you are right, but, it is a flimsy excuse on his behalf. don’t forget the VP have over two million allocated to his office yearly, if he really wants to be of a help to the people of Liberia, he could have cut down some expenditures from the budget allocated to him for the past eleven going to twelve years and do something that all could see. rather, he decided to consume the entire budget on himself and his office alone. what are the visible things you can name in this country that was done by the office of the vice president? how can he be trusted with the nation if he cannot make some sacrifices from the budget that is and was allocated to him? The Bible says ” He that is faithful in little, is faithful in much.” even his father or mother’s village that he originated from has not feel the effect of him been a V.P. for almost 12 years. dose he need money from Ellen to also do that? please, stop giving excuses on behalf of the V.P.

        My Brother, when we speak on people’s behalf we should have a solid ground to stand on. THANK YOU.

  3. Don’t tell me what you would do when you take office…what’ve you done for your community. Liberians needs good roads, light, good drinking water, better airport. Better healthcare systems.


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