VP Boakai Off To Malibu for Ebola Conference


Vice President Boakai has left the country for Malibu, Equatorial Guinea to represent the government at the International Conference on Africa’s fight against Ebola.
The Malibu meeting is scheduled for July 20-21.
The VP is quoted in a release as stating that there is more room for improvement of the country’s capacity to handle Ebola in Liberia and that with people moving across borders, it is still premature to celebrate.
He said it is still important to continue to discuss the situation with the aim of improving the health sector.
Veep Boakai hailed African doctors and health workers who came to Liberia under the Africa Union (AU) banner to help curtail the epidemic, a release from his office said.
Meanwhile, the Head of Mission of the African Union Support to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa, (ASEOWA) Dr. Djoudalbaye Benjamin, has warned that numerous challenges remain in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in the sub region.
He cited weak public health infrastructure, inadequate specialized human resource adversely affecting surveillance activities and the risks associated with migration and international trade.
Dr. Djoudalbaye also cited the rainy season as complicating operations. The need for finances and technical support required to bring the transmission and infection levels to zero were critical considering that the virus still remains a serious threat to regional and global health security.
Dr. Djoudalbaye raised those concerns when he met with Vice President Boakai ahead of the Malibu conference.
He said the way forward is to strengthen health systems, seek appropriate personnel, reinforce surveillance and maintain financing among other initiatives.
He said ASEOWA was scaling down its operations in Liberia and its tenure ends in mid-August this year. He therefore called for an extension due to the prevailing reemergence of the Ebola virus in Liberia.


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