Volunteers of Sean Takes of ‘1st’Ebola Awareness to Joe Bar Community


Recently a group of Liberians under the banner, “Volunteers of Sean,” took the anti-Ebola Campaign awareness messages to the Joe Bar Community in Paynesville City.

This was described as the first anti-Ebola awareness campaign to enter the community since the disease broke out in March.

Speaking with the Observer, Rev. Isaac Boe Doe, Chairman, Joe Bar Community, said the entire Joe Bar, which is divided into four blocks, was glad that Volunteers of Sean had come to not only donate sanitary materials to the community, but to also share the Ebola awareness messages to the community.

“This is the first Ebola message that is coming into my community. We hear them on the radio, but for people to come to our community and move from house to house, this is the first time,” Rev. Boe Doe said.

Joe Bar Community is about a mile from the nation’s only national broadcaster—Liberia Broadcasting System, which airs series of anti-Ebola awareness messages daily.

While he appreciated the buckets and other sanitary materials that were given to the community, he further told the Daily Observer that he needed at least 5000 buckets to be handed to that amount of homes in Joe Bar Community.

“Joe Bar is a very big community. It is the capital city of Paynesville: we have all the facilities, including the biggest pharmacy, a police station, post office and only recent they made Paynesville Town Hall a community by itself but it had been registered in Joe Bar,” the community chairman said.

Speaking earlier, Mr. Cletus T. Noah, head of the Volunteers, also told the Observer that people are dying in their “numbers” and it was incumbent on all Liberians to get involved in the anti-Ebola fight. “If all of us don’t do those things that are needed to be done now to stop the further spread of the virus, we are going to regret it in Liberia,” Mr. Noah added.

The Volunteers had brought 40 buckets and other sanitary materials, to be distributed to 40 houses, despite the number of family heads in those homes.

Volunteers of Sean is an organization that was established in 2000. Sean in whose honor the organization is named once served in Liberia as a volunteer with the UN System and later moved to Somalia to continue his volunteerism but was killed by Islamic militants.


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