‘Voting to Confirm Nominees Must Be Public’

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Senator Dillon Says

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has promised to introduce bills on the Senate floor for the review of certain rules of the Liberian Senate, particularly the one that has to do with ‘yea and nay’ votes on critical national issues.

Addressing Legislative reporters recently at the Capitol Building, Senator Dillon argued that the President makes public nominations, and sees no reason why the Senate confirms or rejects behind closed doors (Executive Session).

“The President nominates publicly, and time for us to confirm or reject by our votes, it must be done publicly. And the way it should be done, also, is to take it on the record. There are grave Constitutional issues that, before we take a decision and power leaves this place, it must meet the Constitutional threshold of a two-thirds of membership of this body. If we have to declare or agree with the President on the declaration of a state of emergency, it must be two-thirds of the membership of thirty, and not two-thirds of the number of people that came to session that day,” Senator Dillon explained.

The Liberty Party lawmaker further intimated that in order to arrive at the two-thirds, there must be a roll call and, “and for us to have a history of how to vote here, let the record show that I voted yes or no; nobody should be hiding behind yea and nay here again, let’s hide behind a stand with our record. Integrity is doing what is right even when nobody is watching.”


  1. The individual, supposingly without a high school diploma is doing well in the senate than those so called masters degrees and Ph. D holders are doing. What are they doing with their degrees to show positives impact on Liberians lives as compared to the Hon. Dillion who they claimed don’t have high school diploma. The actions of senator Dillion says it all and thanks God he has no formal high school education as claimed by those who have done nothing with their masters and Ph. D’s titles. We need actions from our lawmakers to move our country forward rather than degrees and diplomas that hings on walls as mere decoration in most cases, especially for those that like to showcase their educational achievement.

    My fellow Liberians, just to remind you that, there are lots of educated fools out there in our midst just think the documents from institutions of learning is all to education. Your performance in your career of learning must be excellent to reflect on your people in the positive style and show some way forward in time of leadership. Most of our lawmakers presence recorgnized their absence because they have become yes man to the executive instead of doing what is right to take our nation one step further. They have become serious embarrassment to the very people they claimed to represent.

    Again, if senator Dillion do not have a high school diploma as claimed by the accusers but doing all the positives things needed to move Liberia ahead, then Liberians should rather vote more folks like minded, like Hon. Dillion if that’s what it takes to clean up the messed that’s been created in the country by our lawmakers that only cares about themselves and not the people they claimed love so dearly.

  2. Senator Dillon, I’m out of words this morning to express how happy I am to have such a senator or an individual like you in the senate. Indeed you’re the kind of Individual the liberian senate need. Thank you sir.

  3. Thank you, Senator!

    Please, make an addition to your bill for me Sir. We want all contradictory and plenary debates and discussions to be live on the radio and TV for the people who voted to hear and see what their senators are saying or doing on their behalf.

    You represent us, we want to see what you say or do for us, please!

    Senator Dillion, do the Liberian people this favor, please!

  4. I am in total agreement with Dolo (my buddy on some important issues, less ANC issues), Akoi, Nathan, Toe and Fredericks. The gentlemen above are supportive of Dillon’s proposal. I think they’re spot on. Dillon’s proposal should not be blown out of the water, but rather embraced by his senate colleagues. When senators vote yes or no during a confirmation process, the faces of senators should not be buried under the sand. The citizens of Liberia have a right to know the senators’ motivations. A televised confirmation process is done in the US always. For once, the “do nothing” lawmakers can duplicate that process. It’s just the right thing to do.

    Dillon has a lot of battles to fight! Or as they say it in Liberia, there’re many things Dillon has to “frown on”. For instance, the signing of concessions was common practice during the troubled years of Johnson-Sirleaf. That practice is harum-scarum. It’s got to stop. Secondly, Dillon’s senate colleagues earn $16,000 per month, while the boondocks of the senators’ respective counties do not have the basics. For instance, you go to a remote town or village in a senator’s backyard and you’ll see a cow’s waste (shit) around a school or near the middle of a main road. But the lawmakers don’t care. It may not be politically feasible for Dillon to go that far. One thing is certain……Dillon is making “some sense” for now.

    I am not a Dillon supporter because of his many alliances. But I agree with with his recent proposal and maybe one more. Dillon’s bread and butter proposals are okay for now. If Dillon completely disentangles himself from the practice of “business as usual”, he’ll be fully credited.

    Not a speech, but clearly an observation.


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