VEx Turns Over US$1,000 to Ponpon Family for Medication

Arcie Ponpon, after being washed down with water by his colleagues who also removed his burning layers of clothing to rescue the man from his grief.

The Voice From Exile has turned over to the family of Archie Ponpon US$1000 just days after self-immolating himself at the ground of the Temple of Justice over unpaid judicial staffers salary.

Voices from Exile (VEx), a pro-people democratic movement, is for all Liberians. We are not only here to advocate but to also assist those in dire need and inspire lost hope.

The money, which was delivered a couple of days ago was received by Archie parents–Mr. Andy K. Ponpon and Mrs. Agatha Jappah in Monrovia.  “This is our initial contribution to Archie’s medication. We are grateful to our supporters for making this possible. You made this possible. Thanks for reposing such trust and confidence in VEx. More blessings to you,” VEx founder Martin K.N. Kollie said.

According to a release from VEX, Archie and his parents are more than grateful for this timely intervention. The release added that VEX honors Archie’s heroism and self-sacrifice and that God should heal and console him during these very difficult times.

“SHALOM. Thank you once more. Special thanks to madam Eve Lathrobe. You are indeed a patriot. VEx is here to protect the weak and defend the poor. A full financial report will be released as soon as possible,” the released added.

The VEx release further added that Madam Lathrobe was the found chief collector, a move intended to ensure check and balance–transparency.

“A dime of these funds was never sent to me directly as chief convener. The balance funds will be turned over directly to brother Archie Ponpon himself as the collection continues and as his health situation improves.  After more than a decade of advocacy, this was our first public call to you for financial contributions. And you responded so fast and willingly too. We appreciate a lot. As a result of what you’ve done, Archie has been transferred from a public ward to a private ward. We have paid this bill and he’s receiving quality care. Thank you as we wish brother Ponpon Godspeed,” the release said.


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