‘Nimba Has Demonstrated So Much in Development’-VP Boakai


By Ishmael F. Menkor and Gloria Tamba

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has praised the citizens of Nimba County for their contribution to the development of their county and the country at large.

Speaking at the thanksgiving service held at the United Liberia Inland Church upon his arrival on a four-day visit to Nimba County yesterday, Boakai said “Nimba has demonstrated so much when it comes to development in the last few years.”

He said the county ranks first in every aspect of development, including education, agriculture, and infrastructure.

VP Boakai and his entourage were warmly received by the citizens of Nimba County, where he is spending several days during which he will dedicate  projects and hold consultative discussions with citizens.

The partisans of the ruling Unity Party and its auxiliaries, as well as ordinary citizens, turned out in huge numbers under the rain to welcome the Vice President and his entourage.

Upon his arrival, he was led to the United Liberia Inland Church for a brief thanksgiving service organized in his honor by the Christian community.

Dr. N. James Kiamu praised VP Boakai for putting God first and added: “when you praise God, it opens the way for our petitions to God.

VP Boakai later extended his trip to Yekepa and other northern towns of Nimba County. Tomorrow, he is expected to dedicate a bridge in Yarpea Administrative District, from where he will continue to Karnplay, Bahn, and Saclepea, before heading back to Ganta, where an endorsement ceremony is expected to take place by the weekend.


  1. VP Boakai needs Nimba votes to better his chances at ballot box. It’s a smart move to visit the county–not once but several times.

    In as much as I don’t so far endorse any candidate, I wish the VP well. He’s been a quiet statesman with arguably no proven involvement in money or moral scandals. That gives him an edge in the presidential competition. Yes, because it’s unusual in Liberia to have a Vice President that has not been accused or convicted of embezzling huge amounts or frolicking with young ladies or just living carelessly.

    Probably it’s owing to the fact that, as his critics say, he’s always asleep. He doesn’t stay awake to see the cute ladies or connive to steal state funds. As soon as he awakes, the ladies have retired to bed and his fellow government officials have concluded corrupt deals. Nonsense!

    The VP is just a decent guy. His sleeping habit is odd, of course; but it has helped get him out of trouble. But does Liberia need such a President? Yes. Oddly sleeping is less harmful than being awake to dangerously siphon piblic money.

    Other than VP, the rest of the presidential candidates have more risky habits or greater odds stacked against them. One of the popular presidential candidates has proven incurable from embarrassing speech or illiteracy impediments. Since his emergence on the political scene, he’s never demonstrated the great characteristics of a potential leader. He and his supporters crowd their headquarters and make more noise and trouble than sense. Worse, all the level headed members of the party are deflecting, leaving the crack heads to take charge and spew out nonsense after nonsense.

  2. The man Joe Boakai is a thief, so do not not praise him please.Any time he takes a trip in the us, wheather private or on official he brings in grams of gold and diamond and sell it on the black market without paying tax to either government.Furthermore, he sleeps in government office like an infant. So are electing him because he sleeps in office? Let the liberians think wise before voting for this diamond and gold dealer who pretends to be perfect. Do not vote him in. He’s slow like a turtle. I am done.

  3. It’s the time for us to take the lead. Us, is defined here as the “Aborigines” of Liberia. JN Boakai has been a VP for the past twelve (12) years, and in my judgement, has shown what a leader need to do as an VP under a president (His constitutional Authorities): He is the president of the Senate, he decides tired vote in the Senate, he is a chairman of any committee set up by the President, or he supervises that committee, and he only acts when the President says so. Therefore, his silence, as an VP, does not mean he’s weak. Let’s look at Tolbert for an example, when he was VP for those nineteen (19) years under Tubman, he didn’t shine as VP until he took over as a President of Liberia when he introduced: Farm to Market Road, From Mat to Mattress, there were High schools in every big city in the count, and not only in the capitals of those counties.Tolbert became the best President ever in the History of Liberia. This why I think VP J.N Boakai will be a good president if elected President of Liberia.


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