Visually Impaired Tailor Craves for Treatment Abroad

Mr. Rank needs help to seek urgent medical treatment abroad.

Amos L. Rank, a tailor who has been visually-impaired for almost eight years, has appealed to well-meaning Liberians and humanitarian entities to financially come to his aid to seek advanced medical treatment abroad.

Mr. Rank told this newspaper that attempts to seek medical treatment at various medical institutions in the country have failed and was therefore left with no other alternative, but to seek for advanced treatment.

Rank said he has sold all his properties in a bid to raise funds to seek medical treatment, but the effort has proved fruitless as his ailing condition needs a professional eye doctor to handle out of the country.

He also said several doctors in the country have told him that the current condition of his eye cannot easily be treated in any hospital in the country.

He also said some of the country’s best doctors have advised him to seek medical treatment either in Guinea, Ghana or the United States.

Some time ago, he said he met a Canadian female medical doctor at the ELWA Hospital, who advised him to seek medical treatment at hospitals in Conakry, Guinea.

At present, he is unable to perform his regular tailoring work, and as a result, has become financially unable to survive.

“I have spent all that I have worked for over the years to foot my medical bill at the various hospitals in our country, and my eye condition remains the same,” he cried.

Mr. Rank said that due to current challenges with his eyes, his economic conditions are declining, and so he needs assistance to seek treatment abroad.

A few months ago, Rank said he made an effort to seek  audience with President George Weah to ask him for help, but it was not possible due to protocols associated with seeing the President.


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