VP Boakai Lauds New Investor


Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has lauded the Atlantic Construction Group, Inc. (ACGI) for what he term as job creations for citizens and a contribution to the rebuilding of Liberia.

Speaking at the official opening of ACGI office in Old Road Community Friday, May 16, the Vice President said, the government appreciates the investment by the ACGI.

The Vice President stated that he was glad that the company decided to construct an office space before anticipating a single contract. According to him, this shows a high level of commitment on the part of the company in working with the people of Liberia, as well as the government.

“We want to see people including investors carry out such investment in the country as this will serve many of the people by providing job opportunities and also contributing to the rebuilding process of Liberia,” he stated.

Mr. Boakai further emphasized that ACGI was one of the groups that have clearly demonstrated a level of sincerity to the people of Liberia by ensuring that they have a well-constructed office to work and also provide empowerment for many of the people.

He said despite the huge difficulties face by Liberians, “We still have committed investors to help the government in creating job opportunities and empowerment for our people when they are in need.”

Also speaking at the opening ceremony, the president of the Board of director for ACGI, Madam Juliette G. T. Alindgo expressed thank and appreciation to the government of Liberia and the Vice President for his humanity and their acceptance to working with the ACGI in Liberia.  

Madam Alindgo told Vice President Boakai, “Few years ago, we met and we told you about what ACGI intended to do in Liberia, this is the evidence before we move further and a joint venture of Liberia and Togo business, Africa own.”

She also use the occasion to call on business women to be instrumental in helping to reduce poverty in Liberia.


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