VOLT Political Leader Calls for Police IG’s Dismissal

lNP Inspector General, Patrick Sudue

The political leader of the Vision for Liberia Transformation (VOLT) Party has called on President George Weah to dismiss Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, for his inability to protect lives and properties since his appointment.

Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe said that IG Sudue’s time at the helm of the LNP has been a complete disappointment as many, if not all, crimes allegedly perpetrated under his watch are yet to be resolved and perpetrators brought to book to face the repercussions of their actions. A case in point, Dr. Whapoe noted, is the recent mysterious deaths of four auditors in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia over the weekend, the VOLT standard-bearer criticized IG Sudue and the entire LNP for what he termed as its inactivity and incompetency in protecting the lives and properties of the Liberian people.

The responsibilities of the police force include but not limited to serving and maintaining law and order, protecting lives and properties, preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime, and improving the quality of life for all citizens, The police also assist in protecting crime scenes to secure evidence for an investigation, gather and secure evidence, and monitor suspects, etc.

But these responsibilities, Dr. Whapoe noted, IG Sudue has proven beyond all doubts that he lacks the temerity to discharge them — “As evidenced by his inability to investigate, arrest and bring to justice in the first twenty-four hours suspects or perpetrators amid the wave of killing of Liberians including the four auditors that were murdered within eight days.”

“The VOLT, therefore, calls on President George Weah to dismiss Inspector Sudue with immediate effect to deter the culture of ineptitude as it has been embraced by the inspector and the entire police administration,” the party political leader noted.

“VOLT’s attention has been drawn to the wave of extrajudicial killing or summary execution of Liberian citizens under the watchful eyes of George’s Weah CDC-led government and we vehemently and unequivocally condemn the killing of the auditors,” said Whapoe.

He said it is the responsibility of the President, which in essence means the state and people—irrespective of ethnic background, race, sex, and creed, place of origin, or political opinion.

But these provisions, Dr. Whapoe believes, are either being ignored or willingly violated by the government since its ascendancy to power.

Liberians on October 2, 2020, woke to the discovery of the lifeless bodies of two top employees of Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit, Albert Peters, and acting Manager for Tax Payers Services, Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, in a vehicle on Broad Street in Monrovia.

Two days later, another LRA employee, Mr. George Fahnboto, reportedly died in a car crash but with suspicion of foul play in 72nd Community, Paynesville.

Six days later, the Director of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, was also found dead at his compound early in the morning.

The death of the four financial professionals have left the country in shock, as many are wondering what may be responsible for the incident.

The Police said it has since started investigations into the mysterious deaths, but is yet to apprehend anyone who is linked to the crimes. The Police, in fact, contaminated the crime scene of the LRA employees earlier, and IG Sudue defended that the contamination was not grave enough to affect the evidence.

The VOLT political leader, however, said that any attempt by the President and the CDC led government to ignore the call for the dismissal of Col. Sudue will not only lead the Liberian people to abhor this government but cause the President has to explain to the Liberian people and the world why he should not be held as an accomplice.

He compared the alleged murder of the financial professional to the famous English literary work, “Animal Farm,”  in which the killing of certain species of the animal takes turn and those whose turn has not reached sit aside and said “It is not me that is being killed,” forgetting to note that their turn is nearing.

“We further call on all political actors, members of the diplomatic corps, civil society, religious groupings, and ordinary citizens that the mysterious extermination of the professional auditors and willfully or visible arrogance by the police authority to bring to justice the culprit within the first 24 hours of the commission of said crimes should be juxtaposed to the fairytale “Animal Farm.”

“Today, it is the auditors’, but tomorrow might be politicians, businessmen, diplomats, journalists, vocal pastors, youth advocates, prosecuting lawyers, etc,” he said.

Let us rise for our rights!

VOLT noted that the “killing” of these auditors and the subsequent discovery of their lifeless bodies with missing-parts is barbaric and becoming customary that Liberians should rise against and demand justice.

The individual silence of stakeholders on this societal menace, he said, is a collective endorsement of selective justice.

