Vice President Howard-Taylor Breaks Silence on Leaked Audio

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has finally broken silence on the leaked audio involving Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker and some senior officials of the government.

VP Taylor said she is not interested in gossips but remains focused in helping to revamp Liberia’s economy.

However, there has been growing concerns from citizens across the country, anxious to hear from Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor and her role in the leaked audio.

Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker, in a recently leaked audio, stated that the vice president was accused by ministers Nathaniel McGill and Samuel Tweah of receiving a high traditional honor from traditional leaders in Bong County and which was intended for President George Weah.

Vice President Taylor, in a brief chat with reporters on Tuesday about the leaked audio, indicated that she is not interested in rumors filtering within the inner circles of the government.

She said she is more focused on helping President Weah improve the country’s economy, and indicated that the governance of the state is of more priority than to focus on issues that undermine the forward march of Liberia.

“The issue for me is that there are so many important things on our desk: the issue of the governance of our state; the issue of jobs for our people; the issues of how we can improve the economy to fulfill the Pro-poor Agenda — I think those are the important issues and not rumors and gossips. I would like to ask the media to let’s look at the issues concerning our country and make that a priority,” VP Howard Taylor said.

Commenting on the ongoing impeachment, she said she will remain neutral in the trial.

She stressed the need for Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh to be given due process under the laws of Liberia.

President Weah has since suspended Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker for her role in the leaked audio, according to an Executive Mansion press release on Friday, Feb. 15.

Madam Walker remains suspended pending an investigation into allegations she made in the leaked audio, which went viral on February 15, 2019, the release said. The suspended superintendent has since been advised to turn over all government properties in her possession.

Superintendent Walker’s voice could be heard on the leaked audio, explaining her ordeal with Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) Samuel Tweah, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill and, later, the Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, when she joined them at the Jamaica resort following the President’s 2019 annual message to the Legislature. She said she wanted to speak to the President when Samuel Tweah called her.

She said Minister Tweah confronted her and claimed that Bong County had given the title “Dakpanah” to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. Dakpanah is a sacred title between Poro and Sande societies and is appointed by the most sacred Zonya of the Gola tribe.

She said Minister Tweah accused the Vice President of being wicked and noted that he had the evidence that could be used as an act of revenge on her for her alleged action.

“The only good that blesses you is that you are in the middle of us and, if it was a bad government, we would have executed you,” she said Minister Tweah told her. Later, when Mayor Koijee came to where she was being contemptuously addressed, he joined the other two. She claimed she wanted to leave but could not.

Superintendent Walker said she was embarrassed by the action of the three men, who she claimed are running the country and to whom the President listens for decisions to govern.

Madam Walker’s allegations, aside from creating worrying concerns for Liberians, appear have to have confirmed reports that the President listens to the three men mentioned in the audio regarding the running of the country.

With the nature of the allegations and the situation that Madam Walker went through, political observers are concerned that things that seem not to have any significance have claimed the attention of a president who has a lot to do to get Liberia back on its course of economic development.


  1. Weah is a rascal. The only thing he is at the Presidency for is to make quick money. He does not have the Liberian people welfare at heart. He has built several mansions in less than a year. Moreover, he is yet to account for the 16 billion Liberian dollars that went missing as well as the 25 million United States dollars that he and his finance minister allegedly used to mop up old currencies from the Liberian market. Old man Momo of West Point said the “finance minister(Tweah) must not lie that he was at West Point mopping old notes. Tweah was never at West Point. No one saw him mopping money at West Point. Tweah and Weah must not lie on the People of West Point. We are poor people and we don’t have old United States dollars that need to be mopped up. They(Weah and Tweah) got our money. They must bring it back.”

  2. I love this woman. She is not perfect and not a super human but I believe she is a true representation of a strong woman. No matter the challenges or obstacles, she always remain focus. Thumps up VP Taylor.

  3. All this craziness everyday from Liberia undermine investor’s confidence in the country. No one worth their millions would want to invest in a country with an unstable government. What the CDC government fails to realize is, every time they come out and make outrageous comments like the opposition is planning to kill President Weah, they are discouraging potential investors. Stop the nonsense and get serious about governing like mature adults. Governing a country comes with immense responsibilities and these CDC leaders are making a mockery of the country.

  4. Uh-oh, folks, wait a minute, what about thorough reporting, for example, collecting relevant information, double-checking to ensure accuracy, and getting all sides in a controversial story, few journalists seem wary of doing; or do they just let bias lead them astray?

    This reporter seems more concerned about supporting an assumption – “Madam Walker’s allegations… appear to have confirmed reports that the President listens to the three men mentioned in the audio regarding the running of the country” – than writing an impartial and credible piece. So, no attempt was made to get the other side of the story, and a lady whom FPA derided as the long time maidservant of VP Jewel Taylor when she was appointed Superintendent has been predictably morphed into Joan of Arc.

    • Sylvester Baghdad-bob Moses, I can’t help but marvel at the difficult job of your sycophancy. You were one of those who led Doe down the abyss and here you are today, from the comfort of your confines in Philly, are always on here and FPA writing crap and trying to down talk and trash down reporters for doing their job, thinking of yourself as some kind of teacher or philosophical B.S. it’s only a matter of time to get your comeuppance. Ms. Yvonne Adighibie will be one of those to testify against you. Very soon the ides of march gonna come (decipher that, Mr. Pseudo Philosopher.)

  5. That’s the fact, stop this antique tribal politics and do the Liberian people’s job! Regardless you’re a journalist, a politician or an ordinary citizen of Liberia, it’s time you run this country like adults and not idiots! Even if you’re illiterate, just copy and paste the good governance of other countries around the world and Africa like Rwanda! And America. Just because you assumed America is rich and famous doesn’t necessarily mean you should cherish America like a God. Stop your delusional thinking that Liberians adopt their entire culture and organisation from the USA! Do you know how many countries around the world including Africa that are emulating the Constitution of America and are executing their jobs to the best of their abilities?
    Debates in your parliament seem like 1st grade students, if Liberian lives must change, we should be willing to change our attitudes and stop the barbaric attitudes against our own people!

    If we must elect leaders, they must work in accordance with the constitution of Liberia! This means, they should spend time studying and reading what the current laws say and what can be done to make it better for present and feature generations. If we should build roads let us make sure that the roads are designed and meets international standards. The same applies to building homes and creating jobs. If we should create mining industries it should also meet international mining standards!

  6. VP Taylor is correct; there are far more critical and important matters for the government to handle than to focus on rumors and gossips

  7. I don’t know if it’s the Liberian way of life? If it is ingrained in our blood, it needs to get out immediately!

    I am specifically talking about the use of negative adjectives.

    It’s normal to disagree with each other. In fact, the issue of disagreement is world-wide. However, it seems that when a Liberian guy disagrees with Mr. or Mrs. X, a terrible adjective must be used in order to let out his hot steam.

    Come on gentlemen! Let’s not get personal with a commenter with whom we’ve got a difference. Being abusive does not solve anyone’s problem.

    I respect every man or woman who writes on this blog. I am not a cop, neither am I anyone’s boss. God forbid! But I believe it’s in our best interest to discuss, debate or argue without labeling our fellow brothers and sisters as crackheads, reprobates or other negative adjectives.

    I hope I am right.


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