Voinjama Adm. Building in Ruins


The Voinjama Administrative Building that hosts most of the line ministries and agencies in Lofa County is still in ruins.

Fire gutted the building when a gardener made a fire near the building on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015.

During the fire incident on Christmas Day December 25, 2016, some residents described as looters by security agents stormed the Voinjama Administrative Building made away with some of the rescued office equipment. Liberia National Police officers deployed to protect the building during the course of fire arrested some of the looters and retrieved some of the looted items.

Line ministries and agencies affected include the Ministry of Education County Education Office, Ministry of Justice County Attorney’s Office, the General Services Agency County Office, Land Commissioner Office, and Center for National Documents and Records Agency.

To date the building is yet to be rehabilitated.

After the incident, security officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Lofa arrested the gardener, identified as Blama Fofana.

Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) officials are worried about the condition of the building as the rainy season fast approaches.

When contacted yesterday via mobile phone, Lofa County Superintendent George S. Dunor said a cost estimate has placed the rehabilitation work at US$49,000.

Asked where the county administration will secure such funding, Supt. Dunor said donor organizations and the Liberian government have been contacted for assistance.

“I would greatly appreciate financial and material contributions from all donor agencies and institutions in the country for the rehabilitation of our administrative building,” Supt. Dunor pleaded.

He also disclosed that the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has also been contacted through its Quick Impact Project to help with the rehabilitation work on the Administrative Building. Supt. Dunor said during the course of the weekend, he was expected to hold discussions with Internal Affairs
Minister Dr. Henrique Tokpah regarding funding for the repairs.

Lofa County Attorney Cllr. Luther Sumo told the Daily Observer last week that after the fire incident, Blama Fofana was arrested and sent to jail.

Speaking on pre-trial detainees at the Voinjama Central Prison, Cllr. Sumo said to date there are 63 detainees.

He added that over the years in Voinjama City, pre-trial detainees have not been held beyond the statutory periods under the laws, while detainees at the Voinjama Central Prison have not served prison sentences beyond the statutory period under the Liberian Law.

He, however, disclosed that a collaborative initiative has been set up with the Justices of Peace (JPs), magistrates and UNMIL Legal Monitoring section to prosecute the detainees in Voinjama City.


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