VP Boakai Promises to Accept Election Results if…

Joseph Boakai at the polling center.

results meet standards deemed credible and transparent

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has promised to accept the final result of the 2017 runoff election provided the results meet standards deemed credible, fair and transparent.

The Vice President made the pledge after casting his vote yesterday at the Kathleen McGuire Memorial Catholic School in Rehab Community in Paynesville. He then called on all Liberians to go to their various polling centers and vote.

“Today is the test of democracy where the country’s leadership will be determined between two political parties. During the first round we were about 20 but we are just two now and there is a need for the common people to pick their choice,” he said.

Vice President Boakai said the Unity Party is willing to work with Liberians after the result of the election for the growth and development of a better Liberia for the next six years. In response to questions about NEC chairman Korkoya’s credibility given Unity Party’s demand for his recusal from presiding over the runoff election,  Vice President Boakai said: “Whether or not we trust the system, we are living with it because that is the system.”

He furthered that after the election results, “there are decisions that will be made,” though he did not reveal what decisions will be made.

Vice President Boakai said he believes he has already won the runoff because Liberians believe in him and know what he is capable of doing if elected as president of the country.

Although he did not respond directly to queries about whether he would be willing to accept an appointment in a possible Weah led government, the Vice President declared that considering the fact that he has served his country for the past 40 years  there are many areas in which he could possibly invest. He reiterated his preparedness to live and work in Liberia as any other citizen.

As for the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change political leader, George Weah, who voted at the Kendeja Junior High School, he told journalists there that the will of the people must prevail, and that his leadership will focus on reuniting the country and its people.

Weah said he will run an inclusive government that will comprise of all political parties, including Liberians that were discriminated against, although he did not name the Liberians that were discriminated against by the Unity Party government.

He said the Liberian people should be allowed to make their decision as to who becomes their next leader during the runoff.

He meanwhile called on Liberians to turn out to vote for the future of their children.


  1. Yes, VP Boakai is right. When the run-off dust settles and the winner’s name is announced, VP Boakai will do the most honourable thing, he will concede, if he loses. But, what is strange is that his opponent, Sen. Weah is unwilling to make a similar statement. There is one key term that best describes Weah. It is called “overconfidence”.

    But, until the fat lady sings, Weah is not the winner. The fat lady in this particular situation is the chairman of NEC, Jerome Korkoya. On the 29th of December, 2017, a winner will be announced. That official announcement is being awaited for by all Liberians.
    It is hard to understand why Weah’s supporters cannot wait for a couple of days for an official announcement to be made.
    May God bless Liberia.

  2. Senator Weah is correct about government of inclusion, with a multiethnic multiparty face. That such an administration has a better chance of achieving national reconciliation faster makes many of us excited!


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