Voting for LFA President on April 12

Raji (center) with two young players to whom he is providing guidance

Electorates must vote for the most passionate among the three presidential candidates

Electorates of the Liberia Football Association will gather on April 12 to vote for one candidate among three to occupy the presidency.

Three persons so far have made their intentions known to contest for the presidency and the LFA’s Elections Committee is examining their application and will officially make its announcement about them.

The three are Mr. Mustapha Raji, Mr. Musa Shannon, and Mr. George Solo. Mr. Shannon is the current vice president for administration and so he hopes to continue what Mr. Musa Bility began and therefore he may use the positive development of the outgoing administration to appeal to the electorates to give him a chance.

In football administration, many sports administrators will say, continuity can pay off because the more you deal with and are involved with officials of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the world soccer controlling body, FIFA, the more they know you and are able to deal with you.

Of course, for Shannon, one can say that because he has been with the current administration for the last eight years, he has learned what it takes to do to secure opportunities for the LFA. So, to give him the benefit of the doubt, we can safely say that he was able to send the national team for a friendly match against the Iraqi national team in Baghdad in 2014.

The match was held when Liberia took advantage of the non-FIFA international date to provide exposure to several of the local players and they defeated Iraq 1-0. It was part of the preparation for Lone Star’s game against the Cranes of Uganda.

It was learned that the Iraqi Football Association gave an unspecified sum of money to the Liberia Football Association for that gesture since not many countries were interested to risk the lives of their players to visit a country that at the time suicide bombers were roaming in its streets, killing Iraqis at will.

While the LFA did not reveal how much the Iraqis gave for that gesture, it will be good for Mr. Shannon to do that now so that at least we can know the generosity of the Iraqi Football Association. This is important because Mr. Shannon is seeking the top post, and he will do well not to hide such information from us.

Admittedly, Musa Bility’s administration that includes Mr. Shannon has brought some improvement to Liberian football and one can point to the Orange support to the National League and the National Team, though if Shannon is serious then he must show more of what he did for female soccer, youth soccer (U17, U20) and he must also explain why he did not do enough for Liberian youth teams to play in most of the CAF Championships.

The second contestant is George Solo that I don’t have much information about his involvement in Liberian football. What has he done for Liberian football? I understand that he holds some position at Nimba United FC. So my question is: what has Mr. Solo done for Liberian football that he wants to be elected president of the LFA? A man can be judged by his past, otherwise, how can we be convinced that he has the passion to develop the game?

Among the three, the most ambitious candidate is Mr. Soccer, Mustapha Raji, president of LISCR FC and Gardnersville FC. That Mr. Soccer owns two clubs alone is enough to showcase how passionate he loves football.

Without appearing as a drum-beater to sing his praises, it is reported that he paid for 50 coaches to attend and secure their CAF License C in a coaching course organized by the LFA.

Mr. Soccer (Raji) knows the game and its administration greatly that he was one of the first to provide his players with banking accounts so that they can begin to understand how to save their earnings.

Is it not a shame that most of the Liberian professional players are today broke because of poor financial management and therefore for Raji to begin to develop soccer players with the principle of saving money, not at home, but at the bank indicates how serious he wants players to be successful.

I hope you get the idea. It is clear that Mr. Soccer is the one who deserves the support of LFA stakeholders because he has the passion for football and those who play it and it is enumerated above.


  1. Omari you are a great writer. But im afraid to inform you that this article on the Liberia Football Association which is clealy written in support of Mr. Raji lays flat on its head. To me it was a good gesture on the part of Mr. Raji own two football clubs, pays for 50 individuals to obtain License C certifications and encouraged his players to open banks accounts. But my question to you is how does all this translate to football management? Like yourself, I dont realky know who George Solo is. However, your argument against him is not valid at all. He may not have had the same financial power to have done what Mustapha Raji have done but did make any attempt to call him on the phone and to ask him about his experience with football management writing your opinion peace about him? Besides was Musa Bility like Mustapha Raji a business man before taking over the LFA? What did he accomplished with LFA? Nothing what so ever.

  2. Thanks Jamannie, he seems like a paid agent. However, being an objective observer, Mustapha Raji comes with the cleanest of character amongst the three.

    Frankly, we need first, a person with clean character before any other qualifications, and who is not connected in anyway to the current cartel running the LFA.

    We truly need a new beginning.


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