“The fear being created in people including politicians and the entire citizenry by these potential homegrown radical despotic demagogues will sooner than later cover the entire nation with the yoke of oppression, which we fervidly refuse at VOLT.”

The government hired pathologists, Dr. Benedict B. Kolee and Dr. Zoebon B. Kpadeh, have however concluded preliminary stages of separate autopsies on the remains of the deceased auditors, but in the absence of the family members and relatives—who objected to the examinations on grounds of conflict of interest and lack of openness on the part of the government.

He said the sustained non-violent action will prevent the opposition community and other well-meaning Liberians from falling short of a call for patience.

 “Our upcoming action is intended to be recognized as a need toward moving to the goal of justice,” he said, adding that one Liberian life lost illegally is a potential threat to all Liberians’ lives to be lost. Let us rise for our rights!”


  1. Whapoe is an ignoramus. He does not know that the Police can only ensure due diligence, but never absolute diligence. Even in countries with the most powerful and highly excellent sophistications, mysterious deaths are common.

    • Mr. Tamba I disagree with your characterization of the Volt leader as Ignoromius, I believed he is on point by calling out the police Director. These are no ordinary mysterious killings, they are high profile killings intended to hide information from the public, and if it was in any serious country in terms of Government, an arrest would have been made by Now. The calls log, evidence left behind, interviews would lead to arrest.

  2. So true, in fact in the most sophisticated society, there are so many cold cases that haven’t been solved as compare to the those that police have solved.

  3. I’m convinced that if Whapoe or any of the CPP/CoP dis-organizers became elected to the presidency, none of them would turn out to be an ideal president, but rather the worst the country of Liberia has seen.
    Let’s take a look at some reasons that point to their ineffectiveness:

    1. The opposition dis-organizers, including Whapoe, have no offices in the counties of Liberia, aside from the county of Montserrado.
    So there’s no support for these politicians locally. Contrast the Liberian politicians’ way of doing business with their American counterparts, one sees the difference. Trump and Joe Biden have offices in each of the 50 states. There is a reason why offices are held in the states. Is it because the US is more developed? And

    2. The absence of a National Strategy.
    The opposition dis-organizers and other potential presidential candidates do not have a national strategy on education.. For instance, public schools are short on textbooks, dictionaries, chalk, encyclopedias, etc. As important as the issue of education is, none of Liberia’s politicians discusses how education could be improved.

    Whapoe is calling for the dismissal of IG Sudue from the NPF. But no one on earth knows how he would streamline the country’s police force in order to make it an up-to-date situation. Like all of them, Whapoe seems to be flunking the test of effective leadership.


  4. The CPP seems to be giving a serious insomnia to my comrade and Grand Frere Hney. He never makes a comment without evoking that nightmarish name.
    Eeeeeeeeeeeh CPP, just get organized at 50%. If you succeed in doing so, many people will be sent to the hospital, soon and very soon!

    Grand Frere, congratulations for voting for Trump on next Tuesday, if you have not yet done so. Consult Rasmussen polls today and just understand why OBAMA is out there fighting for his struggling tired racehorse!


  5. Hello Mr. ANC Conservative,
    First of all, Obama is doing precisely what the hawks and doves of the party are urging him to do. Second, Obama is campaigning hard for Biden because unlike Hillary Clinton, Biden is not leaving anything to chance. It will be over with pretty soon.

    By evening time today, Supreme Court nominee, Mrs. Barrett will be sworn in. Democrats are not expected to vote for her. Barrett’s appointment was rushed because Trump and the Republicans are not sure what could happen on or after November 3rd, AD 2020! Chances are that the loser (most likely Trump) will challenge the outcome of the election. If that happens, and if the Supreme Court is called in to settle the argument, the Republicans who serve on highest court, will give the nod to Trump.

    Thank God for Jesus! I voted by mail today. But, I almost voted for the demon! Almost.

    In some of the battleground Red States, Biden leads. Of course, some of Biden’s leads are within the margin of error. However, there’s a consistency in what the polls have been telling us since mid summer. Because of that, there’s optimism in Biden’s camp.

    Hang in there. If there are any more questions or concerns, let me know. I think Trump is a wounded man. His days are numbered! Sorry.😜🤪😛😝🙄🤭😳😩

  6. The foundation of a building sinking, yet Volt’s Whapoe is concerned about changing the roof. The crux of the matter is that when police officers abandoned Allison’s corpse overnight on the beach; didn’t secure where Greaves was found; and two police officers jumped in the car of Albert Peter in which the lifeless bodies of he and Gifty Lama were (and drove off to a funeral home), those actions tell a story of a LNP lacking basic homicide investigative procedures, and a long long time before IG Sudue came on board as boss.

    A society that believes autopsies alone solve crimes isn’t even in the early 20th century. Postmortem only tell you about cause of death, but scene of crime investigation somehow connects the killer, victim, means used to cause death, and often leads to eyewitnesses. Scene of crime investigators are specifically trained detectives who police first responders call to a scene of crime. These officers don’t go there with arms swinging, either. They carry tapes to secure area; special bags to preserve corpses; equipment to photograph or videotape the entire area; collect relevant trace evidence, and use containers to store items.

    An experienced homicide investigator may know the motive, and even get a confession from the murderer, but they must be backed by direct evidence of physical connection to the body or scene of crime. Homicide detectives receive specialized training, and are paid well, because when they do their jobs well, a prosecutor doesn’t need sleepless to build a prima facie case for court. I can’t believe that a reward for information wasn’t put out as soon as these murders were discovered. instead, the IG was promising to keep confidential identity of anyone with pertinent information: Yea right!

  7. The Plan is,”No Plan”.

    The CPP and CoP in Liberia are behaving like the Grand Ole Party (GOP) The Republican’ Party across the Pond. They are trying so very hard to destroy the Obama Affordable Care Act to replace it with “nothing”. I was in Guinea Bissau when t he affordable care act was passed, more than some 8 years ago. Ever since the GOP has tried replacing it with nothing. The only plan they have is “no plan”.

    Why try destroying something if you cannot replace it in the first place. That tells me that their motive is to deny certain elements of society with much needed opportunity. From what I m reading regarding changing demographic in the United States, if the trajectory remains the same, it’s just a matter of time, a GOP victory will be thing of the past. So, the GOP has up the anti with class war.

    CPP and CoP has nothing to show to the Liberian People , empty talking with no plan.

  8. Hello young fellow Bah,
    Hope your studies are going on fine in Australia. No more kangaroo soup or steaks for dinner.

    You’re right. The Republicans have no insurance plan that could satisfactorily replace Obamacare. Joe Biden said recently that Obamacare will certainly be extended to Bidencare. Of course, by saying that, Biden does not in anyway imply that the name “Obamacare” will be erased from the face of the earth.

    It’s been speculated by the pundits in the US and by others that the Republicans were disgusted at the undeniable fact of Obama being elected to the presidency! And because Obama is a biracial person who identifies as an African American, the hardcore Republicans feel that Obama’s signature achievement should not exist!

    Yeah, there seems to be a switch as far as the demographics are concerned. Originally, suburban women (mostly white educated women) tended to lean Republican. That’s because the suburban women were tricked into believing that blacks and browns were on their way to overrun suburbia. But times are changing quickly. The suburban women have caught up. They are planning to vote for Biden this year. Trump is unhappy.

    Hang in there!

  9. Dr. Whapoe, why worry yourself and publicly call for the termination of IG Sudue? Why think and why complain about the ineptitude and inactivity of the Liberia National Police (LNP), when the entire national security agency or joint security force of Liberia simply acts and takes instructions ONLY from the President, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Liberia?

    The Liberia National Police (LNP) under the CDC-led Government, unfortunately is and remains everything else, but Liberia National Police with the mandate and authority to independently investigate, charge and forward to Court any reported criminal. Sadly, the LNP, has no power and/or mandate to independently investigate crimes and bring reported and officially sanctioned criminals before the courts of Liberia.

    The Minister of Justice, IG Sudue, and the Joint Security in the Republic today, sadly are nothing but a privateJoint security force ONLY mandated to protect and secure President George Manneh Weah and key officials of the CDC-led Government. There are countless crimes committed daily in Liberia and sadly those crimes will go unpunished because the power that be wants no independently investigated and the reported criminals brought before the courts to face justice.

    If Mr. George Manneh Weah and those congregated around him were certainly concerned about the crime rate in Liberia and if President Weah wanted for the LNP to independently investigate crimes and wants to have those crimes independently prosecuted, the Police would have gone ahead to arrest, charge, and forward those reported criminals to court and the Justice Ministry will profoundly and professionally prosecute them.

    Look at the countless times reported criminals have targeted and publicly attacked the home of Rep. Yekeh Kolubah. How opposition leaders are daily attacked. If the Minister of Justice, IG Sudue and Prosecutors wanted to keep their jobs and lives, they must choose to look the other way. They must say and do nothing and stay clear of Mr. George Manneh Weah’s boys.

    Having you heard that Mulbah Kesselly, à notorious Armed Robber and Rebel Generals, Augustine Nagbe, Daniel K. Bracewell, Siafa Normah, Oferia Diah and Wartime Generals are fearlessly recruited and mixed amongst the LNP, NSA, Seaport Police and working for Mr. George Manneh Weah, the all power President?

    Dr. Whapoe, we fully understand your concerns, but on the Watch of Mr. George Manneh Weah, IG Sudue, AG Frank Musa Dean, NSA and trained and professional security personnel will never dare try to investigate and prosecute any crime independently and forward to court any officially sanctioned criminal (s).

    DID YOU NOT HEAR GEN POWER AND HIS BOYS MARCHED TO THE TEMPLE OF JUSTICE? They threatened the life out of the Judges, Chief Justice and Associate Justice ridding Ministry of State Jeep.

    Sadly, Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Gifty A. Lama, MR. George F. Fahnboto, Mr. Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa and MR. Mathew Innis reported deaths were officially sanctioned; and so, NOTHING will come from out of their reported murder.

    When certain crimes are officially sanctioned by Mr. George Manneh Weah and other officials of the Weah-led Government, the AG and the IG have no power to investigate, indict and prosecute such official criminal agents. They are Mr. Weah’s boys.

    If the political parties, the Liberia Council of Churches, The Press Union, Civil Society Organizations, the Liberia National Bar Association, the Medical and Dental Association, The Health Workers Union of Liberia, the Liberia Marketing Association, the National Pepp Association, National Student Union of Liberia, SUP and every Liberian concerned about the unexplained killings must take to the streets of Liberia, joined by the Truck, Taxi, Bus and others drivers to demand that Mr. Weah and his Government arrest, indict and fairly prosecute the Auditors’ killers or else, they must step down.

    If not, they must remain on the streets and demand that Mr. George Manneh Weah and his group of Criminal immediately step down and LEAVE LIBERIA.



  10. Bah,
    Just think this through…..
    The CPP/CoP told the Liberian people that they formed as an organization in order to confront the ineffectiveness of Weah’s leadership and also to protect the civil liberties of the Liberian people. It’s been almost three years now, the CPP/CoP organization (which later on became known as a dis-organization) has been unable to do a “dime” of a thing.

    Unbelievably when the un-collaborative opposition was given a permit to protest last year, the dis-organizers urged their protesters to converge on the campus of the capitol with stoves, cooking utensils and other daily survivable gear. Sadly on that day of protest, it didn’t occur to the dis-organizers to provide ice cold water bottles for the protesters to drink. If the dis-organizers could not conceive of how their protesters could be cared for, it is highly unlikely that the Liberian general public can gain anything from the CPP/CoP dis-organizers in the future.

    This is where it gets tricky. From the day of its formation, the un-collaborative opposition has been unable to:

    1. Organize and unite and

    2. They have been unable to present a viable contrast in terms of how the economy can be improved.

    But surprisingly, the opposition dis-organizers tell us almost daily that Weah is ineffective. The truth of the matter is that they are the ones who are ineffective and disorganized.

    Something will happen. Pretty soon, the Liberian people will discover that the dis-organizers are untrustworthy. When that happens, Liberians will breath with a sigh of relief. Thank God Almighty.

  11. Comrade Hney,

    First, congratulations on voting!
    However, you may never be given a second chance. The angels of God were speaking to you to make the right choice and yet you voted the real demon. Remembered, the road to paradise is not smooth; it’s tumultuous with many hurdles and temptations.
    Anyway, Trump has already been elected without your vote, it was a colorful swearing in ceremony yesterday for Associate Justice Amy Koney BARRETT.

    Life becomes meaningful and hope for the future renewed when the children of God are sworn into public office to ensure the defense of God’s commandments; moralization of public office.
    Judgments rendered by the US Supreme Court justices and decisions made by a sitting US president do not only apply to the USA but also directly and indirectly affect life’s trends on the Globe, NEVER underestimated them.
    The US presidential election is the only election on planet earth viewed by the world at large, and a US president is the most common household name in every corner of the globe.
    God knows why Trump was positioned to appoint 3 supreme court justices in 4 years. Trump has and will continue to be hated, like Cummings, but he will win bigly come November 3. There are 2 battleground states still in the balance, it will decide soon and very soon. In fact, without those 2, Trump currently has a comfortable lead with the electorate college.
    Comrade Hney, if powerful Hilary could not get the job done, do you think it will be this tired racehorse to defeat this energetic and charismatic Trump?

    To my little brother in Australia, Mr. BAH,
    Know that the Grand Old Party (GOP) and the democrats are run my some of the finest brains in the USA. A fight over any issue, like OBAMA Care, should arouse your curiosity and resolve to making research to understand the positions of both parties. You are a Liberian leader to assume responsibilities in Liberia soon. Who knows, it may just be on the issue of healthcare. So, stop cursory judgment and understand why some people will never rest until OBAMA Care is repelled completely and while some other people will make it a life battle to see it holds.

    Trump has already won from the last debate, Grand Frere!

  12. Mr. ANC Conservative,
    Don’t mess with Bah. Bah was persuaded to become an Aussie by his Australian significant other! I tried to disaude him from becoming an Aussie, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Let’s just hope that his studies are not impacted by his love affair.

    Yap, the Supreme Court has a new member. She has been sworn in already. She adopted two kids of color before this recent bruhaha. It’s a credit to her. On the flip side, the Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative bent. Of course, if trouble erupts next week because of voter fraud, the case will definitely go to the Supreme Court. No one stands to be benefited except Trump.

    Biden still holds a lead. What is important to realize is the fact that Biden’s lead is not slipping, but rather very consistent. Every time Trump campaigns in recent days, he alienates a ton of voters. To make matters most uncomfortable for him, a good number of Republicans have decided to endorse and quit the party. If you mon petite frere cannot visualize that, I will recommend you to Bah or Joe Moses in other for you to be analyzed.

    The last debate became a watershed moment. Trump had hoped that Biden would flip flop. It didn’t happen. So where is Trump now?
    Answer. He’s in the ditch!

    This election is a repudiation of the Republicans in some ways. The Republicans have said repeatedly that they would replace the Affordable Healthcare Act which (was, is) Obama’s major signature achievement. So far after almost eight years, the Republicans have been unable to do a “dime” of a thing. What choice are the Americans left with? Boot them out of office. Come November 3rd, just a week from today, Trump and his people will begin parking their rags

    Hang in there young guy!

  13. I think you should be happy to see more conservatives as supreme court justices. It is this ideal you and I support, am I wrong?
    As for the OBAMA Care, I think it cannot totally be replaced. Trump has lost the battle, irrespective of the number of conservative judges. I may be wrong, but I think my guy has lost the fight already, even with Amy Barrett.

    However, the number of conservative judges is significant to determine the upcoming president, giving the massive voting by mails. Can you imagine Madam Pelosi being president for just 3 days, pfffffffffffff! I just imagine the consequences on the children of Venezuela, Iran, Syria, etc.

    Look, I am presently watching OBAMA speak from Orlando, Florida. He’s not even sounding like the great orator I know him to be. It speaks volumes.
    Since you are convinced by the biased polls, I give you a rendez-vous on the morning of November 4 to finally convince you that Biden is not a great challenger!


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